Super Mario Printables for Learning Fun


These Super Mario Printables are fabulous activities full of fun for:

  • Parties
  • Classroom
  • Library
  • Family
  • Homeschool
  • Rainy Day Activities
  • Any time you'd like to enjoy easy fun with kids 🙂

11 total pages including:

  • 2 pages of tracing activities (variety of lines and shapes)
  • 1 page of simple mazes (Your kids can use crayons, markers, pencils, color pencils, Kwik Stix, playdough, or just their fingers to complete the mazes.)
  • 3 pages of mazes for your kids to help Mario & Friends
  • 1 page of bookmarks (4) featuring Super Mario Brothers characters and fun reading phrases to trace
  • 1 page of Mario & Friends I Spy Activity (+ 1 page of answer sheet)
  • 1 page for Graphing Fun based on the I Spy Activity
  • 2 pages of Super Mario Brothers characters and items for playtime or DIY game fun


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