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11 Fantastic Materials for Easy Homeschool Fun

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Homeschool fun CAN be easy!  Learn how these 11 materials can help you have easy homeschool fun.

Homeschool fun CAN be easy! You don't need to spend a ton of money or plan extravagant activities. Keep homeschool fun stress-free and easy with a bit of preparation and the right materials.

Feel like you don't have time for even easy homeschool fun?

No worries! Grab this free quick-start guide to building your own Homeschool Fun Toolbox!  This printable pack will help you get set up for making precious memories with your kids.

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Because homeschool fun doesn't always just happen. You have to plan and prepare for it!

In addition to the tips and items suggested in the Homeschool Fun Toolbox, you can include these 11 materials for easy homeschool fun. You can find many of these in your craft supplies or local dollar store. Feel free to substitute appropriate materials that you already own!

11 Fantastic Materials for Easy Homeschool Fun

1. Pom Poms

These soft little balls of fuzz come in an assortment of colors and sizes. Little ones can enjoy sorting activities with pom poms. Older kids may like to use pom poms in crafts or as math manipulatives. For homeschool fun, place a few pom poms on a table or floor and use a straw to have a pom pom race.  Pom poms are cool to gently toss around when you are working on memorization of facts and figures.

Grab these inexpensive materials for easy homeschool fun!
Captain, Bear, Smiley, & Xman are having a blast with their DIY pom pom race.

2. Pipe Cleaners

With different colors and even foil options, pipe cleaners are awesome for homeschooling. Cut pipe cleaners into smaller pieces for math manipulatives and to practice tally marks. Bend pipe cleaners to practice forming letters and numbers. Use pipe cleaners to string pony or wood beads to practice patterns. You can make your own abacus!

Pipe cleaners are a great way to have easy homeschool fun.
Bear is demonstrating his spider made with a large wooden bead & pipe cleaners. Great lil' learning buddy!

3. Tissue Paper

Have some easy homeschool fun with tissue paper! Glue different colors of tissue paper onto letters or numbers. Create beautiful scenes with overlapping colors on paper. Use white liquid glue and adhere tissue paper onto glass jars for a cool lantern effect. Kids can place tissue paper over shapes, letters, numbers, and more to gently trace with finger or pencil.

4. Dry Erase Markers

These writing utensils provide tons of easy homeschool fun! Let your kids doodle on dry erase boards and watch their imaginations soar. Create your own dry erase space with clear page protectors! Just insert a worksheet or coloring page to get started with dry erase marker fun.

5. Post-It® Notes

Use sticky notes to jot down silly jokes or phrases to make each other smile. Practice writing out spelling words or math facts on Post-It notes, placing on a wall, and making a game of it. Craft personal bookmarks by decorating a sticky note. Use smaller sticky notes to cover words in books and play a game of DIY Mad Libs.

Sticky notes are fabulous ways to add easy homeschool fun to your day.
Captain was having a grouchy teen moment. One of his silly little brothers put a sticky note with "Hug Me!" to brighten his day.

6. Magnet Tape

Create your own magnets for easy homeschool fun! Cut magnet tape to size and peel back the paper. You can write on paper and add to the tape. Or jazz it up with pom poms, buttons, or stickers. Make your magnets work for your homeschool by adding facts, dates, or even special positive reminders to enjoy your day.

Get great tips & ideas on 11 quiet homeschool activities that little ones will love.

7. Contact Paper

Make beautiful collages using contact paper and tissue paper or construction paper scraps. Cut the center out of a paper plate or make a frame from cardboard. Cut contact paper to size, peel off the top, and adhere to the frame. Decorate with tissue paper or paper scraps. You could also use flower petals or fabric scraps.

Contact paper can be used to for extending the life of special bookmarks and art work. Have fun by gathering a variety of small objects and testing to see what will stick or not.

8. Velcro Tape

You can use pieces of velcro tape on the end of popsicle sticks to make matching games. Make a felt dart board and adhere velcro tape to a small ball to toss around during a homeschool brain break

9. Chalk

If you have small chalkboards or slates, use chalk to practice a variety of skills, like handwriting, math facts, and spelling. Take the chalk outside to write on pavement or sidewalk. Decorate rocks with different colors of chalk.

10. Window Chalk Markers

A pack of quality window chalk markers can make for lots of easy homeschool fun. Decorate windows to look like stained-glass. Draw pictures. Practice copywork. Make special announcements by using window chalk to display.

Have easy homeschool fun with window chalk markers!
Xman loves using window chalk markers!

11. Kwik Stix

Want to let your kids have some easy homeschool fun with painting but would rather avoid the mess? Kwik Stix to the rescue! These tempera paint sticks are an absolutely awesome way to let your kids let their creative juices flow without making a wreck of your homeschool area. Kiwk Stix are great for impromptu homeschool painting because you don't need any accessories, like cups, paint brushes, or aprons.

Hope this list of 11 Fantastic Materials for Easy Homeschool Fun inspires you to boost your day with activities to connect with your kids. Remember to grab your Homeschool Fun Toolbox for even more help and encouragement 🙂

What other ways would you use these easy homeschool fun materials?

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