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Superhero Color by Number Pages for Fun with Kids (Free)

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These superhero color by number pages are simple and cute ways to give your kids fun activities to enjoy.

These color by number printables are perfect for using in your homeschool, classroom, party, and more. Coloring activities with superhero themes can boost your reading time, basic math lessons, and fine motor skills.

I've got a bunch of creative ideas to share with you about using these superhero coloring activities. Find out more and get your FREE set today!

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Woman holding answer key of 8 free printable superhero color by number pages with examples in background.

Save the Day with these Superhero Activities

I love looking back on all the happy memories that my boys and I shared using learning fun activities based on their interests. And superheroes have definitely been high up on the list!

It's cool to see that superhero theme pop up throughout our homeschool adventures, too. When the boys were little, the young versions of superheroes were fantastic. We'd read all sorts of books and play games with some of their favorites, like Superman, Spiderman, and Batman.

Of course, those popular characters would be big parts in their creative play with our homemade playdough, crafts, and even picking out costumes!

One of the many reasons that I share so many freebies here at Rock Your Homeschool is that I know how helpful these resources can be for busy moms and teachers. It can be such a relief to give your kids some fun and educational activities to work on while you catch your breath. Bonus points when those activities are free!

I hope that these superhero color by number pages are big hits with your kids 🦸

Learn More About This Set of Color by Number Pages

This free set includes eight superhero color by number activities in a printable format (PDF).

The color by number worksheets featuring superhero themes are in black-and-white. The answer key is in color. These superhero coloring pages are a great way to boost fine motor skills, color recognition, simple number recognition, and more.

The superhero themes included in this pack are:

  • City buildings with clouds and stars
  • Superhero girl with cape and mask flying over the city
  • Superhero cat with mask and cape
  • Superhero cape with star in center
  • POW! with clouds and stars
  • Superhero boy with cape and mask
  • Shiel with lightning bolt and shield with star
  • SUPER! with stars
Two examples of superhero color by number worksheets with shields and SUPER! and color pencils, crayons, and markers.

Creative Ideas for Enjoying These Coloring Worksheets

These type of fun coloring worksheets are easy ways to boost learning for kids. Once your students are familiar with how these activities flow, they'll have a blast!

Before you begin your color-by-number fun, gather your coloring tools (like crayons, color pencils, and markers). Having a variety of tools makes is a cool way to have a variety of textures and colors to reveal the mystery picture on the coloring sheets. Recently, we've been using Kwik Stix (tempera paint sticks) to get some terrific textures and bold colors.

When working with younger kids, show or review how color by number activities work. Introduce your students to the color by number code, pointing out how each number is represented by a color to help you complete the picture. Also, you may want to lightly shade over the color word if working with early readers. Great way to learn color words!

Consider adding other types of project and activities to all of this fun. This printable superhero Pictionary game gets your kids drawing and chatting.

Some smart ways to use these printable coloring activities with children are:

  • superhero theme with your younger students (preschool and Kindergarten)
  • superhero-themed party
  • rainy day fun activities
  • brain breaks
  • early finishers
  • hands-outs or activities during superhero-themed story time at the library
  • morning work
  • celebrate Superhero Day (April 28)

FAQs about Using Color by Number Activities with Kids

What type of paper should I print color by number activities on?

Regular white printer paper works fine for coloring by number fun. If you want to add a bit of durability (or use the completed work for a poster), I recommend printing on white cardstock.

My child rushes through any coloring activity! How do I get them to slow down and enjoy it?

Oh my stars - I get it! I have a few boys just like that 😉 They think any coloring activity is a race to see who can get the most done and be the fastest.
To help my boys slow down, I play slow and gentle music in the background. I challenge them to match their coloring speed to the beat of the music. It's a great way to focus their competitive natures!

My child complains that their hand hurts when they color. How can I help them?

I totally understand! One of my boys (now in college!) had the same issue. We worked on gradually building up his "coloring" strength by setting a timer for one minute and then building on it. In between his coloring times, he would stretch his fingers and hands. Also, he found it helpful to roll a small ball of playdough (or tennis ball) on the table to gently massage his hand muscles.

Get Your Free Superhero Color by Number Pages

High five! I'm so excited that you're ready to enjoy some superhero fun with your kids!

This free set includes 8 superhero color by number pages in a printable format (PDF).

You may print out as many of these superhero-themed printable activities as you need for non-commercial use to enjoy with your kids, class, homeschool co-op, or library event. Have a friend or co-worker who would like to use these worksheets? Please share this post!

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Get your FREE Superhero Color by Number Printable Activities now!

Eight examples of free printable superhero color by number pages with answer key.

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