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How to Make Spring Learning Fun Plans You Will Actually Use

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Are you excited for Spring? Warmer weather and more daylight are great encouragement to start your Spring Learning Fun Plans. Spring themes can be bright spots after dark winter days.

BUT if you are honest with yourself:  how often have you actually followed through with all those awesome Spring learning fun plans?

If you are like me, not often enough.

I am one of those types of people that come up with about 153 ideas all at once. Friends say that I "squirrel". Also, I have a tendency to have a lot of energy. Makes for an interesting combination of flitting from one activity to another 😉

Or maybe you struggle with:

  • lack of motivation?
  • disorganization?
  • dealing with multiple ages?
  • busy schedule?

My hope is that these tips and resources will help all of us make Spring Learning Fun Plans that are actually used. Let's have learning fun with our kids this Spring!

How Spring Learning Fun Plans Can Help

If you are pressed for time or think you aren't a "fun mom", making plans and preparing for learning fun can feel impossible. Let's crush some of these struggles, shall we?

You ARE a fun mom.  In your very own way.

"Fun" is a descriptive word, a relative concept.  I believe that glitter and playdough are fun. I do not believe that horseback riding and skiing are fun. You may believe the exact opposite. And that's totally cool! Variety is the spice of life and all that jazz.

You DO have time for learning fun.

Learning fun activities do not have to be complicated. They do not have to take a lot of time. With a bit of planning, you can have stupendous Spring learning fun experiences with your kids that take five minutes or less.

Learning fun can be simple-with organization and planning.

Spontaneous learning fun is awesomely amazing! But, special projects, holidays, and seasons may require a bit of planning and preparation. By taking actionable steps to do something different this year, you can be organized and well-planned for learning fun for this Spring.

Discover how to make Spring Learning Fun Plans you will actually use.

 Rock Your Spring Learning Fun Plans!

The best plans are customizable. My family life is different than yours. I am in no place to tell you what to do and when. BUT I can provide you with the tools and resources you need to have successful Spring learning fun plans.

Step 1 is getting organized and prepared for realistic learning fun with your kids.

Learning fun does not have to be Pinterest-perfect or complicated.

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Sweetie!) during your Spring Planning Fun Plans. Make sure you aren't setting high expectations or feeling overwhelmed. Keep your intentions at the forefront of your mind. You want to make special memories with your kids. It is important to you to build connections with your kids as you encourage a love of learning.

Planning and organization may seem like a needless step but they are essential. I am all for spontaneous learning and jumping down rabbit holes with your kids. But, a bit of planning and organization can do a world of good to relieve stress, confusion, and improve completion rate (a.k.a. follow through with your plans).

As the wise Ben Franklin said, "Failing to plan is planning to fail."

Let's follow Mr. Franklin's advice and rock our Spring Learning Fun!

  1. To begin, grab a notebook or planner and pencil to jot down your ideas and goals to get set up for Spring Learning Fun success.
  2. You can use a free Homeschool Spring Bucket List (two versions are available here) for ideas and inspiration.
  3. Check out these homeschool fun calendars for easy ways to celebrate fun days.
  4. Create a separate section in your notebook or planner for your Spring Learning Fun Plan. Your custom plan will contain pages to:
    1. brain dump your Spring Learning Fun activities
    2. mind map
    3. list materials to purchase
    4. list materials to organize (and where you will keep items)
    5. realistic learning fun goals based on your personality and family (*optional but helpful)

Think about how often you would like to have Spring Learning Fun?  Once a week? A few times a week? Every Day?  Be realistic.  If you have a crazy schedule, every day Spring Learning Fun might not be a viable option. Shoot for a few times a week. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with having learning fun once a week. Remember-connection, not perfection!

  • Brain Dump:  Use this section to jot down any ideas you have for Spring Learning Fun. These ideas can be silly or unrealistic. Just write down whatever comes to mind what you think about Spring + Learning + Fun.

Spring Learning Fun plans written down as notes
My Spring Learning Fun Brain Dump

  • Mind Map:  This section can be used in place of a brain dump and/or to help you narrow down your brain dump information into more realistic steps. Your mind maps start with highlighting your favorite realistic ideas. From these favorites, you branch off with actionable steps to achieve this activity. You can also include required materials for each activity.

mind map of Spring learning fun plans
My Spring Learning Fun Mind Map

  • Materials Shopping List:  Refer back to your mind maps. What materials do you have and what will you need to purchase?
  • Materials List:  Use this master materials list to record all materials, when they will be used, and for what activity.

Different Types of Spring Learning Fun

What is the best way to actually follow through with your Spring Learning Fun plans? Selecting and looking forward to activities that you and your kids want to do!

  1. Think about your overall goals for learning fun. Do you want to make memories, build connections, or develop skills?
  2. Age(s) of your kids. If you have more than one child, will you select games & activities that all kids can participate in at same time? Or would it be better to split into appropriate age groups?
  3. Budget. I know you want to have tons of fun with your kids (and that's awesome!) but stick to your budget. Don't get caught up in what you think everyone else is doing. No need to add stress and overspend. There are tons of free and frugal ways to have Spring Learning Fun.
  4. Time.  How much time will the game or activity take? Make sure to plan accordingly to avoid boohoos and frustrations.

Click on the image below for a printable list of Possible Materials for Spring Learning Fun:thumbnail of Spring Learning Fun Materials List

Games for Spring Learning Fun Plans

Spring ISpy (Simple Play Ideas):  Use this free printable Spring ISpy game or go outside and play your own version.

Plastic Egg Hunt

Plastic Egg Match (use a Sharpie or permanent marker to write on plastic eggs-like upper & lower case letters, math facts, sight words, etc.)

Mother May I? (using only prompts with Spring-related animals, like bunnies, chicks, and frogs)

Seed, Seed, Sprout (Child Fun): Play this fun game as a replacement for Duck, Duck, Goose.

Nature Tic Tac Toe (Education.com):  Play this classic game using sticks and stones for Xs and Os.

Egg Balloon Volleyball:  Blow up balloons & call them eggs. Don't let your "egg" fall to the ground!

Spring Math Game for Kids (Fun-A-Day): Fun game using a flower pot, playdough, artificial flowers, and dice.

Nature Bingo Game

Shephard Software has several online games to play to learn about Spring.

Activities for Spring Learning Fun Plans

Butterfly Garden is a phenomenal way for your family to truly experience the life cycle of a butterfly. My boys & I adopt caterpillars at least once a year.

Sprout a Bean by placing a bean on damp cotton balls in a glass jar to watch the transformation

Indoor Picnic:  If the weather isn't cooperating, host a Spring indoor picnic.

Spring Lego Challenge (Ideas:  duck, egg, rainbow, butterfly, flower)

Indoor Balance Practice:  Use masking or painter's tape on the floor in the shape of Spring themes as a balance beam.

Spring Flower Fine Motor Activity (No Time for Flashcards): Awesome hands-on activity for Spring learning fun.


Arts & Crafts for Spring Learning Fun Plans

If you do not like arts & crafts because of the mess, no worries! I made sure to include some ideas that you can try with your kids that make as little mess as possible.

Tips to reduce mess:  Before starting a project, set clear expectations with your kids. Demonstrate the proper way to use specific materials with slow, gentle movements.

Messes and mistakes will happen. No one is perfect. When a mess or mistake (or meltdown) occurs, take a deep breath. Remind yourself that the world is still rotating around the sun and all is well. Let go of frustration, anger, or disappointment.  Smile and look your child in the eye. Tell them it's okay. Your child will likely mimic your calm response and keep going.

Bonus tips:

  • Have all materials prepared and ready to go. Get organized and this special time will go smoother.
  • Encourage your kids to creatively express themselves. All projects do not have to look the same nor do they have to look "perfect".
  • Take this time to practice letting go as a parent. I don't think we realize how often our own expectations creep into our interactions with our kids.

For example, you might set out empty toilet paper cardboard rolls, paint, googly eyes, construction paper, and glue with the expectation of creating a cute bunny. Your child may have a completely different idea for those materials. Maybe a multi-eyed monster with a sinister smile? Or a multi-colored frog? It's okay to let arts & crafts time evolve into whatever it is your child creates.

During Spring Learning Fun, your goal is to connect and enjoy. If you have specific arts & crafts projects for homeschool co-op or school, explain to your child that it is important to specifically follow directions (if necessary). Otherwise, let go and have fun!

There are thousands of Spring Arts & Crafts ideas. Do a Google or Pinterest search and you could get overwhelmed. To avoid overwhelm, jot down a few ideas that you think your kids would enjoy.

Here are a few of our suggestions:

Handprint Flower Cards (Glued to My Crafts):  Trace your child's hand on construction paper. Cut out & glue onto paper. Add stem and leaves.

Cute Paper Rainbow Craft (Easy Peasy and Fun): Construction paper, scissors, glue, and black marker to make an adorable cloud & rainbow craft. Great for teaching colors and about rainbows.

Science & Art with Coffee Filter Flowers (Fun-A-Day): Combine science and art into this pretty craft.

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Pops (Project Nursery):  Make your own super cool sidewalk chalk!

Colorful Paper Umbrella (Krokotak):  Adorable craft with a tutorial.

Simple Windsock (123Homeschool4Me):  Cute DIY craft for making your own windsock.

Paper Plate Flower Craft for Kids (The Resourceful Mama):  Fun craft that's great for scissor skills practice.

Tissue Paper Flower Art Activity (Mess for Less):  Awesome for fine motor skills with tearing & wadding up tissue paper plus identifying & sorting colors!

Spinning 3D Hot Air Balloon Craft for Kids (Crafty Morning): Sweet craft that is mesmerizing!

Tin Foil Easter Egg Art (I Heart Crafty Things):  Great for patterns and color recognition.

Cardboard Tube Rainbow Blowers (Notey):  Hands-on fun with rainbows.

Paint Rocks

Make bunny paper bag puppets (or any Spring-themed puppets) & put on a show


Ideas for Outdoor Spring Learning Fun Plans

Some suggested activities may depend on where you live. Spring is typically a sloshy time of year. Rainboots and old clothes are suggested to allow for fun and less stress from all the mess. Also, dressing in layers can be helpful.

Nature Walk

Nature Scavenger Hunt (The Measured Mom): Free printable to use while on a nature walk.

Do You Hear What I Hear? Nature Walk:  This activity encourages your kids to be quiet and really listen to what is going on around them.

Fly a Kite

Sidewalk Chalk


Write in Mud (find a mud puddle and practice sight words, math, & more!)

Start a Garden (planning, counting, sorting, hands-on, observation)

Search for worms

Spring outdoor tea party/poetry teatime

Drawing Shadows (using sidewalk chalk or paper & crayons)

Observe clouds and recreate with fingerpaint


Hula Hoops





Make Your Own Bubble Blower


STEM Activities for Spring Learning Fun Plans

Plastic Easter Egg + Playdough Tower (The Educator's Spin On It):  Includes great tips for STEM activities with kids!

 Jelly Bean STEM Building (Little Bins for Little Hands):  My boys have had a blast with this STEM building using jelly beans, toothpicks, and marshmallow peeps.

Easter Egg Rockets (The STEM Laboratory):  Probably best to do this exciting experiment outside 😉

STEM Challenge Easter Eggs Tower (The Resourceful Mama): Fabulous way to upcycle all those plastic eggs!

Can You Build A Bird's Nest? STEM Challenge (Views from a Step Stool):  We love how this STEM challenge incorporates nature.

STEM Kite Construction (All About 3rd Grade):  Great challenge for building your own kite.

Kid's Science Sprout House (The STEM Laboratory):  You can frugally make this experiment by picking up supplies at your local dollar store.

Science Experiments with Egg Parachutes (JDaniel4's Mom): Another favorite activity that my boys love!

Regrow Celery (Housing a Forest):  This indoor experiment pairs well with starting a garden.

Rainbow in a Jar Science (Playdough to Plato):  We love the visual nature of this experiment.

3 PEEPS® Science Experiments (Schooling a Monkey):  Super fun ways to extend the learning fun with Peeps®.

Rainbow Naked Eggs Experiment (Schooling a Monkey):  Another visual experiment that's super cool!


day 3 to create spring learning fun plans


Time to narrow down your selections based on your goals and current situation.  

In each of the five areas, what are your Top 5 choices for Spring Learning Fun? Why do these activities look intriguing?

Look at your planner or calendar. Spring officially starts March 20, 2018. The last day of Spring is June 20, 2018. Many of these activities can carry over into Summer (and other seasons!). Decide if you want to keep these activities to just Spring or don't mind overlapping into Summer.

You have roughly 14 weeks (93 days) to plan for Spring Learning Fun.  Look at your original goals. Will you be planning for daily or weekly fun? Maybe another combination?

If you are planning for weekly fun, take a closer look at your Top 5 for each area. Take the Top 3 of each and consider your calendar. Save that extra choice as a back-up to use at your discretion.

If you are planning on Spring Learning Fun for more than once a week, you can either double up on some activities or select new ones for each day.

Tip:  Be flexible in your planning and thinking. Kids get sick, the weather quickly changes, and plans spontaneously turn to mush with surprise visitors or emergencies. When these situations arise, please don't feel obligated to go through with Spring Learning Fun plans. If you aren't feeling it or feel stressed or whatever, your kids will pick up on it. Your goal of connection and fun will plummet.

Final List of Supplies for Spring Learning Fun

Now that you have selected the number and type of activities, put together a final list of supplies that you will want to have on hand. A plastic bin or cardboard box can be great for storing these supplies. If you have extra shelf space, go for it.

I have found that it is better to put these special supplies in a hidden spot, out of my boys' eyesight. If they see the materials, then they want to dive right in and do about 25 days worth of crafts, games, and activities in one day.

As you complete your Spring Learning Fun Plans, check your supplies. Take note if any items need to be replenished.


Final Tips: Enjoy your Spring Learning Fun Plans with your kids! You've worked hard to prepare and plan. It's time to reap the benefits and create special memories. Go forth and have learning fun!!

I'd love to hear how your Spring Learning Fun Plans go! Drop me a comment here or email Amy at rockyourhomeschool@gmail.com.
What are you looking forward to the most this Spring with your kids?

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