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Free Earth Day Printables for Fun Ways to Celebrate

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If you're looking for easy ways to celebrate this special event with kids, these 25 free Earth Day printables are excellent ideas.

I've gathered our favorite resources for frugally enjoying this wonderful occasion of learning about taking better care of our planet for Earth Day fun. There's a mix of activities so you can pick and choose what Earth Day worksheets will work best for your students this year (and save the rest for future celebrations).

I hope these printables with Earth Day themes help you easily boost your celebration!

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Four examples of free Earth Day printables with tracing pages, coloring bookmarks, number cards, and cootie catcher.

So Many Ways to Celebrate Earth Day!

I want to share one of my top secrets with you - celebrating holidays and fun days with kids doesn't have to be expensive. With a bit of searching and creativity, you can enjoy simple activities that will help you teach important lessons (like conservation) and create special memories.

As a homeschool mom of 5 boys, I've had to work with a very limited budget over the years. But, I still wanted to make sure that my boys and I were able to celebrate important occasions.

I quickly discovered the power of free printables and have always been so thankful for the amazing resources that others share. In fact, it's how I got into making and sharing free printables with you ๐Ÿ˜Š

We've had a bunch of fun learning about and celebrating Earth Day in our homeschool. This year, I wanted to gather our favorite resources and add some new ones to try. Hope you and your students like these Earth Day activities as much as we do!

Tips for Using These Earth Day Printable Activities

Before I get to all of these awesome Earth Day freebies, I wanted to offer some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of these experiences.

It may seem counterproductive to use a printer and paper when it comes to Earth Day. I totally get it! Whenever possible, I use a black-and-white laser printer to reduce the amount of ink (and ink cartridges) that we're using. Also, I will print activities on the back of paper that's already been used.

I highly recommend that you print on both sides of the paper, if possible. If you can't print on both sides, flip the paper over and use the back for doodling, handwriting practice, writing Earth Day words, or any other creative ideas that you can think of!

Prior to using any of these free Earth Day printables, make sure to gather whatever tools that you'll need to complete. A few supplies include pencils, crayons, color pencils, fine-tip markers, and dot markers.

Our Favorite Free Earth Day Printables

Celebrate Earth Day with these 25 free printables that are perfect for kids. Teach your children about the importance of recycling, conserving energy, and protecting the environment through fun and engaging activities. Whether you're a teacher looking for classroom resources or a parent wanting to educate your child at home, these free Earth Day printables are a fantastic resource.

Examples of Earth Day activity sheets with cover page.

Earth Day Activity Sheets

These Earth Day worksheets are full of fun activities to help kids celebrate this special day.
Each page contains a variety of Earth Day puzzles, mazes, connect the dots, coloring activities, and more. So much simple print-and-go Earth Day fun!

Boy holding free printable Earth Day challenge.

Free Earth Day Challenge for Kids: Creative Way to Make it Fun

An Earth Day challenge can be such an excellent way to celebrate this special event with kids. It's a fun and creative way to celebrate Earth Day this year. This free printable challenge is packed with 22 fun ways to get kids excited about taking care of our planet.

Earth Day scavenger hunt with crayons and Earth pointer stick.

Free Printable Earth Day Scavenger Hunt for Kids: Find and Color Fun

This Earth Day scavenger hunt is an excellent way to celebrate this special day with kids. Help your kids learn about Earth Day and ways to help the environment with this simple yet fun activity. Your kids will have a blast finding these Earth Day themes and coloring them in.

Examples of Earth Day coloring pages with crayons and markers.

Free Earth Day Coloring Pages for Fun Activities for Kids

These free Earth Day Coloring Pages are easy and fun activities for kids with to enjoy. These printable coloring activities get kids thinking about ways to take care of our planet and include prompts for brainstorming how to show love the Earth some love.

Examples of Earth Day tracing pages with color pencils.

Earth Day Tracing Pages for Free & Fun Activities for Kids

Have fun with your kids using these Earth Day Tracing pages! These free printable resources are excellent additions to your celebration. Teach and reinforce positive messages of caring for and protecting our Earth ๐Ÿ™‚

Free printable Earth Day treasure hunt game featuring Save the Whale.

Free Earth Day Game for Kids: Save the Whale Treasure Hunt Printable

This Earth Day game is such a simple yet cool way to enjoy this special day with your kids. This Save the Whale treasure hunt game is interactive and can be played again and again (eco-friendly!). It's a fantastic tool for sparking conversation about conservation and taking care of our planet.

Examples of free printable Earth Day cootie catcher.

Awesome Earth Day Activity for Kids with Free Cootie Catcher

This Earth Day activity for kids is full of hands-on fun with a special tool - a printable cootie catcher! It's a free printable that's a simple yet powerful way to celebrate Earth Day with kids.

Example of free printable Earth Day I Spy activity.

Easy Earth Day Activities for Kids with 3 Free I Spy Printables

Enjoy Earth Day Activities for kids with these 3 free I Spy printables that are easy print-and-go fun! Your kids will love searching for, counting, and recording the Earth Day-themed objects. And you'll love knowing that you provided your kids with great reminders for taking care of our planet.

Example of Earth Day color by symbol pages featuring Earth with heart and flowers.

Free Coloring Activities for a Fun Earth Day with Kids

Have a fun Earth Day with kids using these free coloring activities. Your kids will be matching Earth Day symbols with colors to create a special piece of art.

Woman holding Earth Day perler bead templates for fun crafts.

Earth Day Perler Beads: Templates + How to Make These Fun Crafts (8 Free)

Earth Day perler beads crafts are excellent ways to celebrate this holiday and enjoy hands-on activities with your kids. These fun crafts feature 8 Earth Day symbols. And you can use these DIY crafts in so many ways!

Happy Earth Day coloring page.

Earth Day Coloring Page

Engage your kids in a meaningful conversation about the importance of taking care of our planet, all while they have a blast coloring this Earth Day coloring page. It's a wonderful opportunity to bond with your little ones and inspire them to become eco-conscious.

Three examples of Earth Day dot marker pages.

Earth Day Dot Marker Pages

Looking for a fun and mess-free Earth Day activity for your little ones? Check out these Earth Day dot marker pages. They're perfect for toddlers and preschoolers and require minimal preparation.

8 examples of free printable Earth Day color by number pages.

Earth Day Color by Number Printables

Earth Day just got a whole lot more colorful. Kids will love this eight-page Earth Day color-by-number pack. It's a fantastic opportunity for kids to enhance their fine motor skills and number recognition.

Examples of Earth Day coloring bookmarks with crayons.

Earth Day Coloring Bookmarks

Ignite your child's love for reading and the environment with these Earth Day coloring bookmarks. With the free printable designs, children can add their personal touch and proudly use these bookmarks to mark their place in their favorite Earth Day books.

Free printable Earth templates.

Free Printable Earth Template PDF

This free template is the perfect tool to kickstart your Earth Day crafts. With three sizes to play with and a coloring page, you'll be amazed at the beautiful creations you can make.

Example of I Spy Earth Day find and color activity page with color pencils.

I Spy Earth Day Find and Color Activity Page

This engaging 'I Spy' activity is not only a free printable but also encourages kids to explore and appreciate our planet's beauty while counting and coloring Earth Day-themed objects. Challenge your child to find everything on the list.

Earth Day recycle maze on blue clipboard.

Earth Day Recycle Maze

Celebrate Earth Day in a fun and educational way with this free printable Earth Day recycle maze. Kids will love coloring the images and navigating through the maze to recycle the trash. Just print the page, gather your favorite coloring tools, and let the eco-friendly adventure begin.

Example of simple Earth Day scavenger hunt.

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

Make this Earth Day unforgettable with an exciting twist! This free Earth Day scavenger hunt will teach your kids about recycling and challenge them with fun tasks along the way.

Examples of Be Kind to Earth Day Kindness Pact.

Be Kind to Earth Day Kindness Pact to Celebrate Earth Day

Help your kids learn how to protect our planet while having fun. Download the free printables and encourage them to create a list of Earth-friendly actions.

Earth Day STEM challenge cards.

Earth Day STEM Challenges

Tired of the kids being glued to their screens? It's time to spark their creativity and get them excited about learning with these printable Earth Day STEM challenges. They'll have a blast inventing, designing, and engineering their own worlds.

Free printable Earth Day word scramble activity.

Earth Day Word Scramble

Unscramble your way through this fun and challenging word scramble printable. The printable comes with two different word scrambles so that you can choose the right skill level for your child.

Child holding Earth number card with 15 and planet Earth.

Earth Number Cards

These Earth number cards are the ultimate tool for teaching and practicing early math skills. With these super low-prep printable numbers, your kids will be engaged and excited about learning in no time.

Earth Day CVC word sorting with smiling and sad Earth planets and green bins.

Earth Day CVC Word Sorting

Grab this free activity and let your kids practice sorting real and silly CVC words. This free Earth Day printable has a fun theme that will keep kids engaged.

Earth Day word search activity.

Earth Day Word Search for Kids

Help your little ones celebrate the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling while having a blast searching for eco-friendly words. The free printable includes a word search and an answer key.

Variety of examples of printable Earth Day writing prompts.

Earth Day Writing Prompts

Nurture your children's love for the planet and encourage their writing skills with these Earth Day writing prompts. With a variety of ten prompts, these activities provide an exciting opportunity for your children to express their thoughts and ideas about the environment.

Let's Make Earth Day Extra Fun!

Don't these Earth Day printables look super cool? I can't wait to try those Earth Day STEM challenges and mazes with my boys.

Which one of these FREE Earth Day printables will you try first?

I'd love to hear about your plans! Please share in the comments area at the bottom of this post.

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