12 Uplifting Bookmarks For Homeschool Encouragement

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Here are 12 free printable uplifting bookmarks for homeschool encouragement.


Homeschool encouragement can come in a variety of uplifting forms. For those times when you can't talk to another homeschooler or loved one who understands, written text like inspirational quotes can do the trick. These 12 Uplifting Bookmarks for Homeschool Encouragement are my way of reaching out to all homeschoolers to let you know you can rock your homeschool!

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As I continue on this homeschool journey, I recognize many times when I need an inspirational phrase or quote to give me a boost. Just seeing the words in black and white and knowing that I am not the first to have the experience of needing such encouragement is often the boost I need to keep going.

These inspirational sayings do not always take immediate effect. Homeschool encouragement like this may take several exposures for the message to truly sink in. As much as I may want to believe or adjust my thoughts, these encouraging messages may take repeated readings and considerations to sink into my tired mommy brain.

Just like homeschool affirmations, the positive messages on these bookmarks are powerful ways to transform your homeschool mindset.

I initially decided to create uplifting bookmarks for homeschool encouragement for myself. I wanted cute bookmarks with encouraging quotes that are meaningful to me. Bookmark format was also chosen to use in the pile of books I select to read from each day. After just a few uses, I thought these homeschool encouragement bookmarks may benefit other homeschoolers, too.

12 FREE Uplifting Bookmarks for Homeschool Encouragement

These uplifting bookmarks are not exactly homeschool specific. I do, however, find that their inspirational quotes relate to many homeschooling issues and concerns.

Inspirational quotes for homeschooling on these bookmarks include messages from:

  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Robert Frost
  • William Bradfield
  • Helen Keller
  • George Eliot
  • Jonathan Swift
  • Winston Churchill
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • Emily Dickinson
  • Ella Fitzgerald
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald

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These 12 printable bookmarks are amazing ways to feel uplifted & encouraged in your homeschool.

I pray that these homeschool encouragement bookmarks bless you and help you know that you can rock your homeschool!

How will you use these bookmarks to boost your homeschool day?

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