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  • 3 free Track Your Homeschool charts to make it fun to track your progress in homeschooling

    Free Track Your Homeschool Year Charts


    Make it fun to track your homeschool year!

    These FREE charts are fantastic ways to get your kids involved in tracking the days in your homeschool year.

    Great practice with counting, number identification, patterns, & more!

    These PDF packs includes 4 pages:

    1 page of 180 Days to Rock Our Homeschool chart

    1 page of 100 Days Chart (with title 100 Days of School) and 1-100 in the circles

    1 page with only circles (to be used for students to practice writing from 1-100 or other creative hundreds chart activities)

    1 page of 170 Days to Rock Our Homeschool chart

    Grab your FREE set and find creative ideas for using HERE.

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