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Free Homeschool Fun for Middle School Bucket List

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Prepare & plan for awesome learning fun with your middle schooler with this free Homeschool Fun for Middle School Bucket List.


As your kids get older, it can seem harder to add homeschool fun to your day. You might be wondering what to do now that interests have changed, as well as skill level. Luckily, there are a lot of great ways that you can continue to make homeschooling fun for your middle school kids. This free printable Homeschool Fun for Middle School Bucket List can give you the ideas and inspiration you need to plan and prepare for fun with middle schoolers.

Why Add Homeschool Fun for Middle School?

The benefits of homeschool fun become even more important as your kids get older. Workload increases and lessons become more intense. Middle schoolers need a break from homeschool work with some supplemental learning fun.

Your homeschool middle school kids are often tweens or early teens. Those years are filled with mental, emotional, physical, and psychological changes. Not to mention hormones. Lots of hormones.

One minute, your sweet middle schooler may come to you and ask for a big hug. The next minute, Mr. Hyde swaps out with Dr. Jekyll and you are left scratching your head over why your child just flipped out over his brother looking at him. (This example happened just today in our homeschool!)

With one high schooler and one middle schooler in our homeschool, I will tell you that some days the only glue that holds our homeschool together is homeschool fun. Sometimes, that homeschool fun is for all. Other days, I need to customize the homeschool fun to best fit the needs of one boy.

That's when our homeschool fun bucket lists become my lifeline. I can easily extract one of these lists from my homeschool planner, sit with the boy that needs some extra learning fun with mom time, and pick a homeschool fun activity that will help.

Homeschool fun for middle school lightens the mood. It helps you set a more relaxed learning atmosphere. Plus, it can help you reconnect with your tween when you need it most.


free printable homeschool fun for middle school bucket list

Free Homeschool Fun for Middle School Bucket List

I know that time is precious and often limited. That's why I created this homeschool fun for middle school bucket list! It includes homeschool fun activities that my boys and I recommend.

This free download includes two pages. One homeschool fun for middle school bucket list is complete with our suggestions. The other bucket list is blank for you to add to and customize as you find fabulous ways to boost learning fun with your middle schoolers.

To get your free printable Homeschool Fun for Middle School Bucket List, simply subscribe to Rock Your Homeschool. You will receive these printables in a PDF download in an email, along with a super secret password that opens the vault to all RYHS freebies. In addition to your freebies, you will be a weekly email with ways to rock your homeschool plus instant downloads to all new freebies.

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Get ideas & inspiration for learning fun in homeschool middle school with this free printable Homeschool Fun for Middle School Bucket List.

Ideas & Inspiration for Homeschool Fun for Middle School


Periodic Table Battleship (Teach Beside Me): One of my older boys' favorite science fun activities!

Balloon Rocket Race (Rookie Parenting): Build a car, attach a balloon, and see who wins!

Marble Maze (Kids Activities): Use straws and a paper plate for a fun marble maze.

Science Bingo (My Free Bingo Cards): This free printable bingo game is about cells.



Logic Puzzles (Grandma Ideas):  Free logic puzzles for tweens and teens.

Sudoku (Live Sudoku): Free printable sudoku games for kids!

Math Dice Games (Games and Gains):  Awesome place value game with dice.

Math Bingo (You've Got This Math): Free printable bingo game to practice geometry vocabulary.



Vocabulary Games (Not So Wimpy Teacher): Fun ideas for playing vocabulary games with kids.

Character Cubes (The Corner on Character): Free printable to create your own character cube.

Book Tasting (or Party):  Free printable to help you get started with having a book tasting.

Reading Bingo (Children's Books and Reading): Free printable bingo game to encourage reading fun.



Origami:  Star Wars Origami tutorials (or search for tutorials for your middle schooler's interests)

Bingo: Play some Bob Ross Bingo (Geek Families) for some art fun.

Paint Blot Creatures (Carle Museum): Have some art fun by turning paint blots into creative creatures.

Word Art (Waunakee):  Have creative fun with turning words into art.


Life Skills

Money (iGame Mom): Fun games to learn about money with your middle schooler.

Party Planning:  Work with your middle school child to plan a party.

Laundry:  Have some fun teaching your middle school child how to do laundry.



Movies (Our Unschooling Journey):  Here are 30 movies to have some history fun at a middle school level.

Virtual Field Trips:  Enjoy a variety of history-based virtual field trips.

Comic Strips (Homeschool Creations):  Free template to make history comic strips.

Doodle Notes (History Gal): Free printable that demonstrates the fun of history doodle notes.



Black-Out Poetry (Amateur Librarian): Tutorial explaining how to create cool black-out poetry.

Emoji Writing (Miss 5th): Free printable for emoji writing prompt fun.

Newspaper: Work on creating a newspaper with this free planner and tips.



STEM (The Ardent Teacher):  Awesome ideas for STEM challenges for your middle schooler.

Growth Mindset (Big Life Journal):  Free printables to encourage your child to have a growth mindset.

Marshmallow:  Provide your child with marshmallows and toothpicks or wood craft sticks to build different structures.

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