Interactive Learning Fun with this American History Timeline

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Boys with history books and American History Timeline


History is one of the subjects that our homeschool likes to make as hands-on and interactive as possible. My five boys and I find our history studies get a major boost when we use resources that appeal to different learning styles, as well as make learning fun. If you're looking for an interesting and affordable way to supplement your history studies, this American history timeline resource may be just the thing for your homeschool.

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How This American History Timeline Resource is Helping Our Homeschool

I love finding resources that help our large family homeschool incorporate interactive learning fun for all ages. As a busy homeschool mom, I look for a variety of ways to involve as many of my five boys (preschool through high school) in activities whenever I can. In doing so, I know that my boys are receiving the home education that they need plus we save precious time.

Smiley (8) has been studying American History for the first time. He is not using a specific homeschool history curriculum. His history studies have primarily focused on using history picture books and living books found in our homeschool library (courtesy of our residential history buff, Professor).

Boost your homeschool history curriculum with this American history timeline resource.
Professor enjoys reading his history books & teaching his younger brothers.

Captain (15) and Professor (12) have studied American History in our homeschool but can always use a review. Bear (6) and Xman (3), as always, are along for the homeschool ride and participate like little sponges soaking up all the good stuff.

I jumped at the chance to review The Giant American History Timeline Bundle. Smiley was chomping at the bit to go deeper into his history studies and a timeline approach seemed like a logical next step. This comprehensive American history timeline resource has numerous features that appeal to his learning style and personality, as well as make it a fantastic addition to our homeschool.

Make your homeschool history interactive & fun with this American history timeline resource.
Smiley, Bear, & Professor had a blast talking about these American history timeline activity sheets & using the arrows to put them in sequential order.

The Giant American History Timeline I has been a wonderful way to supplement Smiley's history studies. He completes the activity sheets independently, with a big brother, or with mom. These activities have helped solidify the information that Smiley has read in our history books, as well, as provided him with opportunities to work with others. The collaborative nature of these activities greatly appeals to his extroverted tendencies.

Smiley and his brothers have also enjoyed creating timeline pieces for hands-on learning fun. After completing activity sheets, the boys trim down the sheets and glue onto colorful cardstock. With the addition of the timeline dates, our homeschool has delighted in discussing the historical evens as we determine where the timeline pieces need to go.

This American history timeline resource helps you provide a hands-on & interactive learning fun experience.
Smiley is ecstatic while Professor helps him assemble his American history timeline featuring the Revolutionary War.

Why This Busy Homeschool Mom Appreciates This American History Timeline

As a homeschool mom, your time is precious. It can often feel like there are never enough hours in the day. I certainly don't have the time to create and prepare quality history timeline activity sheets. Personally, I'd rather use that time to read more history books with my boys and get into the hands-on learning fun!

Add some hands-on learning fun to your homeschool with this American history timeline resource, including reproducible activity sheets.
Here are a few of the boys' American history timeline activity sheets. We love how the colorful cardstock makes them durable & easy to use.


You can get a closer look at these activity sheets and see for yourself how this American history timeline resource can help your homeschool.

In addition to saving time, The Giant American History Timeline I and II (also available as a bundle) is affordable. For a large homeschool family on a budget, this factor makes me smile. Another great feature for large homeschool families is that the activity sheets are in black and white and reproducible so you can use with several students at a time or in the future.

You can easily add interactive learning fun to your homeschool with this American history timeline resource.
We are storing our American history timeline pieces in a plastic scrapbook page 12" x 12" storage box.

Time periods are broken down into units that include teaching notes. These notes provide you with suggestions and tips for discussion and activity completion, including:

  • Unit Overview
  • Focus Activities
  • Constructing the Timeline
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Individual Activity Sheet Notes

Each book provides a helpful introduction that demonstrates how to use the activity sheets in a variety of ways with your students. The activity sheets are easy to customize for use with whatever homeschool history resources that you are using.

An answer key is available in the back of each book. We found it helpful to check out answers by using it. Two-page Unit Assessments are also available in the last section of each book.

The feature that I find the most helpful in solidifying information for my boys is the Timeline Arrows. These arrows are used to connect and show relationships among the historic events, people, and places discussed in the activity sheets. Here is a downloadable pdf with examples of how these arrows can be used to demonstrate the different connections among historical events.

Please note that if purchasing the printed books, the pages are bound and you will either need to carefully tear out the pages or use an X-Acto knife to make a neat cut along the edge.

Add interactive learning fun to your homeschool with this comprehensive & affordable American history timeline resource.

More Information + Giveaway for this American History Timeline Resource

If you are looking for an affordable way to include interactive learning fun in your history studies, I encourage you to check out The Giant American History Timeline. And here's a great way to get 20% off:  Use promo code TIMELINE20 at checkout for The Giant American History Timeline Bundle (digital).

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How can this American History Timeline resource help you add interactive learning fun to your homeschool?




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  1. Hello - I use this activity book for my daughter, it's the basis for her History subject, but I'm curious to know, what do you use as supplemental material for your children to learn the answers to each question within the worksheets? I at times use books, or internet sites. I am just wondering if you've found an easier way to touch on each page of the workbook. Thank you!

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