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Poetry Teatime Pinterest Boards For Inspiration

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Poetry teatime has become such a special part of our homeschool week. My boys and I love the special time that we share together, reading poems in a relaxed atmosphere with yummy treats. To help us find new ways to prepare and enrich our poetry teatime, I have found these resources and Pinterest boards for inspiration. I am often asked how I conduct a poetry teatime with five boys

I am often asked how I conduct a successful poetry teatime with five boys with an age range of 2-14. These Poetry Teatime Pinterest Boards and resources provide the seed of an idea that I customize to best fit our family. I thought it would helpful to share what inspires our homeschool (and would love for you to share your poetry teatime points of inspiration, too).

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Poetry Teatime Resources

Although I am an avid reader, I did not read any poetry outside of school assignment. Poetry intimidated me; the underlying meanings and symbolism often escaped me. I felt much more comfortable reading a novel or nonfiction than a book of poems.

One of my college roommates was an English Education major. She encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone. I would help her study for exams by listening to her read aloud and discussion Emily Dickinson, Chaucer, and Shakespeare.

When I became a homeschooler, poetry was a subject that I wanted to include in our studies. I had wished that my own school experience had exposed me more to the beauty of poetry.  The boys and I floundered through our initial experiences with poems. I was almost ready to give up on the attempt at broadening my boys' education.

Through a stroke of brilliant luck, I was introduced to Julie Bogart (creator of Brave Writer and all-around amazing homeschool mentor) via Periscope. I immediately fell in love with the Brave Writer Lifestyle and one of its featured components, Poetry Teatime.

The more that I learned about this brilliant concept, the more I knew that this was going to be the best way to get my boys excited about poetry. We had celebrated the end of our homeschool year with a special teatime party with grand success. The boys would flip for this idea!

And they did! Books of poetry were piled up and ready to be put to use. Recipes for tasty treats were carefully selected. Our dining room/homeschool area was prepared.

The Poetry Teatime Companion, written by Julie Bogart and Nancy Graham, has been the perfect resource for our poetry teatime. With seasonal themes and poet notes, Poetry Teatime Companion makes it easy for this busy momma to prepare a memorable learning experience. We read only one or two poems from this book and then enjoy a hearty discussion about the poem's meaning and the life of the poet.

During these conversations, my boys' interests are often peaked and we head down numerous rabbit trails. We do an online search for more information or use one of these poetry books to continue our learning pursuits:

To help us find new ways to celebrate poetry teatime, I love to go to blogs like Not Before 7, Hide The Chocolate, and Homeschooling Without Training Wheels. These homeschool bloggers are wonderful sources of inspiration for poetry teatime!

Poetry teatime provides your homeschool with a wonderful opportunity to connect and learn. Get inspiration, resources, and tips with these Poetry Teatime Pinterest Boards.

Poetry Teatime Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is a fabulous place to find and collect bits of inspiration. Here are a few of my favorite Pinterest boards that provide tips, resources, and ideas for poetry books, tasty treats, and teatime! I encourage you to follow each of these boards to stay up-to-date on poetry time suggestions and delights.

Poetry Teatime (Rock Your Homeschool)

Simple Poetry Teatime (group board started by Lynna of Homeschooling Without Training Wheels)

Poetry Teatime (Brave Writer)

Poetry Teatime (Yvonne W.)

Poetry Tea Time (Heather at Wellermomma Blog)

Poetry Tea Time (Alex of Life on a Candian Island)

Teatime/poetry teatime (Herra Hermes)

Poetry for Kids (iGame Mom)


Please share your favorite Poetry Teatime Pinterest Boards and resources in the comments. I will add them to this post. I would also love to read about how you celebrate Poetry Teatime in your homeschool.


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