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Minecraft Color By Number Pages Your Kids Will Dig (8 Free)

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These Minecraft color by number pages are awesome activities for screen-free fun with themes from this popular video game.

These free printable coloring worksheets are excellent challenges that extend the fun with Minecraft characters and themes. Your Minecraft fans are going to have a blast with these coloring pages!

I'm sharing my creative ideas for using these color by number printables for kids and how to get your FREE set to get started today!

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Woman holding answer key for Minecraft color by number pages with Skeleton example in background.

Your Kids Will Have a Blast With These Coloring Activities

My boys love Minecraft. And that means that I hear A LOT about their online building adventures with this game!

If you have kids who love Minecraft, then I know that you get it. Minecraft lovers really enjoy talking about all the characters, builds, and updates. For example, my boys were so excited about the axolotls (and our free axolotl coloring pages!).

As with many of the interests that my boys have had over the years, they've had an on and off passion with Minecraft. When they get back on a Minecraft kick, look out! That's all that they want to talk about and do!

My younger two boys recently got on a roll again with Minecraft. I find it interesting to learn about their builds and progress with the game. Of course, I love to share with them new screen-free ways to enjoy Minecraft. They were SO excited with these Minecraft color by number printables!

Learn More About These Minecraft Color by Number Worksheets

These Minecraft color by number activities are available in a FREE set with 8 pages. The pack also includes a color answer key plus terms of use page.

Each color by number page includes:

  • areas to write down name and date
  • Minecraft character divided into pieces with numbers
  • coloring code with Minecraft blocks, colors, and numbers

The 8 featured Minecraft characters are:

  • Steve with Diamond Pickaxe
  • Alex
  • Pig
  • Chicken
  • Enderman
  • Creeper
  • Skeleton
  • Sheep
Woman holding examples of Minecraft color by number pages featuring Creeper and Steve with Diamond Pickaxe and color pencils, crayons, and markers in the background.

Super Cool Ideas for Enjoying These Coloring Pages

I suggest that you print these color-by-number pages on regular white printer paper. Print as many copies as you need to enjoy with your kids at home, in your classroom, at the library, and at community events.

Take your Minecraft coloring fun to the next level with these incredible ideas:

  • Offer a variety of coloring tools. My boys like having crayons, color pencils, and fine-tip markers.
  • Play music! Keep it light and fun. Your kids will love this Minecraft music.
  • Put the color by number page on a clipboard to hold the paper steady. Or use a few pieces of washi tape and secure the paper to a desk or table.
  • Encourage your students to use the back of the printable pages for more Minecraft fun. They can draw their favorite characters or scenes, make a list of characters, and practice writing Minecraft words.

These type of Minecraft coloring pages are delightful for:

Minecraft pig for color by number activity fun.
Example of Minecraft color by number page on black clipboard featuring Steve with Diamond Pickaxe.

FAQs about Minecraft Color by Number Pages

How do I get these free printable Minecraft color by number pages to use with my kids?

Great question! Subscribe to Rock Your Homeschool (scroll down to learn how). You'll get this free printable set via email. Print. Gather your coloring supplies and get started!

What supplies do I need to enjoy these Minecraft coloring activities?

You will need access to a printer. I suggest that you print these color by number pages on regular white printer paper. Coloring tools (like crayons, color pencils, and markers) are necessary.
Optional materials include washi tape (or painter's tape) and Minecraft stickers to decorate the pages.

What if I don't have the exact colors that are recommended in the color by number code?

No worries! This coloring experience is all about keeping it fun and relaxed. If you don't have the exact colors (my boys and I don't!), just pick a color that's close to the suggested one. Or modify the code to include a color that you'd like to use.

Get Your FREE Minecraft Color by Number Set

High five! Your fans of Minecraft are going to LOVE these color by number activities.

This free set of printable Minecraft color by number worksheets includes 8 (PDF) plus answer key.

To get this free printable pack of Minecraft color by number pages, subscribe to Rock Your Homeschool.

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⭐️ Get started with these free printable color by number pages featuring Minecraft! ⭐️

Examples of Minecraft color by number printable pages featuring Steve with Diamond Pickaxe, Alex, Chicken, and Pig.

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