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Free Earth Day Game for Kids: Save the Whale Treasure Hunt Printable

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This Earth Day game is such a simple yet cool way to enjoy this special day with your kids.

This Save the Whale treasure hunt game is interactive and can be played again and again (eco-friendly!). It's a fantastic tool for sparking conversation about conservation and taking care of our planet for excellent Earth Day fun.

Learn more about this printable Earth Day game and get your free set today!

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Example of free printable Earth Day treasure hunt game to Save the Whale with blue and green pencils and yellow star-shaped pencil sharpener.

Make This Earth Day Extra Special for Your Kids!

Looking for simple yet special ways to celebrate Earth Day with your kids? You'll LOVE this free printable interactive game that's like a treasure hunt!

I love how creative you can get with celebrating fun days with your kids. There are so many Earth Day ideas that you can enjoy.

As much as I look forward to projects and hands-on activities with my boys, sometimes I just need something that's print-and-go (especially after we've had an eventful time of creating and cleaning up!).

Since our treasure hunt-style Halloween, Christmas , and Valentine's Day games were such huge hits, I figured an Earth Day game would be a great addition to our holiday fun collection.

We've had such a blast with our Earth Day cootie catcher, Earth Day coloring pages, and Earth Day color by symbol activities. I'm so excited to enjoy this game with my boys - and to share with you 😊

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Why Interactive Games Are Fantastic for Earth Day Fun with Kids

A game with a specific focus can be super fun for the holiday. Any interactive game with a holiday twist is like a cherry on top!

What do I mean by "interactive" game? Aren't all games that way?

Well, I'd say yes and no.

Numerous games involve more than one player. So, there's some level of interaction.

An interactive game (at least, in my mind) involves a higher level of communication. When playing a game with this treasure hunt-style format, two or more players are actively engaged in conversation throughout the game. Battleship is an example of an interactive game.

This free printable Earth Day game for kids (that can be played again and again) involves players taking turns asking questions until the winner discovers the opponent's hidden object. It's like a Earth Day treasure hunt!

Plus, you can use it to spark incredible conversations about ways to take better care of our planet.

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This free printable Earth Day game for kids is a super fun way to enjoy this special day. Enjoy a Save the Whale treasure hunt activity that you can play again and again!

Learn More About This Free Printable Earth Day Game

This treasure hunt game is called Save the Whale: A Treasure Hunt Game for 2 Players. It's kind of like a coordinate grid game. Except that there's only one quadrant and one side has letters 😉

This type of game is wonderful for:

  • Interactive fun - players have to take turns asking questions and responding
  • Practice using grids (for example, finding D6)
  • Logic and reasoning
  • Strategy
  • Memory

This free printable Earth Day game is on one page.

Instructions are included on the page but you can totally tweak them to customize for your playing needs.

  • It's suggested that this game is for 2 players. If you have more than that (playing with a small group or class), you could have 2 teams.
  • Print out 2 copies of the game page.
  • Each player picks a square and secretly draws an plastic bottle somewhere in the bottom of it. (The boys and I have also written down our choice of square - for example, F13 - on a small sticky note to record our pick.)
  • Take turns asking questions to try to find out where your opponent's plastic bottle is located. (My boys like to play "rock, paper, scissors" to sort out who goes first.)
  • Use the other grid on your game page to make note of your opponent's answers. For example, if they answer no to "Does the square have any seashells?", you'd cross off all squares with seashells.
  • The first person to find their opponent's plastic bottle is the winner!
Example of free printable Earth Day game featuring a treasure hunt to Save the Whale with blue and green pencils and yellow star-shaped pencil sharpener.

Creative & Cool Ways to Boost the Fun with This Printable Earth Day Activity

I suggest that you laminate the game pages or put them in dry erase pocket sleeves. You can use dry erase markers to easily mark and wipe off your games (so you can use them again and again!).

A few ideas for how and where you can use this free printable Earth Day game for kids are:

You can make this game have a more educational/learning twist by having your kids write out their questions.

Oh, and if your older kids are learning a foreign language, practice that vocabulary. (You might have to look up these words in your foreign language dictionary prior to playing but it will be awesome practice!).

Add some more fun with our free Earth Day tracing pages .

Get Your Free Earth Day Game: Save the Whale Treasure Hunt

High Five! You're on your way to enjoying some fantastic interactive fun with this Earth Day Treasure Hunt Game!

This free printable activity includes one page with step-by-step instructions and game grids.

Please print as many copies of this Earth Day game as you need to enjoy with your kids, family, classroom, homeschool co-op, library, or other special event. If you have a friend or co-worker who might like using this game, I'd love it if you'd share it with them!

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Get your FREE printable Earth Game for Kids now! ⭐

This free printable Save the Whale treasure hunt game is a wonderful Earth Day activity for kids.

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