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101 Reasons to Add Homeschool Fun to Your Day

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Does the thought of adding homeschool fun to your day sound nice but overwhelming? Or maybe you wonder if homeschool fun is just "fluff" and you don't have time for it?

Well, let me reassure you that homeschool fun doesn't have to be overwhelming or fluff or time-consuming. I have experienced the benefits of adding fun to our homeschool with five boys and love to encourage other homeschoolers to give it a try.

Fun is a relative concept. Your version of homeschool fun might look very different from mine. And that's totally cool!

Here's my personal definition of homeschool fun:

 any activity, game, project, or other experience that results in learning fun and is enjoyed by all

What would you add to that definition? Not sure. No worries! This list of 101 Reasons to Add Homeschool Fun to Homeschool Day will inspire you to create your own version of homeschool fun that works best for your family.

Because sometimes you just need a few reminders or reasons to get started with or resume a positive practice. My hope is that these reasons motivate you to add homeschool fun to your day 🙂

101 Reasons to Add Homeschool Fun to Your Day

  1.  Supplement current studies
  2. Homeschool brain breaks
  3. Connect with your kids
  4. Create a relaxed homeschool atmosphere
  5.  Open doors to new interests
  6. Learn new skills
  7. Practice those new skills
  8. Boost a child's strength
  9. Build a weak area
  10. Use as a homeschool elective (especially for high school students)
  11. Opportunities to complete community service
  12. Gain skills through volunteer work
  13. Learn life skills
  14. Practice life skills
  15. Way to appeal to different learning styles
  16. Provide opportunities for different ages and stages to work together
  17. Tie together different subjects
  18. Introduce and build upon your study of current
  19. Help kids discover that learning doesn't have to be boring
  20. Show kids that learning happens all the time-not just with books and worksheets
  21. Extend learning through field trips (real and virtual)
  22. Encourages communication
  23. Allows for collaboration
  24. Games!
  25. Hands-on learning
  26. Projects
  27. Fun with doodle prompts
  28. Music fun
  29. Calligraphy
  30. Provide kids with opportunities to practice patience
  31. Learn how to take turns
  32. Deal with competition
  33. Videos to boost learning
  34. Documentaries
  35. Apps
  36. Nature study
  37. Playtime at the park
  38. Free play
  39. Creativity
  40. Imagination
  41. Outside the box thinking
  42. Tackle bucket list dreams
  43. Learn fun facts and trivia
  44. Prepare for holidays
  45. Celebrate special events and fun holidays
  46. Intergenerational opportunities
  47. Shared moments
  48. Special memories
  49. Interesting items to add to homeschool portfolio
  50. Teach relaxation techniques
  51. Learn handicrafts
  52. Audiobooks
  53. Podcasts
  54. Conversation starters
  55. Boost spirits
  56. Instant smile inducers
  57. Encourage a growth mindset
  58. Improve cognitive functioning
  59. Practice with transitions
  60. Self-control
  61. Boost self-esteem
  62. "Sneaky" learning fun
  63. Gain a new perspective
  64. Develop empathy
  65. Cultivate lifelong interests
  66. Find new hobbies
  67. Poetry teatime
  68. Opportunity to practice party planning
  69. Make chores fun
  70. Reap the benefits of baking and cooking skills
  71. Coordinate homeschool playdates
  72. Take advantage of down times at facilities (or discounted rates)
  73. Help your young artists enjoy special art time
  74. Boost homeschool art for all ages
  75. Turn nature exploration into fun and meaningful events
  76. Turn your windows into fun weather observation stations
  77. STEAM learning fun
  78. Challenges to encourage and motivate
  79. Simple tools to keep you focused
  80. Super secret handshakes
  81. Can turn around a bad day
  82. Help you hit the pause button after a "situation"
  83. Make a dreaded subject not so bad
  84. Opportunities for your kids to teach each other and you!
  85. Gives you a rest from teaching
  86. Helps you know you are doing enough
  87. Star Wars-Inspired Learning Fun
  88. Harry Potter-Inspired Learning Fun
  89. Dr. Seuss-Inspired Learning Fun
  90. Help your child explore their passions in new ways
  91. Awesome way to help your child explore new sensory materials
  92. Provide unique experience for your kids
  93. Encourage your future inventors
  94. Can be done any time of day or part of the week
  95. Doesn't have to cost any money
  96. Way to add craft time that you feel comfortable with
  97. Self-growth as a mom as you learn with your kids
  98. Potential social aspect (classes, co-op)
  99. Playdough
  100. Glitter

I just had to add the last two! A little joke between a few friends who define playdough and glitter to be the banes of their existence. Personally, I love both materials and include them as much as possible in our homeschool. Don't feel like you need to use glitter and playdough. You can still totally rock your homeschool fun without them!

And that brings me to my BONUS REASON to add fun to your homeschool: CUSTOMIZABLE.

You can customize your homeschool fun experience any which way you want!

Find out what homeschool fun is all about & why these 101 reasons will make you want to get started today!

What reasons would you include to add homeschool fun to your day? Share your ideas in the comments section 🙂


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