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How to Easily Make Homeschooling Fun

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Find out how you can easily make homeschooling fun with these tips, tricks, & resources.


When you started homeschooling, how did you envision it?  Did you picture shared moments of learning fun with your kids? Maybe you saw academics supplemented with fun activities and projects?

Did you picture shared moments of learning fun with your kids? Maybe you saw academics supplemented with fun activities and projects?

Consider your current homeschool day. Have academics and massive to-do lists overshadowed your homeschool fun?

If you are like many homeschool moms, homeschooling began for a variety of reasons. You wanted to provide a quality education at home. You desired to spend more time with your kids and build special relationships. And you wanted to relax and enjoy our homeschool adventures.

With an honest look at those initial homeschool goals, can you respond in the affirmative? Or has it been a challenge to make homeschooling fun?

If you have found homeschool fun to be evasive, don't worry about a thing! Here are some tips and tricks for you to make homeschooling fun!

Find Your Reasons to Make Homeschooling Fun

Before getting to those homeschool fun tips and tricks, it is important to discover your why. Take a moment to why it is important to you to include homeschool fun activities and projects. Perhaps you want to:

  • capture your kids' attention, focus, and interest
  • make learning inviting, exciting, and engaging
  • help your kids think outside the box and boost creative thinking skills
  • encourage your kids to learn self-control
  • show your kids that learning doesn't have to be blah
  • share special moments with your kids that can turn into happy memories
  • provide your kids with opportunities to develop and master fine and gross motor skills
  • have homeschool fun because you think everyone else is and you don't want to miss out

Write down your reasons for why you want to make homeschooling fun. You can include any, all, or none of the above suggestions. Brainstorm your own reasons and jot them down in your homeschool planner or journal.

Remind yourself of your reasons for homeschool fun by writing each one down on an index card or sticky note. Place in an area where you will frequently see it throughout your day.

Find out how you can easily make homeschooling fun with these tips, tricks, & resources.

Tips on How to Make Homeschooling Fun

1. Homeschool Fun Rules & Expectations

My #1 tips for making homeschooling fun is to establish and maintain homeschool fun rules and expectations. These standards will help you add structure and safety to your homeschool fun times. You and your kids will be able to relax and better enjoy those special shared moments by knowing what is and what is not allowed.

2. Set Homeschool Fun Goals

If you want to boost your homeschool fun activities, consider making goals. You may be more likely to complete these fun tasks and projects if you know that your kids are working towards learning specific skills or habits. Homeschool fun goals can help these times feel less fluffy or arbitrary but be serving a purpose.

3. Learn to Let Go & Trust

The positive effects of homeschool fun may not be immediately apparent. It may take a few homeschool fun activities and projects before you see results, such as relationship building and improved communication. You will need to carry over your homeschool trust to your learning fun moments. When you can stay positive in your homeschool fun, you will find that you are able to let go and relax.

4. It's Okay to Think Outside the (Curriculum) Box

There is more to learning than academics. The whole world is full of learning fun opportunities. It' okay to supplement your syllabus with homeschool fun. Your kids' education will not suffer; in fact, it will flourish with the creative options.

5. Tell Yourself It's "Sneaky Learning" or "Smart Fun"

This tip can be incredibly helpful if you feel that homeschool fun is fluff. Take a close look at your homeschool fun plans. Are they really silly or soft? You may be surprised to see just how much extra your kids can learn from it!

6. Making Homeschooling Fun Doesn't Have to Be Expensive or Complicated

Don't overthink it. You don't need multi-step projects or games. Also, you don't have to run out and spend a paycheck on homeschool fun supplies. Use what you have and get creative!

Resources to Use to Make Homeschooling Fun

You can find homeschool fun resources right here at Rock Your Homeschool! Use our free Homeschool Fun Toolbox and guide to help you get started. Our free monthly doodle prompts for homeschool fun are also easy ways to easily boost learning fun.

You CAN have daily fun in your homeschool with our free Homeschool Fun Calendars. These printable packs include a monthly layout of daily homeschool fun activities to help you celebrate special days. Also, a weekly materials checklist helps you plan and prepare.

I'm super excited to announce that a very special resource will be available November 2017 that will really help you boost daily homeschool fun! Subscribe to Rock Your Homeschool community for updates, special bonuses, and more.


Give yourself a pat on the back or a hug for taking the time to make homeschooling fun. You and your kids will be glad that you did 🙂

What are your reasons for wanting to make homeschooling fun? What do you need help with the most? Leave your answers in the comments below so we can work on helping you create the homeschool you envisioned.


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