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Do you have questions or concerns about homeschooling your boys? The Ultimate Guide To Homeschooling Boys can help! This resource is filled with valuable information and tips on how you can rock your homeschool-with boys!

Homeschooling your boys can be an exciting adventure yet one that you may feel ill-prepared for (no matter what stage of homeschoooling you are in!). As a homeschool soccer mom to five boys, I have experienced the highs and lows of homeschooling. I am constantly on the search for helpful resources that can help me be the homeschool mom that my boys need.

Disclaimer:  I received The Ultimate Guide To Homeschooling Boys for free to review.
All opinions are 100% my own and I was not required to give a positive review.

When I first dipped my toes into the unknown waters of homeschooling, I was at a complete loss. How could I effectively meet the needs of my boys?  Each boy has their own unique personality and learning style. How in the world would I be able to help them meet or exceed their God-given potential?

Fortunately, I started the homeschool research process in the days of the internet. (I give total props to those daring families who forged the path for current homeschoolers without it!)  After determining homeschool requirements for my state (Pennsylvania) and other legal issues, I started to seek out the advice of experienced homeschoolers.

Unfortunately, I only knew one family in my area that homeschooled. Search engines became my #1 way to find the information that I would need to give my boys a successful education at home. During this search, I was very blessed to find Homeschool Your Boys by Michelle Caskey.

This homeschool momma had been there and done that! Michelle openly shares from the heart what she was learned through research and trial-and-error. This Christian homeschooler's site is a brilliant resource for boy moms. Thankfully, she also has an outstanding book that will bless them, too.

If you are (or interested in) homeschooling your boys, The Ultimate Guide To Homeschooling Boys is for you! Filled with amazing tips and ideas on how to help you rock your homeschool-with boys!

The Ultimate Guide To Homeschooling Boys

In her 400+ page book entitled The Ultimate Guide To Homeschooling Boys ($19.99), Michelle reassures you that you do have what it takes to homeschool your boys. This resource is packed with great tips and practical solutions to help you get started in homeschooling all the way to high school record keeping.

I feel like I could write a book about her book! A wide variety of topics are covered with helpful and well-researched information. Michelle takes the knowledge that she has gathered through prayer, experience, books, and attending conferences and shares how she has applied all of it.

One of the most powerful statements that hit me from her book on homeschooling your boys  is that it is okay that boys are different than girls and that they often need a different approach in teaching. Michelle explains through research how boys learn differently and gives tips on how you can accordingly modify our homeschool.

Another potent section of The Ultimate Guide To Homeschooling Boys considers the health and nutrition needs of boys. Michelle helped me to see how important it is to be aware of what my boys are and are not putting into their bodies. Also, the boys' needs for opportunities for physical exercise (with awesome ideas on how to incorporate into your homeschool!) and hands-on learning.

This book addresses some topics that are not always easy to think about or handle. Peer pressure, natural consequences and keeping our sons motivated are not often issues that are fun to discuss. Michelle handles them with care and gives gentle suggestions on how you can help when homeschooling your boys.

Encouragement for new and experienced homeschoolers is provided. These kind words are scattered throughout the book and remind us that we can do this through prayer, self-care, and support. Michelle gives us ideas on how we can guide younger and older boys in character education, volunteering, and entrepreneurship. She also has a tremendous section on great ways to include outdoor learning in homeschooling your boys.

Homeschooling Your Boys Can Be Done-And This Book Can Help!

I have gotten to know Michelle this past year and can truly say that she gives from the heart.  Her intentions are to help other boy moms navigate the waters of homeschooling. She has generously organized her experiences and talents to supply you with a resource that you can use for years in homeschooling your boys.

I encourage you to learn more about The Ultimate Guide To Homeschooling Boys, especially if you have any inkling of a doubt that creeps in and frightens you during your homeschool experience. Michelle will help you understand and know that homeschooling your boys is worth it-and will bless you and your family.


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