Kwik Stix: Awesome Way to Have Easy Homeschool Fun

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Looking for an easy way to have awesome homeschool fun? Find out why my 5 boys and I love Kwik Stix for virtually no mess painting projects & more!


Painting = Mess


Like, paint splatters on almost every surface within a 5-foot radius of your art station. Then, there's the cleaning of the mess, soaking paint brushes and trying to tightly seal paint jars to make sure no spills occur.

The idea of using paints in your homeschool can make you want to run for the hills. Or, at least, hide under your comforter.

"Not today, kids. Let's get out a nice, mess-free box of crayons or colored pencils. Again."

Well, what if I told you about an awesome, no-mess way to have easy homeschool fun that includes paints?

Your kids will be doing a happy dance when they find out that painting can become a regular part of your homeschool fun.

What is this wonderful, virtually mess-free way to paint in your homeschool?

Kwik Stix!

Disclaimer:  I received product for free and compensation for my time. All opinions are honest and a positive review was not required.


Why We Are Excited to Add Kwik Stix to Our Homeschool Fun

We enjoy homeschool fun on a daily basis. We love to collaborate on a variety of projects, games, crafts, and activities. Personally, I do not shy away from a mess. I have been known to suggest face painting, mud pies, and other hands-on fun. However, our busy schedule doesn't always allow for messes to be made.

With five boys to homeschool plus a schedule full of sports and extracurricular activities, we are often on-the-go. There are not always enough hours in a day to have messy homeschool fun and then clean up after it.

Due to this type of active lifestyle, I am always on the search for quality and affordable materials and resources to use in our homeschool that create little to no mess. I recognize the importance of homeschool fun and its many benefits for my boys and myself. Homeschool fun affords my boys with opportunities to think outside the box and exercise their creative muscles.

When the opportunity to use and review Kwik Stix, solid tempera paint sticks that are virtually mess-free, I did a happy little jig. These arts and craft supplies have been on our homeschool wishlist for quite some time. I am happy to report that Kwik Stix met or exceeded all of our homeschool fun expectations!


Kwik Stix:  Game Changer for Homeschool Fun

You can easily bump up your homeschool fun to the next level with these solid tempera paint sticks that:

  • dry in 90 seconds (or less)
  • do not need water or paint brushes
  • AP-certified (non-toxic)
  • Free of gluten, peanuts, & eggs!

As my boys and I were looking for craft supplies in Michael's to use with our new Kwik Stix, look what we found!

You can find Kwik Stix at Michael's Arts & Crafts stores.
Smiley found Kwik Stix at our local Michael's! Yes, we did a happy dance in the aisle. There was much laughter and glee for all.

I was beyond thrilled to learn that our local Michael's now carries Kwik Stix. (You can also find Kwik Stix on Amazon.)  This fact is a game changer! Michael's is one of my most favorite stores ever-plus, store coupons! Save money so you can get more craft supplies and Kwik Stix. Win-win!

You can use Kwik Stix on paper, poster board, cardboard, wood, and more. I love that all of my boys, from preschooler to teen, can use Kwik Stix for our homeschool fun projects. Toddlers (under adult supervision) could also use Kwik Stix with no problems.

I almost cried tears of joy when I saw my boys painting and there was no mess. All five boys were working and creating together. Clean up was a snap; their projects dried before we even put away all the Kwik Stix. Such a beautiful sight, indeed!

Homeschool Fun Projects with Kwik Stix

There are an endless amount of homeschool fun projects that you could create using Kwik Stix. My boys and I chose a few materials to use for now. We are looking forward to making more homeschool fun projects using Kwik Stix and sharing them with you.

Stock up on a variety of craft supplies to use with your Kwik Stix!

When we saw the Metalix Kwik Stix, we knew that our first homeschool fun project would include a Star Wars theme. First, we created mini-light sabers using popsicle sticks and Kwik Stix.

Metalix Kwix Stix can be used for a variety of homeschool fun projects.

Then, we created a Star Wars poster using Metalix Kwix Stix on black paper. The metallic effect on the dark paper is so cool! The Neons also have an awesome effect on darker objects, like paper and cardboard.

Use your Metalix Kwik Stix to create an awesome Star Wars themed poster.


My boys and I were very excited to see how these solid tempera paint sticks worked on wood. We use a lot of popsicle sticks and wood shapes in our homeschool fun projects. The boys don't like to wait for regular paint to dry and I don't care for cleaning up the big ol' mess!


Make fun wood photo props pop with Kwik Stix.
Robot Xman


Make your wood photo props and shapes pop with Kwik Stix.
Robot Mommy

Oh my stars! Kwik Stix colors are absolutely fabulous on wood projects. We were very impressed with how bright the colors appeared on our wood photo prop masks and crate to store homeschool fun costumes.

Make your own colorful wood storage crate with these solid tempera paint sticks.
Xman & Smiley working hard to decorate their homeschool fun costume crate.

These paint sticks also work well on brown paper. Bear painted a paper bag puppet for fun.Make paper bag puppets with Kwik Stix!


With Fall fast approaching, I wanted to use our Kwik Stix for an awesome autumn craft. We made candy corn garland using paper plates, Kwik Stix, hole punch, scissors, and string. A super easy craft that looks gorgeous! (We also successfully used the paint sticks on coffee filters and cupcake liners.)

You can make a super easy Fall candy corn craft using Kwik Stix.


Use these solid tempera paint sticks to make an awesome Autumn craft.


You can use a variety of materials with Kwik Stix for homeschool fun projects.
Candy corn crafts using cupcake liners, coffee filters, and paper plates.


Oh, I found another great way to use these paint sticks to help with homeschool organization. Assign a color to each child. Use Kwik Stix to paint a clothespin. Allow to dry and use colored clothespin on papers and other homeschool resources for that child. Bada bing, bada boom! Easy color-coded homeschool organization!Kwik Stix work very well on wood surfaces.


Use these solid tempera paint sticks on clothespins to help with homeschool organization-or make a fun chain!
Smiley painted a few clothespins & made a chain.



YouTube video

The creative possibilities using Kwik Stix are truly endless. My boys and I will be using these paint sticks for many years to come. With an affordable price, these paint sticks are this homeschool fun mom's dream come true!

Remember, you can find Kwik Stix at your local Michael's or on Amazon (and if you have Amazon Prime, free shipping!).

How will Kwik Stix help you add fun to your homeschool? What types of projects will you create with your kids?

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