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  • Sale! This free pack of playdough emotions activities pack is an amazing way to help your kids learn all about feelings.

    Free Playdough Emotions Activities Pack


    Give your kids hands-on fun ways to learn all about feelings!

    This FREE Playdough Emotions Activities Pack includes 15 pages of:

    • I feel….PROUD
    • I feel…WORRIED
    • I feel…HURT
    • I feel…LONELY
    • I feel…EXCITED
    • I feel…LOVED
    • I feel…BORED
    • I feel…SHY
    • I feel…ANGRY
    • I feel…SCARED
    • I feel…SURPRISED
    • I feel…TIRED
    • I feel…HAPPY
    • I feel…SAD
    • 1 page divided into 2 half-sheets of He is (blank) and She is (blank) to go with ->
    • 1 page of 9 faces with descriptive feelings words for kids to mix-and-match on the above half-sheets

    Find out more & get creative ideas for using HERE!

  • Sale! This free set of 10 free number playdough mats is a fantastic way to help your kids enjoy creative hands-on learning fun.

    Number Playdough Mats


    Enjoy creative hands-on learning fun!

    This free printable pack of number playdough mats features the numbers 1 – 10. You’ll find cute themes, ten frames, and open font numbers (meaning there’s a space in the middle of each for your kids to shape playdough into).

    Each number playdough mat has a colorful border of circles. Cute themes include:

    • One: unicorn
    • Two: bee
    • Three: shamrock
    • Four: butterfly
    • Five: caterpillar
    • Six: squid
    • Seven: rainbow
    • Eight: spider
    • Nine: sun
    • Ten: fish

    The themes are in black-and-white and include some dotted lines.

    Find out more and get awesome ideas for boosting these learning fun activities HERE!

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