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Busy Boys Brigade has a new name & look! Check out our rebrand & our vision behind the site.


Have you ever been hit by a bolt of inspiration and just knew it was time for a change? You knew it was coming, like that tingle in the air before the holidays or a celebration. And when it hit...BOOM! All the pieces of the puzzle beautifully fall together.

This scenario played out for me quite recently with this site. As much as I loved Busy Boys Brigade, a change was a-brewing in the air. I wanted my site to better reflect my passion for helping homeschoolers, as well as what I hold dear in my personal life.

Busy Boys Brigade has a new look! Rock Your Homeschool had a new look & vision.
Rock Your Homeschool vision board-with plenty of space to add tidbits of inspiration and goals. Created on a trifold board with lots of cardstock, washi tape, and glitter.

Why A New Look & Name For This Site?

I had been wrestling with the idea of a rebrand for a while. Nerves and lack of time caused me to put the task on the back burner. Also, I just wasn't sure of the exact direction that I wanted my blog to go.

When I attended the 2:1 Conference this year, I went into the weekend with a mission. I hoped to talk to other homeschool bloggers and entrepreneurs about how I could use my God-given gifts and education to help homeschool families. I knew what I wanted to do-add more topics that I enjoy like mental health and well-being. But, I needed to get feedback and guidance from other bloggers.

The weekend was filled with inspiration, friendship building, and networking. The lightbulb switched on for me during Colleen Kessler's (Raising Lifelong Learners) break-out session on finding your focus. My mind was blown!

For me, that session unified my purpose and vision for blogging. Prior to Colleen's talk, I had a vague sense of my blogging "why". Sure, I wanted to help other homeschoolers but what could I offer them?  How could I tap my gifts and use them to benefit others?

My mind went into hyperdrive. I wanted to get straight to work on my rebrand with my new vision!

Alas, real life stepped in and had other plans. Homeschooling, soccer, and blog obligations had to take precedence. With a big sigh, I pushed back my plans for a rebrand until January 2017. I continued to jot down ideas and work on my rebrand when I could. I found free rebrand checklists to help me figure out what steps I would need to make it a successful process.

And then...

One of the suggestions said to contact Facebook with plenty of time before a name change. It could take 10 days to a month, they said. I filled out the form and wrote a note in my planner to remind myself to check on the status in a month.

Twenty minutes later, a dear friend contacted me with a cheer. "You did it! You changed the name!"

Say what?!?!?

Aw, snap! Facebook worked faster than a lightning bolt (well, at least for social media platforms). Busy Boys Brigade was changed to Rock Your Homeschool. (And I was still working on my vision board-see below.)

I will admit-I started to panic. Oh. My. Stars. What was I going to do and what would everyone think?

After a few deep breaths and a cup of tea, I calmed down. Do not worry, I told myself. You got this. Do what you can with what you have and it will all fall into place.

Rock Your Homeschool had a new vision-to help homeschoolers find their groove and unlock their unique potential.

Rock Your Homeschool:  A Site Dedicated To Helping Homeschoolers On Their Unique Journey

I still have work to do and glitches to fix. Like any change, growing pains can be hard. I am, however, super excited and ready to get this homeschool party started! (Mostly because many of these topics are areas that I need to work on myself. I know that working together can be such a positive experience and help towards greater success for all.)

My new vision for this site:  To help homeschoolers unlock their unique potential and find their homeschool groove.

I am an eternal optimist. I know that you have what it takes to homeschool your kids. I am also a realist. You need resources, tips, support, and encouragement to make that homeschool magic happen.

My goals for Rock Your Homeschool are:

  • Help you find your Homeschool Why
  • Provide resources and tips on recognizing your unique talents and gifts and how to use in your homeschool
  • Increase self-awareness and self-growth
  • Address common mental health concerns for all, especially homeschoolers
  • Tips and resources for self-care as a homeschooler
  • Homeschool encouragement
  • Increase awareness of weakness, how to accept, and what you can do for your homeschool
  • Self-Care and Well-Being

I will continue to provide creative resources and products to help you rock your homeschool. After much prayer and contemplation, I truly feel that this path will help me best bless other homeschoolers.

Are you wondering what I mean when I say "find your homeschool groove"? I simply mean that I believe it is important to learn more about yourself and your family in terms of likes/dislikes, schedules, ages/stages, personalities and more. Once you have taken the time and assessed where your family and you are, it will be easier to find the homeschooling approach, resources, and routines that you need to thrive.


I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patience and support during this transformation. I will be working diligently to bring you practical resources and products to help you rock your homeschool. If you have any questions or trouble finding any information, please contact me at my new email:

Change can be scary but it also can bring new growth. Join me in welcoming this change and working together to help each other rock our homeschools!

Please share what homeschool topics you would like to see on Rock Your Homeschool. How can I help you with homeschooler well-being, self-care, and encouragement?

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