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How to Use a Homeschool Bucket List for Remarkable Spring Fun

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Discover how a Spring Homeschool Bucket List can help you and your kids enjoy remarkable fun this season!

Get tips and ideas for your special bucket list plus 2 free instant downloads of printables to use with your kids.


Enjoy remarkable fun with your kids with a Spring Homeschool Bucket List. Find awesome ideas & get 2 free printable bucket lists to use to plan and look forward to Spring activities with kids.


Why We Create a Spring Homeschool Bucket List

The birds are chirping. Buds are appearing on flowers and trees. The whole world blooms in color after a gray and dull sleep.

Spring!  What a wonderful time of year to add learning fun plans to your homeschool!

In addition to using our Homeschool Fun Calendars and Daily Doodle Prompts, my boys and I are creating a Homeschool Bucket List for Spring. We want to enjoy the warmer weather and daylight!

In past winters, my boys and I would discuss grand plans for what we could do once Spring rolled around once more. Living in western Pennsylvania, harsh winters with snow and ice often mean that we are forced to remain indoors for long periods of time.

Unfortunately, more times than naught, we wouldn't follow through with our Spring plans. Instead of writing them down and taking actionable steps, my boys and I would talk and talk and then talk some more!

This year, I decided that a homeschool bucket list was necessary to help us record our Spring fun plans.


Follow through with your learning fun plans! Create a homeschool bucket list for Spring with these FREE instant downloads.

Two Free Spring Homeschool Bucket Lists

You can start planning your homeschool Spring fun with these two FREE instant downloads!

The first Spring Homeschool Bucket List requires less ink to print. Simple, practical, functional.

The second bucket list is more decorative 🙂

Or just use a blank piece of lined paper or construction paper. It doesn't have to be fancy or anything, as long as it inspires your family to plan Spring fun and do it 😉

Click on the images below for your instant downloads and to print. Customize your Spring Homeschool Bucket List to optimize learning fun for your family!

thumbnail of SPRING Homeschool Bucket List    thumbnail of SPRINGHomeschoolBucketList

Ideas & Inspiration on How to Use Your Homeschool Bucket List for Spring Fun

Here are a few activities to help you get started as you brainstorm your Spring Bucket List for homeschool fun activities:


Girl with purple and pink jacket holding bunch of wildflowers and standing near basket of wildflowers on dirt road in the woods to feature the creative ideas + free printable Spring Homeschool Bucket List

What other ideas and activities will you add to your Bucket List for Spring fun in your homeschool and family life? Share your suggestions in the comments area below 🙂


Yellow bucket with floral background to feature how to use a homeschool bucket list for Spring fun activities with kids


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