Easy Homemade Playdough: How to Make and Free Printable Recipe

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This easy homemade playdough recipe is a frugal and fun way to provide your kids with super cool hands-on activities.

With only a few ingredients and a bit of work, you'll soon have a vibrant variety of playdough colors to play with and enjoy.

Find out my tips and tricks for making this DIY playdough and get this free printable recipe so you can quickly and easily join all the fun with your kids!

Example of free printable easy homemade playdough recipe and stack of different colors of playdough circles.

Homemade Playdough Can Turn Frowns Upside Down

Need a quick and easy ways to turn a bad day around?

Or maybe you'd like some frugal ways to enjoy homeschool fun activities with your kids?

Perhaps you want to inspire creativity in your kids and create custom playdough colors for learning fun and beyond?

Well, you're going to LOVE this easy homeschool playdough recipe!

DIY playdough has been one of my top secrets for making learning fun for my boys.

My mom (a retired preschool and Kindergarten teacher) passed down her favorite recipe for making playdough at home. As soon as my oldest was old enough to play with it (and not shove it in his mouth), I made our first batch. And we had a bunch of fun playing with it for weeks to come.

That's what's so cool about homemade playdough - with the right recipe and storage, you can keep the playdough fun going to a long time!

I'll be sharing my tips for making and creative ways to customize below. Make sure to grab the free printable easy homemade playdough recipe so you can enjoy your first of what I'm sure will be many more batches to come!

Six balls of easy homemade playdough.

Suggested Ingredients for This Easy Homemade Playdough Recipe

To get started making this recipe on your own or with your kids, you'll first want to gather all the ingredients first.

Here is what you'll need to make 6 cups of playdough:

3 cups

all-purpose flour

3 cups


6 tsp.

cream of tartar

1 cup


3 Tbsp.

canola oil

variety of

food coloring

Ingredients and materials for this easy homemade playdough recipe.

How to Make This DIY Playdough

If you haven't made homemade playdough, you're in for a real treat. It can be so much fun to watch the transformation from sticky, gooey mess to smooth ball of color to play with!

You'll need about five minutes to gather the suggested ingredients (see above) and materials:

  • large cooking pot
  • spoon (I prefer using a wood spoon. I find it more sturdy and less likely to have the playdough stick to it while I'm stirring.)
  • wax paper
  • sealable plastic sandwich bags (or other containers that can be sealed) for safe storage and to extend the life of your homemade playdough

Cook time for this playdough recipe is approximately 5 minutes. Only 10 minutes for super cool homemade playdough!

Stack of easy homemade playdough circles in blue, green, red, purple, orange, and dark blue.

Step-by-Step Directions for Making Easy Homemade Playdough Recipe

Large cooking pot with ingredients for easy homemade playdough recipe.

Add all ingredients

In a large cooking pot, add all the ingredients (except the food coloring). Stir to mix.

Wood spoon in cooking pot with homemade playdough flour mixture.

Cook over medium/low heat.

Continue to stir as the flour mixture cooks.

Cooking pot with wooden spoon and flour mixture of homemade playdough.

Stir as mixture thickens.

Keep stirring as the mixture thickens and begins pulling away from the pan's bottom.

Ball of homemade playdough in cooking pot.

Remove pan from heat.

Once a dough ball forms, remove the pot from the heat and place on a safe surface.

Mound of homemade playdough on wax paper.

Place dough on wax paper.

Place a piece of wax paper on a work surface. Carefully place the dough onto the center of the wax paper.

Homemade playdough cut into 6 pieces.

Cut dough into 6 equal parts.

Use a knife, dough cutter, or pizza cutter to separate into 6 pieces.

6 balls of homemade playdough with food coloring bottles of purple, red, pink, orange, green, and blue.

Add food coloring.

Make an indent with your thumb or spoon into the middle of the playdough. Add a few drops of food coloring. Slowly knead the dough until food coloring is spread evenly and desired color is reached.

Tips and Tricks for Customizing and Enjoying Your Easy Homemade Playdough

Squeal! I'm so excited to share some of the amazing things that we've tried and learned about over our years of making homemade playdough.

If you'd like more colors to work with (or have multiple kids using the playdough), I recommend dividing the dough into 12 portions. OR make a double batch!

You'll want to wait until the dough is completely cool before storing. This step helps prevent condensation from building up in the plastic bag (or other storage container).

Use one bag per color of playdough - unless you don't mind a bit of mixing.

Vegetable oil can be used in place of canola oil in a 1:1 ratio.

Have fun with the colors of your playdough! You can make the primary colors (red, yellow, blue) and mix those for varieties. Or just add a few drops of one color and a few of another to see what you get.

Add coloring mixing activities to your playdough fun! Grab our free printable color mixing pack to get started.

Easily add some fun to your playdough with glitter. My boys and I LOVE mixing in some glitter. It makes the coolest effects (especially in black - it's like outer space playdough!).

We've also added drops of essential oil to our playdough for yummy smells. Our favorite essential oils to use are lavender, peppermint, and orange.

Example of free printable recipe for easy homemade playdough and colorful balls of DIY playdough.

Get Your Free Printable Easy Homemade Playdough Recipe

High five! You're on your way to making your very own playdough in frugal and easy ways!

This free printable homemade playdough recipe is on one page (PDF).

Please print as many copies as you need to enjoy for personal use (non-commercial use) at home, in your classroom, and at your library. If you have a friend or co-worker who might like this printable recipe, share this post - thanks!

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Get your FREE Printable Easy Homemade Playdough Recipe by tapping HERE or on the image below.

Free printable easy homemade playdough recipe on orange red clipboard.

Once you make this homemade playdough, I'd love to hear about your experiences! How did it go? What colors did you make? And what type of playdough activities did you and your kids enjoy? Let me know in the comments area at the bottom of this post!

Stack of easy homemade playdough circles in blue, green, red, pink, orange, and dark purple.

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