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Curriculum and Organization

Our curriculum choices + tips on homeschool organization

Check out these 2 amazing history books from Native American perspective.

2 Amazing History Kids Books From Native American Perspective

  I love using quality books that provide an informative perspective.  Books with the power to engage and explain through illustrations and stories help my family look at the world with a bigger lens. Books with a multicultural perspective cultivate empathy and appreciation of people in different cultures and lifestyles.  These skills are essential in the development […] Read more…

Let’s Chat About Homeschool Science

Homeschool science curriculum can be a great topic to chat about for homeschoolers.  There are so many amazing homeschool science curricula out there and weeding through them can be a task.  First-hand accounts of experiences by other homeschoolers with a specific curricula can be helpful in narrowing down and selecting what may best fit your […] Read more…

Let’s Chat About Homeschool Reading

Let’s chat about homeschool reading!  This post is the first in our Periscope and blog series dedicated for homeschoolers helping homeschoolers with curriculum. If you missed the details of how this series is going to work, please read Homeschool Curriculum Help For All In New Series.  My goal with this series is to provide an […] Read more…

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