Free Soccer Cootie Catcher for Easy Fun with Kids

This free soccer cootie catcher is a super fun activity for kids of all ages.

If you have a kid who loves soccer, you’ll want to grab this easy-to-use and free printable soccer cootie catcher for kids.

Find out more about this free printable soccer activity and how you can get your free set today!

This free soccer cootie catcher is an awesome activity for your party, team, or family.

Ideas for Using This Free Soccer Activity for Fun with Kids

If you know kids who love soccer, then you know how much they appreciate anything soccer-related. From soccer gift ideas to every day fun, soccer activities will be a hit.

This free printable cootie catcher has a soccer theme with fun challenges and questions. It’s perfect for:

Soccer cootie catcher printable page and folded activity with small foam yellow and orange soccer balls and woman holding free soccer cootie catcher to feature the fantastic fun you'll have using this free printable activity for soccer teams, parties, rainy day fun, and more

Some of the ideas suggest using a soccer ball. If you’re indoors, I recommend using a soft ball or a balloon as a replacement.

And feel free to customize these suggestions! Your kids may have awesome ideas for making these prompts even better 🙂

Woman's hand holding a soccer cootie catcher featuring a field, goal, whistle, & ball with blue scissors, soccer cootie catcher printable page, & small toy soccer ball in background


Simple Instructions for Assembling & Using Your Cootie Catcher

Cootie catchers are wonderful ways to have interactive fun with kids.

With special themes and topics of interest, you’ll be able to engage your kids and connect as you share giggles.

Not sure how to put this thing together? It’s really not that hard!

Just follow these steps and you’ll quickly be on your way to enjoying this fun soccer activity 🙂

  1. Print your soccer-themed cootie catcher.
  2. Use scissors to cut along the dotted lines of the cootie catcher.This soccer cootie catcher is easy to print out, cut, & assemble.
  3. Fold the cootie catcher in half along one of the center lines. Open and repeat with the other center line.Get specific instructions on how to make this free printable soccer cootie catcher.
  4. Open up cootie catcher and place print down. Fold one corner in to meet the center. Repeat with all corners. You will end up having four corners meet in the center, forming a square.Make this free printable soccer cootie catcher for wonderful fun with kids.
    Enjoy a fun soccer-themed activity with your kids using this free printable soccer cootie catcher.
  5. Flip over the cootie catcher. Fold corners into the center with numbers pointed in.Your kids will love this free printable soccer-themed cootie catcher.
  6. Fold the square in half with numbers touching each other. Unfold and repeat with the other side.Your kids will have a blast with this free soccer cootie catcher at a party, team, or family event.
  7. Note that the original corners will now gently pull out. Insert pointer finger behind one slot and thumb behind the other on the same side.
    (In this picture, I have my left pointer finger behind FIELD and left thumb behind WHISTLE.) Insert right pointer finger behind GOAL and right thumb behind BALL. (You may switch this up at any point. Just giving an example 😉 )

    This cootie catcher with a soccer theme is an excellent activity for your party, team, or family event.
  8. Push your fingers and thumbs up to meet the other in the center. Gently manipulate cootie catcher in and out.
  9. Now it’s time for some fun! The participant picks one of the soccer-themed objects/words (GOAL, BALL, FIELD, or WHISTLE). For each letter of the chosen word, manipulate the cootie catcher.
  10. Four numbers will appear on the inside of the cootie catcher. The participant selects one number. Manipulate the cootie catcher that number of times.
  11. Again, four numbers will appear. The participant selects one number. You open the cootie catcher and then the participant must answer the question or perform challenge.
  12. Repeat and have fun!
Have super fun with your soccer fan using this free printable Soccer Fun Cootie Catcher.

Get Your Free Soccer Cootie Catcher!

You can get started with interactive fun with this soccer cootie catcher today!

You’ll get one printable page of soccer cootie catcher fun.

You can print as many copies of this soccer-themed cootie catcher as you need!

If you have a friend, fellow coach, or special soccer person that you think would love to use this activity with kids, please share the link to this post. Thank you for your cooperation and sharing!

Soccer cootie catcher with small yellow soccer ball toy to feature the fantastic fun you can have with your soccer fans using this free printable activity

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Get your FREE soccer cootie catcher HERE or by tapping on the image below. Wishing you tons of soccer fun!

What type of additional skills or questions would your soccer fan like on this cootie catcher? 

Woman holding free soccer cootie catcher with printable page in background with blue scissors and small foam soccer ball to feature the fantastic fun you'll have with this activity for parties, soccer teams, goody bags, rainy day fun, and more

Also, would you like another sport to be featured in a cootie catcher for more interactive fun?
Drop your ideas in the comments below!

Soccer cootie catcher page & activity with yellow & orange toy soccer balls plus real soccer ball on grass to feature the excellent interactive fun you can have with your kids using this free soccer printable

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