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15 Free Playdough Emotions Activities for Powerful Learning for Kids

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These playdough emotions activities are powerful learning tools for your kids.

With 15 different ways to learn about feelings, your kids will have a blast with these free printables.

Find out more about these playdough activities for kids and get creative ideas for using with your kids to boost learning and learn essential life skills.

Get this free pack of playdough emotions activities to give your kids fun hands-on ways to learn all about feelings.

Hands-On Activities Are Perfect for Learning About Emotions

If you'd looking for simple yet fun ways to help your kids learning more about feelings, you'll love these printable playdough activities.

Hands-on activities make abstract concepts, like feelings, easier to understand and apply to real-life situations, especially kids with anxiety.

When I worked as a mental health therapist with children (and with my own 5 boys), I often used hands-on tools, like playdough and coloring activities, to open up conversation and teach lessons.

Activities with hands-on tools also are awesome for reinforcing lessons presented in books, videos, and other printed work (like this free printable emotional regulation worksheet set).

Hands-on activities give your kids something to focus on while chatting about different emotions and situations.

Plus, resources, like these playdough emotions activities (and our other free pack of emotion playdough mats), are wonderful for building and encouraging growth mindset skills.

Examples of playdough emotions activities to feature the amazing learning fun your kids will have with these free printable activities for learning all about feelings

Easily Extend the Learning Fun with these Creative Activities

With this free pack of 15 free playdough emotions activities, I suggest that you take steps to extend their use.

  • You can laminate your printables OR use dry erase pocket sleeves so your kids can use these activities again and again!
  • Use dry erase markers to draw unique and creative expressions
  • Use those dry erase markers to practice copying feeling words
  • Challenge your kids to think of different emotions - and create their own expressions
Rainbow of playdough cans with playdough emotions activities to feature how your kids will have a blast using these free playdough printable activities for hands-on ways to learn all about feelings

Get Your 15 Free Playdough Emotions Activities Pack

WooHoo! You're on your way to providing your kids with amazing hands-on opportunities for learning about emotions!

This FREE printables pack includes 15 pages of emotions activities with:

  • I feel....PROUD
  • I feel...WORRIED
  • I feel...HURT
  • I feel...LONELY
  • I feel...EXCITED
  • I feel...LOVED
  • I feel...BORED
  • I feel...SHY
  • I feel...ANGRY
  • I feel...SCARED
  • I feel...SURPRISED
  • I feel...TIRED
  • I feel...HAPPY
  • I feel...SAD
  • 1 page divided into 2 half-sheets of He is (blank) and She is (blank) to go with ->
  • 1 page of 9 faces with descriptive feelings words for kids to mix-and-match on the above half-sheets

That's a whole lot of hands-on learning fun about emotions!

You can print as many copies of these playdough emotions activities as you need to enjoy with your homeschool, classroom, or co-op. If you have co-workers or friends who may like to use these free printables, please share this post (and not the PDF). Thanks so much for your cooperation and sharing!

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Get these free playdough emotions activities to help your kids enjoy hands-on learning fun about feelings & more.

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