Why All American History Is Perfect For My Gifted Homeschooler

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All American History

I wish I could go and hug the author of All American History homeschool books! This history curriculum has been such a blessing to our homeschool in so many ways. I have already shared:

One of the main reasons why I have absolutely loved using All American History is how my 10 year old history buff, Professor, just glows when using this resource.  Professor, a boy known for collecting history relics and texts, was feeling unchallenged in terms of his history pursuits. A voracious reader, he had already exhausted our local library's collection of history books. Although inter-library loan allowed him to discover new history titles, Professor craved a curriculum that would provide him with direction.

all american history Professor Civil War Books
Professor with some of his personal collection of Civil War Books

Before I go further in sharing why All American History has been perfect for my gifted homeschooler, I feel that a few items must be discussed. For the record, Professor has never been tested or given the official label "gifted". Although he did attend public school until 1st grade, our school district rarely tests at that age level. His teachers told me how he excelled beyond his peers and would often teach others after he completed his work.

Of course, as his mother, I was aware of his advanced learning. Professor was my child who started walking at 8 months-and running at 8 ½ months! He always has been "ahead of schedule". He often worked along side his older brother who is 2 ½ years older.

As a former "gifted and talented" student myself, I noticed that Professor had quite a few of the same characteristics. His thirst for knowledge coupled with an inner drive to push himself to do his best (and then some!) were easily recognizable similarities. Professor also completed his assigned work with speed and accuracy-and always asked for more. He could read fluently prior to Kindergarten and used books as channels for his intense emotions (Professor is very competitive and quick to become upset when frustrated or something doesn't seem fair).

I remember him naturally gravitating towards history books during our library visits. Our to-be-checked-out bag would quickly be filled with historical titles ranging from Ancient Greece to the Cold War. Never satisfied with books for his level, Professor would head to the adult section for historical texts.

All American History gifted
Professor reading Civil War library book with his All American History nearby to check facts


Whenever asked what he may want for a gift, Professor's response always includes several historical books. Most of his personal collection of history books are from pre-Civil War times. Also, all of his school (public and homeschool) curriculum has centered around Ancient or Early American History.

All American History
Professor using All American History for timeline project


When I discovered Bright Press Ideas and their All American History, I almost cried. Finally, a homeschool history curriculum that is adaptable for different ages and learning styles! A history resource that I can use with all of my 5 boys that still challenges my gifted homeschooler!

All American History Volume II

All American History (Vol. II):  Why It Is Perfect For My Gifted Homeschooler (Yet Adaptable for All Ages!)

  • Created for Middle School (6th-8th graders)
  • Written to be able to be used for High School Credit-yet adaptable all the way down to elementary age!
  • Student Activity Book includes variety of worksheets and activities to stimulate thinking and assess comprehension
  • Teacher's Guide &  Answer Key offer a wealth of ideas for further study, projects, and more!
  • Book Lists for different age groups provide a large resource to turn to for future titles to study and enjoy
  • Historical images allow for further exploration and inquistion
  • Timelines and maps help organize and depict historical events


I know when we have found a winner in the history department when Professor is caught sneaking off to read ahead. We have had All American History Vol. II for a few weeks now and he has already read the 500+ pages 3 times! He independently completes the Student Activity worksheets and eagerly moves on to further study questions and suggestions. All American History

I pray that our homeschool can continue to find such marvelous resources like All American History Vol. II! I know that I will be scouring Bright Press Ideas for similar titles in history and other subjects. As a home educator, I want to encourage all of my boys-including my gifted homeschooler-to pursue their academic passions. I plan on providing my boys with the environment and materials they need to rise to their potential-and more! I am so thankful to have found All American History to help me meet these goals.

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Do you have a history buff? Homeschoolers who are interested in history but need a different approach? I encourage you to check out All American History-and see for yourself all that it has to offer!

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