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Free Poetry Teatime Checklists for Easy Prep & Clean-Up

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Poetry teatime is such a delightful experience for all! Many families would like to start this beautiful experience and create special memories with their kids. But, it seems overwhelming!

What do I need?

How do I set it up?

It sounds awesome but like a lot of work!

If you've had similar questions or concerns (or just want get your kids involved in planning your poetry teatime experiences!), these free printable Poetry Teatime Checklists for Prep and Clean-Up will be like a dream come true 🙂

Make poetry teatime happen with these free Poetry Teatime Checklists for Easy Prep & Clean-Up. Save time & get your kids involved.


Why Poetry Teatime Checklists Can Help Your Family

If you've never planned and prepared poetry teatime for your homeschool or family, you may be wondering where to start. You want to create a relaxed atmosphere where you can help your kids learn to love (or at least appreciate!) poetry.

There's no need to worry or stress about poetry teatime! As with most things, keeping it simple and intentional is best 🙂

I LOVE poetry teatime with my boys! What I don't love is all the work that can go into prep and clean-up. I started to feel stressed and found it hard to consistently make our poetry teatimes happen.

I created these poetry teatime checklists for my family for a few reasons:

  • Help our family have time in our busy schedule
  • Keep track of frequently used supplies for poetry teatimes
  • Teach my five boys how to properly set up and execute a poetry teatime
  • Instill good habits, like responsibility, cooperation, and collaboration
  • Take some of the work off my shoulders
  • Make it less stressful for all (because when mama gets stressed, everyone gets stressed!)

Poetry teatimes are now so much more enjoyable and relaxed now that I have my boys part of the process.

Poetry Teatime Companion book with DIY beeswax candle, flowers, & tea cup with Poetry Teatime Checklists Prep & Clean-Up


Make It Easy & Enjoyable with these Poetry Teatime Checklists

To get the most out of these poetry teatime checklists, I encourage you to do a few things.

  1. Talk with your kids about poetry teatime and why it's important for your family. In case you draw a blank, your reasons could include creating special memories, enjoying time together, learning to appreciate poetry, or etiquette.
  2. Discuss how poetry teatime prep and clean-up will be a group effort. Emphasize how these activities can be viewed as opportunities to grow and contribute.
  3. Go over each item on each checklist. Demonstrate how to do each and provide clear expectations.
  4. Assign responsibilities according to age and ability. For example, you may not want your preschooler to be in charge of washing and drying your tea set.
  5. Consider rotating responsibilities for your poetry teatimes.
  6. Sit down with your homeschool or poetry teatime planner to plan future poetry teatimes, themes, poems, etc.

Also, I suggest laminating your poetry teatime checklists or placing them in clear page protectors. You can use them again and again plus use a dry erase marker to check off items as you go.


2 poetry teatime checklists for prep and clean-up to help you make your poetry teatime for kids special and successful


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Use these free printable Poetry Teatime checklists for prep & clean-up to make it easy & get your kids involved.

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