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Free Thanksgiving Coloring Activity for Amazing Holiday Fun

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This free printable Thanksgiving coloring activity is an easy way to have holiday fun with kids. Perfect for classroom, library, family, & homeschool, kids will love this holiday-themed coloring sheet.


This free printable Thanksgiving coloring activity is a great way to have easy holiday fun with kids!


Why This Activity Can Help Save Your Holiday Sanity

My mom taught me a lot about the power of patience and creativity as a parent. Especially when it comes to holidays like Thanksgiving.

As a child, I remember being so full of energy that I was bouncing off the walls, just wanting to do something as we waited for the family feast. I'd beg my mom for a task or chore to do. Looking back, I must have been extremely annoying. But, my moms rocks and has the patience of a saint.

Being a smart lady, she'd have me make place settings, place mats, welcome signs-anything to keep me from tugging at her apron strings.

As a mom of five boys, the tables have turned. I'm now the one trying to get through my to-do list as my boys tug on my apron strings. (Okay, I don't own an apron. I hate cooking. But, someone's got to the get house together while hubby prepares our meal!)

Here are a few of my observations of what the holidays are like for busy moms:

  1. A ton of planning and preparation goes into trying to pull off a holiday celebration.
  2. As an adult, your focus is on the meal and a clean house. And a to-do list that can make you want to hide under your warm comforter and hibernate away the holidays.
  3. Lots of good intentions to include holiday fun with kids get hurled out the window when energy, planning & prep, and focus is sapped.

But, I want to be a fun mom-especially around the holidays!

Thanksgiving Coloring Activity and boy using orange marker to complete Thanksgiving Coloring Activity printable with granite background

I want to make special holiday memories with my boys-not have them remembering me as a crazy woman who snaps and loses her mind with glass-shattering screams every holiday.

So, I took a page from my mom's book:  I engage my boys in focused activities around the holidays to help them channel their energy and excitement. Because I tend to squirrel and jump down rabbit holes, I plan and prepare these activities so I have everything we need and I don't forget.

If you can feel my pain when it comes to trying to keep the holidays fun and still get stuff done, you'll love this free printable Thanksgiving coloring activity for kids!


You can use this free printable Thanksgiving coloring activity with preschoolers and older kids.

Free Coloring Activity to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Kids

This free printable Thanksgiving Coloring Activity includes one page for kids to "Color the Thanksgiving Shapes to Match". Your kids can use:

  • crayons
  • colored pencils
  • markers
  • paint
  • Kwik Stix
  • stickers
  • Bingo daubers

To modify this activity for younger kids (who are still working on identifying and matching colors), you can add a small dot of color to the Thanksgiving shape to get them started.

Older kids can enjoy this Thanksgiving coloring activity, too. Challenge them to name the colors in a foreign language they're studying. Or make a graph to count the Thanksgiving shapes.

free printable Thanksgiving coloring activity

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This free printable Thanksgiving coloring activity is a wonderful way to have easy holiday fun with kids.


How can this Thanksgiving coloring activity help you add fun to your holiday?


free Thanksgiving coloring activity for color by Thanksgiving shapes for a super special way to make the holiday awesome for kids

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