Get tips and ideas that will help you rock your homeschool! You’ll find hacks to make it easier and more enjoyable for all.

Young boy wearing headphones and using tablet while sitting on couch to feature these homeschooling apps.
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The 15 Best Homeschooling Apps to Make the Most of Your Year

Homeschooling apps are simple yet powerful ways to take your learn at-home adventures to the next level. Over the years, my 5 boys and I have tried a lot of educational apps. Here are 15 of our favorite apps for making learning fun in your homeschool. Enhance and Enrich with Homeschooling Apps With technology today,…

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20+ Easy Homeschool Lunch Ideas to Help Your Day Flow

Gather homeschool lunch ideas and watch how easily your day will flow! With a bit of research and prep, you can enjoy a smooth transition for your midday meal. And make sure everyone maintains their energy and focus. We’re sharing some of our favorite simple homeschool lunch ideas in the hopes of taking some of…

Smiling girl who is writing in journal and boy reading science book about the planet Mars to feature how you can use these tips and ideas to help your kids become more independent learners
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10 Smart Ways to Help Your Kids Be Independent Learners

Want to take your homeschool to the next level? Help your kids become more independent learners! You’ll be amazed at all the things that your kids can do to take ownership of their learning as they practice essential life skills and more. Discover how these tips and ideas can empower you to guide your kids…

Black mom and daughter smiling as they use homemade puppet sticks as they read a book on the floor to feature how to make homeschooling an only child fun
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How To Easily Make Homeschooling An Only Child More Fun

Homeschooling an only child? If so, you may be worried about how to make the most of this special time. It’s totally normal to be concerned about your homeschool adventures. But, when you homeschool one child, you face different challenges than what many homeschool experts talk about and experience. Luckily, my dear friend, Jessica (from…

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Creative Homeschool Assessment: 5 Simple Yet Effective Ways Without Grades

Homeschool assessment of progress does NOT have to use tests or grades. Discover how you can use these 5 simple yet effective ways to determine how your homeschool students are doing – and track their work. Learning Is Much MORE Than Tests and Grades Hate the idea of grades, but want to still be able…

Variety of game boards, dice, and game pieces to feature how you can use these 10 tips and ideas for gameschooling on a budget to save money and still have learning fun with games
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Gameschooling on a Budget: 10 Tips & Ideas to Make It Fun & Save Money

These gameschooling on a budget tips and ideas will help you make learning fun without going broke! Want to try gameschooling but money is tight? No worries! Check out these smart ways to enjoy board games and more in your homeschool without breaking the bank. You CAN Enjoy Gameschooling Without Spending a Lot of Money!…

Planner with pen, sticky tabs, clock, glasses, and plant & mom smiling at her kids who are reading a book together to feature how these 27+ homeschool hacks can make it easy to enjoy a successful and smooth homeschool experience
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27 Homeschool Hacks to Make Your Day Easier & More Enjoyable

Homeschool hacks are the best ways to help you (and your kids) make the most of this special time together. Find out some of the tips and tricks this homeschool mom of 5 boys (and a few of her friends) have discovered over the years – and how these ideas can help you rock your…

Scrabble letters spelling RESET and mom and daughter smiling at each other while sitting on the floor with an abacus to feature how you can use these 11 smart hacks when you need to reset your homeschool day
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11 Smart Hacks for When You Need to Reset Your Homeschool Day

  Get practical tips and suggestions for when you need to reset your homeschool day. Find out why you may want to restart your day – and how it can actually help you enjoy a more successful homeschool experience for all 🙂     Feel Like Your Homeschool Day Is Getting Out of Control? When…

Mom & son doing homeschool work on the floor to feature how these 7 creative & fun homeschool tools can help you boost learning at home
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The Best Fun Homeschool Tools: Our Top Picks of Creative Supplies & More

Fun homeschool tools are awesome ways to help your kids focus and improve the learning experience at home. As a mom of 5 busy boys, I’ve had to get a bit creative with directing attention and energy in our homeschool. I hope my ideas provide you with inspiration and fun ways to use these cool…

Sister and brother laying on floor with television in background to feature why Curiosity Stream can help you make your homeschool better with its documentaries & educational videos
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Why Curiosity Stream Makes Your Homeschool Better

  Give your homeschool a tremendous boost with Curiosity Stream! This online streaming service has taken our learning at home to a new level. Find out how my 5 boys and I are using Curiosity Stream in our homeschool and how it can benefit your family, too.     Why Our Homeschool Is Using This…

Strips of printable positive quotes for homeschool motivation & more with red scissors on yellow background and bright colorful background with strips also in glass mason jar to feature wonderful ways to use these positive quotes for homeschool motivation, confidence, patience, teamwork, & more
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100 Positive Quotes for Powerful Homeschool Motivation

  Are you in need of some powerful homeschool motivation? Discover how something simple, like a positive quote, can be used to guide your homeschool day in a wonderful direction. I’m sharing my tips and tricks for using positive quotes to boost homechooling plus a bonus FREE printable set of these motivational sayings to make…

Homeschool field trip ideas, planner, & activities to feature how you can use this free printable pack for amazing homeschool field trips
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Homeschool Field Trip Ideas for Fantastic Learning Fun (Free List & More)

These homeschool field trip ideas, planner page, and resources will help your special outings shine. Get inspiration on creative field trip ideas plus two ways to extend the learning fun. Use these resources plus tips and tricks to make your homeschool field trips extra special! Plan & Prepare for Successful Homeschool Field Trips How do…

You can still enjoy homeschooling despite an erratic schedule. Find tips & resources to help you successfully homeschool even if your homeschool life is busy. #homeschooling #homeschoolhelp #homeschoolschedule
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How to Enjoy Your Homeschool When You Have an Erratic Schedule

  Homeschooling doesn’t always fit in a cookie cutter. Neither does life 😉 An erratic schedule can cause your homeschool adventures to bounce all around. Find out how you can still make homeschooling work (and enjoy it) despite an erratic schedule.   Homeschool Erratic Schedule Defined What is an “erratic schedule”? An erratic schedule may…

Homeschool life can get busy! Appointments, extracurricular activities, and practices can quickly fill your calendar. Instead of getting overwhelmed & stressed, take your homeschool on the road! Get tips from a busy homeschool soccer mom on how to use these fun & easy ways to homeschool on-the-go & still be able to look back on your day with a smile.
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Fun & Easy Ways to Homeschool On-The-Go

  Life gets busy. Instead of doing homeschool in the comfort of your home, you may find the need to bring your homeschooling on the road. You can make homeschool on-the-go stressfree and enjoyable with these fun and easy tips and resources. When you homeschool on-the-go, you save precious time as you make sure homeschooling…

Find out more about these 100 ways to add fun to your homeschool day. Great tips & resources to help you rock your homeschool!
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100 Ways to Have a Fun Homeschool Day

There are so many ways to have a fun homeschool day!  Homeschooling provides you with the opportunity to be flexible and creative. It also gives you the chance to add touches of fun throughout your homeschool day. When learning fun happens, it is like a magical experience that both kids and parents can enjoy. There…

Chalkboard with paper airplane and blue notebook & colorful pencils & paper clips & black analog clock to feature how these secrets can help you make smooth homeschool transitions
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How to Make Smooth Homeschool Transitions

  I’m sharing a few of my secrets on how my boys and I make smooth homeschool transitions. These tips and tricks work for both your kids and yourself. With a bit of planning and preparation, you can optimize your homeschool day!     Why You Need Smoother Homeschool Transitions If you’re tired of wasting…

Wonder if adding fun to your homeschool is important? Learn more about homeschool fun, why it's important, and these 101 reasons to get started today.
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101 Reasons to Add Homeschool Fun to Your Day

  Does the thought of adding homeschool fun to your day sound nice but overwhelming? Or maybe you wonder if homeschool fun is just “fluff” and you don’t have time for it? Well, let me reassure you that homeschool fun doesn’t have to be overwhelming or fluff or time-consuming. I have experienced the benefits of…

Find out how you can easily make homeschooling fun with these tips, tricks, & resources.
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How to Easily Make Homeschooling Fun

  When you started homeschooling, how did you envision it?  Did you picture shared moments of learning fun with your kids? Maybe you saw academics supplemented with fun activities and projects? Did you picture shared moments of learning fun with your kids? Maybe you saw academics supplemented with fun activities and projects? Consider your current…

Check out how to use paper chains as a homeschool focus tool! Super fun way to help your kids focus.
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How to Use Paper Chains for Greater Focus in Your Homeschool

  What is it about paper chains? My boys absolutely love using a paper chain as a countdown for special occasions, holidays, or vacations. We have made paper chains for birthdays and to get ready for visitors to stay with us. Do your kids love to use paper chains like my boys do? If so,…

Here's help for those high energy days in your homeschool! 10 indoor and outdoor activities that will help your kids burn off that energy!
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10 Ways To Help Kids Burn Off Energy In Your Homeschool

  My five boys are busy. When I say that they are busy, it is said in a loving yet awe-struck tone. I thought I knew what busy meant. And then I had five boys. Five curious, inventive, and imaginative boys. Five boys whose ideas of fun can run from extremes, like building ramps to seeing…