Do you have young soccer fans & players in your life? If so, check out this Ultimate Gift Guide For Kids Who Love Soccer! You will find recommendations & suggestions for your soccer lovers. (From a soccer family of 7!)


If you have any kids who love soccer in your life, this gift guide is for you!  My boys (huge soccer fans) and I compiled this list of must-have soccer products and resources that are sure to please soccer lovers of any age.

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Hi! I’m Amy, a homeschool soccer mom to 5 boys.  I played soccer for over 16 years, refereed, and coached.  I love all things soccer!

Over the years, I have come to love and appreciate these soccer resources for my boys and myself. Some of these suggestions can be for the whole family to enjoy.  Other products are specifically to help soccer players get their game on.

It can help to find out what particular company your young soccer fan likes best.  Possible companies that feature soccer products include:

This typs of custom information can help you find the soccer balls, bags, and gear that your soccer player and fan love.

Without further ado, I present to you…

Do you have soccer players & fans in your life? Use these recommendations & suggestions from a soccer family of 7 to find the best soccer resources for your soccer lovers.

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Kids Who Love Soccer

Soccer Equipment

Ball:  My boys and I are followers of the Barclay’s Premier League. This ball is what is recommended and used now for “football” across the pond.

The boys have a few versions of This ball and really enjoy playing with them.

A new ball that my boys LOVE is this smart soccer ball from Dribble Up.  You get the benefits of a fantastic soccer ball (game-worthy!) and a virtual trainer all-in-one.  I have watched my two older boys’ soccer skills significantly improve as they practice with their Dribble Up soccer ball.  If you have kids who love soccer that want to take their game to the next level, you will want Dribble Up!


Ball Pump:  Soccer balls get flat so having a ball pump like this is fantastic to get your soccer fan back on the field fast!


Shin Guards: Extremely important to have quality shin guards for soccer play!  My boys recommend these styles:

Soccer Socks: Equally important, your soccer fan will want to have soccer socks to wear over their shin guards.  Here are a few of our favorites (available in a variety of colors):

Pop Up Goals:  The boys and I prefer these goals for all ages.  We have tried a few of the goals designed for younger kids but like how well these goals stay in place.  (Plus, this set comes with cones and carry case!)  Having two goals is nice if you have the yard or field place to teach even your youngest players about moving to the correct goal.  (We use bandanas or old T-shirts of different colors to teach our little boys which goal to go to and when.)

Rebounder:  This piece of equipment is awesome so you don’t have to go retrieving balls out of a net (and getting feet all tangled up in it!)  Also, very helpful for reaction time and foot speed.

Training:  A soccer trainer can be a great way to help your kids practice foot skills and more. Your soccer fan will place their ball into the top portion  and attach the band around their waist to allow great frequency of touches on the ball.

Parachute Training:  My older boys have one of these parachute trainers.  They don’t necessarily enjoy it but it does help with speed (and looks super cool flying behind them when they run!).

Agility Ladder:  Here is another piece of equipment purchased primarily for my older boys (but the younger ones like the challenge!).  It helps with foot speed and can be used for plyometrics.


Soccer Accessories:

Sneaker Balls:  Believe me, you will want some of these after a few practices, especially in muddy conditions!  Help your soccer player have freshly smelling cleats-everyone around you will say thanks.

Lace Protectors:  If your younger soccer players are in almost constant need of having their cleats tied, get these lace protectors!

Water Bottles:  No matter how many sports water bottles we try, my boys always come back to these!         


Soccer Bags:   It can be extremely helpful to have one designated bag for your kids who love soccer to carry all their gear.  My boys prefer a bag like this with a compartment for their soccer ball. 

Cooling Towel:   These towels can be great to have in warmer weather, especially for intense training and tournaments. 

Headbands:  Many soccer players (boys and girls) have longer hair these days.  Athletic headbands look cool and help keep hair in place.

Soccer Hats:  These caps are helpful in inclement weather (water resistant) and to keep heads warms.  (Also, these hats do not seem to interfere with heading the ball.)

Soccer Scarves:  Very popular, I encourage you to find out your soccer fans favorite teams and get them a scarf.

Soccer Towel:  Another fun way to help your soccer enthusiast celebrate their favorite team is with a soccer towel.  (Below is my favorite team!)

Cold Weather Gear: My boys have several of these long sleeve compression shirts from Under Armour to help them stay warm when temperatures drop.

Compression Shorts:  These types of shorts can help with chafing and keeping legs warm in boy and girl styles.


Soccer Fun

Games:   Video and board games can be a great way to extend soccer fun with your kids.

Bumper Soccer is fun for kids ages 3 and up.

Kaskey Kids Soccer Guys is one of my boys’ favorites!
They love to play and practice different formations.

FIFA video games are a huge hit in our home!  



Soccer Puzzles:  Give your soccer fans some hands-on fun!  3D and jigsaw puzzles with soccer themes are sure to be a hit!


Soccer Movies:  Your soccer enthusiast will love to sit back and enjoy a few soccer flicks.


Gift Card:  If these ideas still leave you guessing, you really can’t go wrong with a gift card. Let them pick exactly what they want and everyone is happy.

I hope this Ultimate Gift Guide For Kids Who Love Soccer helps you find the perfect gifts for your soccer fans.  Leave a comment below with any questions and tell us what your kids who love soccer would like!


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