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5 Amazing Benefits of Youth Soccer for Homeschoolers

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Are you wondering if a competitive sport is a good idea for your homeschooler? Discover these awesome benefits of youth soccer for homeschoolers and how this sport can help your child grow.


Got questions about youth soccer for homeschoolers? Find out why these amazing benefits are awesome for your kids.


Rock Your Homeschool is excited to welcome Tim from Athletic Lift to share the benefits of youth soccer for homeschoolers. As a homeschool soccer mom (who also played and coached soccer) to five boys, I can attest to these benefits. Not only have I experienced them myself, I've witnessed the positive impact of competitive sports for my older boys.


From a flexible teaching schedule to the personal bond that parents and kids create, homeschooling has some amazing benefits for kids. With the personalized one-on-one attention that children get through homeschooling, finding socialization opportunities for your kids can be important. One of the best ways to do this is through a team sport, such as soccer. Not only will this give them an opportunity to interact with kids their own age, but they’ll also get exercise while doing so!


Youth soccer playyer wearing blue shirt, black shorts, orange soccer socks, bright green and pink-stripe cleats on hard surface with black & white soccer ball

5 Benefits of Youth Soccer for Homeschoolers 

Youth soccer is both a physical and social activity. Apart from the physical benefits, youth soccer builds up character, attitude, and a positive mindset. 

1. Youth Soccer Teaches Responsibility

Learning to be responsible for multiple things at once is one of the best reasons for getting your kids involved in sports.

Kids learn how to allocate time for both studying and practicing. As your child gets older, you can empower your child to create a schedule that leaves enough time for both school and soccer. You can also work with your child on accountability. 

Soccer also teaches kids how to be responsible with their gear and equipment. While you will likely help out in buying shin guards, socks, a team uniform, a soccer ball, and soccer cleats for your child, make it their responsibility to keep their clothes and equipment in good shape! These small responsibilities give them reasons to be more accountable.


2. Value of Teamwork and Opportunity to Socialize 

Youth soccer provides kids with the chance to interact with peers and learn the value of teamwork. Participating in youth sports can also help kids overcome shyness and anxiety. In their interactions with other players and coaches, kids learn to adapt to other people’s attitudes and personalities.


3. Players Develop Discipline

Youth soccer allows kids to function under a variety of authority figures. These experiences provide homeschoolers with new and different situations to practice respect, listening skills, and assertivenessBeing handled by a coach and working with the team captain will train players to become a disciplined member. 


4. Players Learn How to Handle Criticism

Taking criticism is part of playing youth soccer, or any kind of sport for that matter. Instead of shielding your child from negative feedback, youth soccer helps thickens their skin and expose them to critiques (both positive and negative). 

If your kid is serious about doing well in youth soccer, they will take any criticism as an opportunity to better themselves as a player. This resilience can be transferred to other aspects of their life. Whatever your homeschooler pursues in the future, their natural instinct would be to reframe the situation.


5. Youth Soccer Inspires Growth

One thing about motivation is that it can’t be forced. It has to come from a genuine desire to get things done or get better at something, even on days when you don’t feel called to do so. The nature of youth soccer ingrains in players a passion to grow and develop on and off the field.

More than playing well individually or being a master of one specific skill, youth soccer players are constantly encouraged to learn new skills, build a more solid team, and ultimately win games. When your kid is exposed to that type of growth mindset, they’re more likely to adopt this attitude towards other aspects in their life like homeschool or other activities they decide to try.


Do you have a homeschooler interested in youth soccer?
What questions do you have about getting started and the benefits of this sport?
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    1. Oh that's wonderful! I'd check to see if his local public school allows homeschoolers to participate. In some areas, homeschool co-ops have teams. Another great option is joining a team through a recreational program. Best wishes!

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