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An Exciting & Easy Way to Make Chess for Kids Fun

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You can easily make chess for kids fun and exciting, even if you don't know how to play. With the right resources and support, you'll find that the game of chess can become an enjoyable experience for all.

Find out what our family is using to help my youngest (and me) learn this classic game for learning fun at home.


Discover an exciting & easy way to make chess for kids fun with Story Time Chess.


Find out why our family loves Story Time Chess! We're using both the board game set AND new online learn at home curriculum to boost our experiences. Click here to check it out and use code ROCK30 to get 30% off!


Chess Is Now Our Family's Favorite Game

I never thought that I'd say chess would be our first choice in games.

Well, I'm not too surprised that my husband loves chess. He learned to play as a child and enjoyed teaching our older boys how to play.

Chess, however, was not a game played in my house growing up. I don't ever remember having a chess set in our home. We played all sorts of other games but chess never made an appearance.

In fact, I only recently played my first chess match. Against my youngest. And lost.

That chess match was one of the most fun games that I've ever played in my life!

Young kids can learn how to play the game of chess with the amazing resources from Story Time Chess.
Xman thinking about his first chess move. He ended up winning this chess match & we both had a blast!

I had heard my older boys play with daddy, sharing quiet moments of contemplation and shouts of triumph. These boys quickly learned the game and lined up for matches against each other.

When Xman, my youngest boy, expressed interest in learning chess, I realized that I'd be the odd one out. (When older boys and daddy played chess, we'd have special mommy-son time.).

So, I decided that I was going to learn to play chess!

Only, it wasn't as easy as they made it look. I could see that Xman was learning just as fast as his older brothers did. And I was being left in the dust. Gulp!

While I was chatting with my mom one day, I mentioned our current chess situation. My mom is amazing when it comes to finding fun educational resources (I always say it comes from her Kindergarten teaching years) 😉 She surprised us with the gift of Story Time Chess (click here to check it out and use code ROCK30 for 30% off!).

This special gift is one of the best gifts our family has received 🙂


Story Time Chess board game & story book to feature this exciting & engaging approach for making chess for kids fun


Why Chess Is a Fantastic Game for Learning Fun at Home

(I'm writing this part from my point of view-the least experienced chess player in our house. Yes, we got Story Time Chess for my boys for learning fun at home. But, even my 6-year-old has more knowledge about the game than.)

There were a few things that put me off from learning chess. I had thought it was too complicated and boring. Well, I was definitely wrong in those assumptions.

I could never figure out the chess pieces. The different names and how they moved just got mixed up in my head.

And sitting still for long periods of time is not my forte 😉 From movies and books, I had the idea that chess matches were these long, drawn-out events that basically took forever.

Fortunately, when we starting using Story Time Chess, I started to see that my assumptions were gross misperceptions!

Your kids will learn the game of chess so quickly with these creative & hands-on activities from Story Time Chess.
My boys & I love the creative, hands-on ideas that Story Time Chess homeschool online lessons provide. For this lesson, we used vanilla wafer cookies to practice how King Chomper moves around the board.


Chess is a beautiful game that combines logic with creative thinking. Plus, chess encourages participants to learn and practice growth mindset skills, like grit, patience, and self-realization.

After chatting with my boys about chess, we all agreed that chess is more about pushing yourself to get better and learn more about the game, not beating your opponent.

What fantastic life skills to be learned from a game!


Story Time Chess has a variety of resources to help you make chess for kids fun & easy to learn.


Chess for Kids & Family Can Be Engaging & Enjoyable

Story Time Chess takes the stress and the overwhelm out of the game.

With colorful pictures and easy-to-follow story, kids become familiar with chess pieces and how they move through an engaging story. Throughout the story, kids are encouraged to practice what they've learned.

Chess piece movements are demonstrated in easy-to-understand pictures. Several exercises are also shown and encouraged to be practiced to help kids (and other family members) learn how to properly move those chess pieces around the board.


You'll discover that you'll have a variety of ways to make chess for kids fun & exciting.


The story is a bit silly so don't be surprised when your kids burst out with giggles. My younger boys think King Chomper and Chef Squishyfeet are hysterical!

The Story Time Chess Instructions book breaks it all down and provides you with steps on how the lessons proceed.

Personally, I think the best part about Story Time Chess is how it easily converts from the "Story Time" mode (as we call it) to a "standard" chess mode.

To begin your chess learning adventures, you place sturdy cardboard with the story's characters on the matching chess pieces. As you play matches and learn about the game, you have the option of removing these pieces and converting your play to a "standard" match.

Also, the board is reversible. One side is the "Story Time" mode with green grass patches. The other side is a standard chessboard.

The Story Time Chess game grows with your family!

Story Time Chess is more than just a game. It has a variety of options for making learning how to play chess easy & exciting.
The hands-on bonus game included with Story Time Chess. Fantastic way to practice skills & concepts learned from the story!


Oh! And there's a super fun bonus game that's introduced in Chapter 9. The Crown Card Game provides your kids with another creative way to learn about chess at home.


Young boy playing Story Time Chess, an amazing resource that makes chess for kids fun with hands-on & online learning options


Special Extras for Story Time Chess

All of the above is included in the Story Time Chess game set.

But, there are more options available to boost your chess learning adventures at home!

A cool Coloring Book gives your kids hands-on, creative ways to enjoy the characters from this chess story. As your kids are coloring, you can chat about the character and how it moves around the chessboard.

Your kids will love the coloring book that's available from Story Time Chess.


The Activity Book is another marvelous way to amp up chess lessons at home. The various activities in this book reinforce the story, how chess pieces move, and provide a bit of educational enrichment with tracing numbers, letters, and more.

The Story Time Chess activity book is a wonderful way to reinforce chess skills & concepts learned through these stories & lessons.


The ways that Xman and I learned the most through Story Time Chess Homeschool Curriculum (use code ROCK 30 for 30% off!) with the 30 story-based online lessons. With an annual or monthly membership, you can access the story, lessons, bonus activities, and more. These opportunities truly solidified what we had learned about chess and made play so much better.


Your kids will have such fun learning how to play chess with the creative resources from Story Time Chess.
Bear, Xman, & Smiley are making a sandwich using their hands as part of a fun activity to reinforce the lesson from Story Time Chess.


There are 4 curriculum modules with Story Time Chess At Home online lessons.

  • Moving the Pieces
  • Strategy + Planning
  • The King Shaky Saga (My favorite as a growth mindset enthusiast!! It's all about courage, grit, and perseverance when faced with hardship.)
  • Chess Notation (Whoa! This part teaches kids how to record chess games using algebraic notation. We haven't reached this point yet but I can't wait.)

Story Time Chess Online also has more resources for the teacher where a few chess concepts are explained and you can access a chess rulebook.


Story Time Chess game board & story book to feature the creative ways you can easily make chess for kids fun & exciting

Boost Learning at Home with Story Time Chess

Fantastic news! You can use code ROCK30 to get 30% off your first payment on the curriculum (monthly or annual). You can click HERE to check it all out and get started today!


Story Time Chess has helped our family enjoy this classic game and give us something to look forward to playing for years to come. It's also been an excellent way to boost our homeschool learning adventures 🙂


If you have any questions about Story Time Chess and how our family learns with it, please leave your questions in the comments area below. How could Story Time Chess help you make chess for kids fun? 





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