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Free May Brain Breaks for Easy Homeschool Fun

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Let's make the merriest month of the year even merrier for your kids!

These free May Brain Breaks are awesome ways to easily add homeschool fun activities. These prompts help you provide focused learning breaks to give everyone a chance to chill.


These free May Brain Breaks for kids cards are awesome ways to include easy learning fun activities into your day.


How Learning Fun Activities Can Help You Rock Your Homeschool

Homeschool brain breaks are wonderful opportunities to give brains a rest after a span of hard work. My boys and I have experienced the positive benefits of brain breaks like:

  • increased attention span
  • improved memory retention
  • gross and fine motor skills practice
  • better motivation to start and complete assigned tasks
  • overall improved attitude towards work, cooperation, and collaboration

We always look forward to our homeschool fun activities, challenges, and hands-on learning. These printable cards include prompts for:

  • Charades
  • Crafts
  • STEM
  • Art
  • Exercise
  • Hands-on fun


Child using chalk pastels and clay to make picture of flowers & sun on light purple background and variety of art supplies & hands-on learning materials on white wood


Free Printable Cards for Learning Fun Activities with Kids this May

These free printable cards of brain breaks and boredom busters have themes and prompts appropriate for the Spring season. Fun holidays and other seasonal themes are included in these ideas to get kids moving or relaxing.

There are a total of 24 printable cards (4 pages 6 cards each). That’s a whole lot of homeschool learning fun!

You can print out as many copies as you need. If you have a friend or co-worker who you think would enjoy this free printable activity, please share the link to this post with them smile emoticon


bricks colored with sidewalk chalk to feature the awesome fun your kids will have with these free May brain breaks for kids cards


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Make the month of May even merrier! These free printable May Brain Breaks cards are easy ways to add homeschool fun activities to your day.


How will you use these fun activities and boredom busters for May with your kids in your homeschool, family, or classroom?


Love the idea of brain breaks for kids but not sure how to get started? Or prefer to have all of our brain breaks gathered into one organized and easy-to-use resource?

Check out Brain Breaks for Kids: Delightful Ways to Boost Learning & Enjoy Your Day!

This simple guide provides tips and tricks for making the most out of these learning fun activities with your kids.

PLUS get all of our brain breaks prompts and cards in one download! Oh, and there are a few bonuses thrown in to make your brain breaks with kids experiences totally awesome!

This simple guide to Brain Breaks for Kids will help you enjoy learning fun activities in your homeschool, family, & classroom. Includes over 340 prompts for easy brain breaks for kids to enjoy.

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