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Snowflake Poetry Craft for Winter Haiku Fun with Kids

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This snowflake poetry craft is an excellent way to have winter haiku fun with kids.

With a combination of hands-on and writing fun, this activity is fantastic for seasonal learning fun. Discover creative ways to enjoy this activity in your classroom, homeschool, or family for poetry teatime fun plus get your free printable pack today!

Enjoy this easy snowflake poetry craft for winter haiku fun with kids by using this free printable pack.

Why This Snowflake Poetry Craft Is Awesome for Winter Haiku Fun

My boys and I have mixed feelings about winter.

We love the crisp, cold air. And how clear the morning sky shines.

Plus, all the fabulous opportunities to play in the snow! We live near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, pretty close to a snow belt. All that snow means lots of time to build snowmen, go sledding, and have massive snowball fights.

But, we don't care for frigid temperatures and ice that keep us trapped indoors and create cabin fever. So, we look for new ways to keep the winter fun going despite all that yuck.

Woman holding yellow snowflake poetry craft with scissors and pen with printable pack in background and Snowflake Poetry Haiku craft in the form of a paper mobile & boy writing a haiku with snowflake themes & paper snowflakes in background

This year, we're focusing on a creative way to make that winter fun as fantastic as possible. And that focus is on such a tiny thing.

A snowflake.

Well, lots of snowflakes 😉 All working together to create a winter wonderland!

To honor the snowflake, the boys and I decided to add a Snowflake Poetry Craft for Winter Haiku Fun to our Poetry Teatime-Holiday Edition celebration. We've been chatting and learning about snowflakes through fun activities, so this craft seemed like a perfect addition 🙂

Incorporate hands-on activities into this snowflake poetry craft for winter haiku fun with kids.

Get Your FREE Snowflake Poetry Craft for Winter Haiku Fun Printable Pack

Haikus are such wonderful ways to add fun to your poetry time.

The simplistic format of haikus makes you pause, focus, and think about the beauties of the season. So many terrific treasures to unearth and delight in!

This free printable pack will help you enjoy an easy snowflake poetry craft for winter haiku fun with kids.

This free printable activity pack has 6 pages and includes:

  • What is a haiku? & Activity Ideas
  • Snowflake Poetry Craft for Winter Haiku Fun Brainstorm Sheet
  • Guide for writing Snowflake Haiku rough draft & final product
  • 2 pages of Colorful Snowflakes to write final Snowflake Haikus (8 total snowflakes)
Enjoy this snowflake poetry craft with your kids! The free printable pack will guide you in creating a winter haiku fun based on snowflakes.

The activity pack suggests that you either make natural observations of snowflakes or watch videos/look at photographs of snowflakes.

You might not have snow on the day of this poetry activity (due to weather or where you live) so scroll down in this post of 50+ Amazing Snowflake Activities for Winter Fun with Kids for recommended videos and books with gorgeous photography.

This free printable pack includes templates for an easy snowflake poetry craft for winter haiku fun with kids.

I encourage you to get creative with this snowflake poetry activity!

You can follow the directions OR get creative and do what feels right. Go for it!

Maybe use those DIY paper snowflakes to record your haikus on? Or glue them on to different colors of construction paper and write the haikus on the back?

Make a collection of snowflake haikus, poke a hole in the top, and create a beautiful Snowflake Haiku mobile.

Create a beautiful Snowflake Haiku mobile using this free printable pack & guide for snowflake poetry craft for winter haiku fun.
Our beautiful Snowflake Haiku mobile that's a creative decoration for our Winter Poetry Teatime!

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Free printable Snowflake Poetry Craft for Winter Haiku Fun worksheets on blue background and boy writing and planning a snowflake haiku with white paper snowflakes, scissors, and colorful snowflakes and snowflake poetry craft mobile

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This free printable pack includes activities & guide to help you enjoy an easy snowflake poetry craft for winter haiku fun.

What are some other creative ways to display your Snowflake Poetry Craft for Winter Haiku Fun?

Have you tried poetry teatime with your kids? It is absolutely one of our favorite activities!

In fact, I love it so much that I've partnered with Dachelle from Hide the Chocolate, to bring you Poetry Teatime~Holiday Edition.

If you're new to poetry teatime, or just need a bit of help to get it going, this resource is perfect! We present you with simple yet creative ways to make poetry teatime happen with your kids. And to make it even more special, we're focusing on special holidays or seasons each month to celebrate 🙂

To find out more and get started, TAP HERE to hop over to Poetry Teatime-Holiday Edition celebration.

Woman holding a paper snowflake with winter haiku, snowflake mobile with haiku poems, and boy using free snowflake poetry craft pack to write a winter haiku with paper snowflakes

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