Preschool is such a wonderful time to make learning fun and exciting!

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10 pages of number playdough mats with example of number 3 in dry erase pocket sleeve with woman holding green playdough and green playdough shamrock and playdough containers, mini-erasers, dry erase marers on wood background
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Number Playdough Mats for Creative Learning Fun (Free Printable Pack)

Number playdough mats are fantastic ways to provide your kids with fun learning activities. Your young learners will have a blast with these creative ways to enjoy hands-on learning and more. Find out more about these free printable playdough mats featuring numbers, ten frames, and cute themes. And get ideas and inspiration to boost the…

Preschool Enchantment Unit Studies are designed to help you add whimsy to your homeschool preschool. Based on fairy tales, fables, and nursery rhymes with a relaxed approach, these activities include hands-on learning, STEM, crafts, & more! Find out more plus get your free Preschool Enchantment Planning Pages now!
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Preschool Enchantment: Our New Resource To Delight Young Learners

  Preschool years are special for young learners. A wonderful time to explore and discover the world around them! Excited to be able to do more, preschoolers love to learn with their hands, hearts, and minds. One of my absolutely favorite age groups to teach is preschoolers. I had the privilege of working alongside my mom…

How To Make Hands-On Alphabet Box Preschoolers Will Love!
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How To Make Hands-On Alphabet Box Preschoolers Will Love!

  This Hands-On Alphabet Box for Preschoolers is a frugal way to help your young learners learn their letter recognition, letter sounds, and more. Learning the alphabet and letter sounds can be a daunting task-just ask any preschooler! As parents and homeschoolers, I think it is so important that we find fun ways to help…