Homeschool Learning Fun with this Switzerland Unit Study

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Discover how this Switzerland unit study can help you add learning fun to your homeschool. CASE OF ADVENTURE unit studies are filled with hands-on activities and resources. Don\'t miss a freebie plus chance to enter giveaway!


How does a busy mom with kids whose ages range from toddler to teen teach homeschool geography? With unit studies!

I was super excited to receive this Switzerland Unit Study by CASE OF ADVENTURE. Filled with a variety of activity packs and resources, I quickly saw how this unit study would bless our homeschool with multiple ages.

Disclaimer:  I received CASE OF ADVENTURE Cuckoo Clock Secrets in Switzerland and activity pack free for review  I was compensated for my time. All opinions are honest and 100% my own.

Our relaxed homeschool with five boys thrives by combining kids for subjects whenever possible. Geography is one of those homeschool subjects that can be addressed at different levels. This type of time management allows our homeschool to include learning fun activities in addition to our core studies.

Family read alouds are another way our homeschool makes sure that important areas for a child's education, like geography and music, are addressed. With the right resources, family learning fun takes place and each child learns at their level (or beyond!).

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This Switzerland unit study by CASE OF ADVENTURE provided our homeschool with the materials and information necessary to complete a comprehensive look at this fascinating country and some of its history.

This Switzerland Unit Study by CASE OF ADVENTURE includes links to informative videos to supplement your learning fun.
Professor, Smiley, & Bear enjoying an educational video from link included in this unit study.

Why Use This Switzerland Unit Study

CASE OF ADVENTURE's Destination Switzerland Unit Study and MEGA Travel Activity Pack are filled with facts, activities, and learning fun. Both of these materials complement the book Cuckoo Clock Secrets in Switzerland.

The creator of this study shares:  "Country Unit Studies, Mystery Novels and Activity Packs immerse your children in an exciting world of travel which is almost as good as the real thing. Bring your homeschool to life with our fabulous first UNIT STUDY – unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before… DESTINATION SWITZERLAND


CASE OF ADVENTURE unit studies have learning fun opportunities, like this air plane scene.
This crew is ready to role play their way to Switzerland!


Activity pack and unit study are designed for use over twelve homeschool days plus a bonus activity-Switzerland meal! You are encouraged to take your time and extend the learning fun if that's how your homeschool rolls. We chose to use this unit study over the course of a few weeks to dig deeper and have more time to reap its benefits like:

  • Geography, history, culture, and cuisine
  • Hands-on learning with small projects and role playing
  • Logic and memorization are other skills
  • Links to informational videos


Your kids will have tons of learning fun with this Switzerland Unit Study from CASE OF ADVENTURE.
Checking flight times.

Available Materials for this Switzerland Unit Study

There are three types of materials for use with this unit Study. CASE OF ADVENTURE created all three resources. These materials are available for individual purchase. I recommend using all three together for maximum success.


Lapbook pieces are part of the materials available in the Switzerland unit study.
We used the lapbook map pieces and pictures to create a Switzerland Corner in our homeschool area.

Here is more information about the book from the author:  Cuckoo Clock Secrets in Switzerland is Book 1 of the CASE OF ADVENTURE  Travel Series. “There was a cracking noise and the crumbling of mortar. Rome put his Swiss army knife to work and carefully ran it around the edge of the stone, scraping away the plaster. He signalled to Ren, who pulled harder. Suddenly the whole stone came away from the wall. Together, they slid it out and gazed at the gaping hole that was left behind.”

Dive into adventure with Ren, Rome, Jake, Libby and Tiffany as they discover an ancient coin and a mystery connected with a cuckoo clock which takes them to the beautiful land of Switzerland. In their quest to solve the puzzle, they unearth some fascinating history and recover a lost fortune.

Visit Cuckoo Clock Secrets in Switzerland to purchase the Destination Switzerland Unit Study and the MEGA Travel Activity Pack that goes along with this novel.


Unit studies from CASE OF ADVENTURE include a wide variety of learning experiences.
The boys had so much fun with this airplane ride to Switzerland in full costume and character.

Who Is this Switzerland Unit Study For?

This unit study is perfect for homeschool families who enjoy comprehensive looks at a topic. Homeschoolers who seek out resources that allow for multiple ages and stages to participate together would love this unit study.

I will caution that this Switzerland unit study is written from a Protestant perspective with Biblical and Reformation references. Catholic and secular families may need to edit on the fly to remain true to their beliefs.


Your kids will love the learning fun activities included in this unit study on Switzerland.
Professor works on breaking one of the codes included in the activity pack for this Switzerland Unit Study.

More Fun & Deals for this Unit Study!

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Also, CASE OF ADVENTURE has this awesome free Maps Pack! Click on the image below to enter your email address on their homepage and get your FREE maps pack!

 Free Maps Pack!


Lots of learning fun in this unit study from CASE OF ADVENTURE!
And don't worry if any of your kids suffer from air sickness mid-flight! Activity pack includes this airsickness bag project;)

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So much learning fun to be had be all! What is your experience with unit studies? Share how this Switzerland unit study could bless your family!

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