Printable Doodle Challenge to Enjoy a Year of Drawing Fun (Free)

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This printable doodle challenge makes it super fun to enjoy drawing and more throughout the year.

With simple prompts, you'll discover that it's easy to enjoy creative activities that don't take a lot of time each day.

Find out more about using and enjoying doodle prompts and get your free printable set today!

Printable doodle challenge for year round drawing fun and example of January on red clipboard.

What is a Doodle Challenge?

If you're looking for easy and mess-free ways to inspire creativity in your kids (and yourself), a doodle challenge is a delightful choice.

Wondering what a doodle challenge is? A doodle challenge is using prompts to sketch or draw.

Your "doodles" can range from simple to complex. The result of your work will depend on how much time you have, skill, and purpose.

So, this type of drawing challenge basically means a whole lots of fun with a bunch of daily prompts for making creative things!

Woman holding example of printable doodle challenge for December with January in background with drawing and coloring tools.

Why a Doodle Challenge Is So Much Fun

Now that you've been introduced to a doodle challenge, let's look at why these creative activities are so much fun.

My boys and I have enjoyed using doodle prompts as part of our homeschool fun activities for years. We've mainly used these prompts during our homeschool morning time by pairing with our Fun Day Celebrations. But, we also sneak in some fun with doodle prompts during brain breaks.

A doodle challenge makes it so easy to:

  • Build creativity
  • Develop outside the box thinking (for example, asking yourself - What are some different ways to draw the word "frosty"?)
  • See your drawing skills improve
  • Talk about your ideas
  • Share your work
  • Provide constructive feedback
  • Give early finishers something cool to work on

This year, we'll be using this new free printable doodle challenge pack for open-and-go drawing and coloring fun 🎉

Free printable doodle challenge for year round drawing fun and woman holding examples of December and January with pencil and coloring tools.

Find Out More About This Free Printable Doodle Challenge Pack

This free printable doodle challenge pack includes 12 pages.

There are a total of 365 prompts. The prompts are divided into 12 undated months so you can use them year after year!

All 12 pages are in black-and-white so they're easy to customize and print.

Example of free printable doodle challenge with January page on red clipboard and pencil, color pencils, and markers.

Creative Ideas for Enjoying Daily Drawing Prompts

Like I recommend with any creative project with kids, it's so helpful to have all of your materials ready and available. You save so much time and energy having everything at your fingertips!

I suggest printing this doodle challenge on white cardstock, especially if you'll be using on a daily basis.

A fun idea is to use a three-hole punch and add the printable doodle challenge to your student's binder. This step makes it easy to access the activity plus see progress.

Oh, and it's a blast doing these doodle prompts with your kids! I love working alongside my boys and seeing how we each interpret the prompt and our final drawing.

You can either do your doodles directly on the pages OR place your drawings on plain white paper or a journal.

Suggested Supplies for this Printable Doodle Challenge

White cardstock


Color pencils

Fine-tip markers

Three-hole punch


Tips & Tricks for Making the Most of Your Drawing Fun

My #1 tips for enjoying your doodle challenge with kids is to keep it relaxed and fun.

There are so many ways to approach and draw the prompts. And remind your kids (and yourself) of this Bob Ross quote:

There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.

Bob Ross

Chat with your kids about the prompts prior to starting your drawing.

Some kids have a tendency to jump write in and then be disappointed when their doodle doesn't turn out the way they hoped. This step teaches an important lesson and skill of taking time to plan out your work and consider different options.

Also, it's normal to feel stuck (like a deer in headlights) even with the prompt. Some of the doodle prompts are a bit vague. And for good reason! Your student will be building creative thinking skills with your support 😊 So, feel free to brainstorm, show examples, and demonstrate.

The cool thing about a doodle challenge: There's not just one way to do it. Embrace it and make it your own!

Woman holding examples of free printable doodle challenge pages of January and December on red clipboard, pencil, color pencils, and markers.

Get Your Free Printable Doodle Challenge Pack

WooHoo! This creative challenge is going to be such a fantastic activity for you and your kids ✨

This free printable doodle challenge pack includes 12 pages.

Print as many copies of these doodle challenges as you need to enjoy with your homeschool, classroom, or co-op. If you have co-workers or friends who'd enjoy these free printables, please share this postThank you for sharing - I appreciate your cooperation!

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January and February examples of this free printable doodle challenge pack.

How will you be using these daily doodle challenges with your kids? Please share your ideas in the comments area at the bottom of this post!

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