10 Easy Time-Saving Tips to Enjoy Your Homeschool Life

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Get awesome ideas for using these 10 Easy Time-Saving Tips to help you enjoy your homeschool life. As a busy homeschool soccer mom to five boys, I highly encourage you to get started with these positive practices today!

Enjoy your homeschool life & make the most of your time using these 10 easy time-saving tips.

With a busy schedule that's packed with homeschooling, activities, and more, I've discovered that these time-saving tips are the only way we can manage to get it all done (or, at least, come close to it). These ideas are not unique or innovative. My suggestions are merely practical ways that homeschoolers can work smarter, not harder.

Most Important Part of These Easy Time Saving Steps: Give Yourself Grace!

Before I share my easy time-saving tips for homeschooling, I'd like to remind you to give yourself grace. As they say, Rome was not built in a day.  

Select one item from this list and really work it.  Look at how you can implement it for your family and homeschool.

Please don't get down on yourself if you flub up or go backward. It happens all the time around here! Promise me that you'll pick yourself up and get back on track to saving time in your homeschool.

And one more bonus tip before I get to my top 10:  Have at least one other homeschooler or friend as an accountability partner. Agree to help each other through the bumps and curves that life throws your way. Be open and honest with your accountability partner about how you are using these time-saving tips.

Believe me, that type of accountability can go a long way in helping you achieve your goals of making the most of your time as a homeschooler.

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10 Easy Time-Saving Tips For Homeschooling

1. Planning

Planning is my #1 tip for running an efficient and successful homeschool. When you take the time to realistically plan your day, week, and month, you'll find that your to-do list shrinks.

I'm not suggesting that you become a slave to your schedule. Heavens no!  But, having and using your planners  is a magnificent way to save time in your homeschool. You're much less likely to forget projects that need to be done, library books that need to be reserved or picked up (or brought back on time!), and homeschool law state requirements.

2. Communication Center

Our kitchen has a whiteboard/corkboard that we use to record all family events like appointments, practices, games, and even homeschool projects. I often use the corkboard portion to tack up friendly reminders about chores and assignments. The boys know to check the board for updates and what is coming in our day, week, and month.

Use your communication center for a one-stop place to organize all of your homeschool and family activities. If you have older kids, show them how to keep your communication center updated. Great for teaching responsibility and life skills plus saves you more time!

3. Morning Gathering (or Meeting)

Our homeschool has a special time every morning where we gather together for Pledge of Allegiance, prayer, devotions, and announcements. We also use this time to teach a variety of skills like calendar, telling time, and learning songs. Morning gathering  (or as many homeschoolers call it, morning basket) is a fabulous way to address numerous subjects through read-alouds, group projects, and activities.

4. Chores

All family members have assigned chores in our family to save time in our homeschool. I'm not superwoman and can't do it all (although I do have the tendency to occasionally think that I can!). My boys must help out with household tasks in order for us to have enough time to effectively homeschool.

5. Learning Buddies

This tip is more for larger families, although I suppose that families with one child could make this tactic work. An older sibling is paired with a younger sibling.  The older child helps the younger child with activities like read-alouds, basic math concepts, puzzles, and worksheets.

This special bonding time benefits your whole family. The older child learns effective communication skills, patience, and thinking outside the box. The younger child learns how to learn from and interact with someone besides mom. Mom's time is freed up to help other kids, complete her own chores, or take a break.

6. Meal Planning

I can't tell you how much time I've wasted scrambling around for ingredients or a recipe for dinner. I'm giving this tip as much for myself as for you:  be an organized meal planner to save time for homeschooling!

I often jump up during an afternoon lesson, realizing that I have nothing planned for dinner and need something quick.

Do yourself a huge favor and take time each week or month to plan your meals, at least lunch and dinner. Last-minute trips to the grocery store and hastily prepared meals will be a thing of the past and you'll find more time for enjoying your homeschool life.

7. Combining Ages/Grades

Here's another tip for large families. You can save a tremendous amount of time when you teach multiple kids a subject or two together whenever possible.

There are many homeschool subjects that can be addressed in such a way that your toddler to teen benefits. We find that family read-alouds, geography, picture study, and nature study are great ways to collaborate on learning.

8. Organization

I'm not a naturally organized person. I tend to be like an absent-minded professor with books, lists, and reminders scattered about our home. Unfortunately, this disorganized tendency had a negative effect on our homeschool. It's kind of hard to complete an assignment when mom can't remember which book pile she last placed it!

I recommend taking a course like The Ultimate Homeschool Organization Course. Kristi Clover will transform your thinking in regards to how to establish and maintain an organized homeschool.

9. Learn With Your Kids!

Do you have a skill or concept that you've always wanted to learn but never go around to it? Make it a group effort! I've enjoyed adding skills like calligraphy into homeschool lessons with my boys! Another great way to save time and bond with your kids!

10. Outsource

There's absolutely no shame in hiring or asking others to help you with some homeschool subjects.

Save yourself time and stress by finding co-ops, tutors, or other homeschool moms to barter lessons with. Online learning opportunities, like Typesy, have allowed my boys to learn vital skills while I save my sanity for other subjects.

There is always so much to do! Use these 10 Easy Time-Saving Tips For Homeschooling for better time management. Make more time for fun!

Although homeschool life can be busy, you can make the most of your time and look back on your day with a smile. Use these 10 easy time-saving tips (+ two bonus tips!) to help you enjoy your homeschooling adventures.

What easy time-saving tips do you have to share with other homeschoolers?
Please let us know in the comments area below 🙂

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