Why You Need To Plan For Intentional Fun In Your Homeschool

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Think you aren't a fun mom? Think again! Discover why you need to plan for intentional fun in your homeschool.


"But, I'm not a fun mom."

I can't tell you how many times a week I hear that exact phrase! When I start to chat about homeschool and learning fun, some moms shy away.

If you feel and think the same, I am so glad you are here! Let me wrap you up in a big ol' virtual hug.

Learning fun does not only happen when you are a "fun mom". I think the problem arises with that term "fun mom". What is it about the pairing of those two words that causes some moms to shrink into themselves?

Think about your preconceived notion of "fun mom". Do you envision tons of glitter, glue, and goop? Shiny smiles as kids tear it up as they explore, create, and discover?

Or maybe you see a "fun mom" as the type who is in a permanent relaxation mode and never raises her voice or feels a moment of stress? If you meet such a momma, either learn as much as you can from her or run to the hills because I fear she may have lost her mind!

Let's just erase all that mumbo-jumbo from our brains right now, shall we?

Repeat after me:  I am a fun mom because I love my kids and do my very best to connect and enjoy.

A fun homeschool mom is one who uses their personality, skills, and interests to teach their kids at home. "Fun" is a relative term. To me, fun is the glitter, glue, and goop. To you, fun may be peeking under a microscope, solving a complex math problem, or diagramming sentences.

With homeschool learning fun, there should never ever ever ever ever ever be any guilt or comparison.

Whew! Don't you feel better that we have that tidied up now?

The magical thing about learning fun is that it is so much easier when you plan for it!

You came here to discover Why You Need To Plan For Intentional Fun In Your Homeschool. Allow me to step down from my soapbox and share my reasons.

Discover why you need to plan for intentional fun in your homeschool. And learn why you ARE a fun mom:)


Plan For Intentional Fun In Your Homeschool

You know your kids and yourself best (at least, I hope so!). Plan for homeschool learning fun according to your combined:

  • personality types
  • interests
  • ages
  • skills
  • attention span

Why is it essential to plan for intentional fun? Perhaps you have a ton of ideas but have trouble picking one? Or maybe you forget or lack of motivation to follow through? Maybe you don't have any ideas and have no idea where to start?

No worries! I invite you to join me in visiting Intentional In Life. I share my tips on How to Have Intentional Fun In Your Homeschool. Learn how I make learning fun happen in our home and discover a few resources that help us along the way.


Learn tips & get inspiration on how to have intentional learning fun in your homeschool.


Remember:  you are a fun mom. To quote one of my favorites, Dr. Seuss:  "Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you."

Go forth and be you. Have fun in your very own way:)

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