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Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Holiday Fun for Tweens and Teens

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These free Thanksgiving coloring pages are perfect for tweens and teens.

Keeping your older kids entertained during the holidays (especially family get-togethers) might seem like a challenge, but it’s easy with this set of coloring activities.

Check out these 8 Thanksgiving coloring printables and get your free set today!

Enjoy some special holiday fun with your tweens, teens, and adults with this free set of 8 Thanksgiving coloring pages.

Thanksgiving Coloring Fun for Tweens & Beyond!

Who says you’re too old to color?

If you have tweens and teens at home or attending your holiday event, you can make sure they have fun with these free printable Thanksgiving coloring pages.

With 3 older boys in the tween and teen age range, I know how challenging it can be to keep them entertained during holiday gatherings.

Coloring is actually an activity that your tweens, teens, and adults can enjoy. Especially for a special holiday like Thanksgiving!

These Thanksgiving coloring pages are so much fun that you might even want to consider printing out an extra set for yourself (and other adults) so that you can get your creative juices flowing!

Free Thanksgiving coloring pages featuring a variety of Thanksgiving scenes with Happy Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for, and Give Thanks

Why Coloring Is a Terrific Activity for the Holidays

When you're preparing for the holidays, it's smart to have a variety of activities for different ages and stages. Instead of plopping down in front of the television or other screens, have some easy ways to keep younger and older kids busy.

Coloring activities are awesome for simple holiday fun. You only need a few supplies and printables for hours of creative entertainment.

Gather your Thanksgiving coloring materials, like:

Although coloring is often associated with younger kids, your tweens and teens can have a blast with these types of activities. Coloring is a fantastic way to relax, slow down, and enjoy a bit of creativity.

These types of coloring printables are also great to have available for tweens and teens who are in that in between stage - don't feel comfortable hanging out with adults or playing with younger kids.

Of course, adults can totally have fun with these Thanksgiving coloring pages, too! Make sure to have plenty of copies for all to enjoy.

8 free Thanksgiving coloring pages with a variety of images including turkeys, cornucopia, pumpkins, leaves, and more

What’s In This Free Set of Thanksgiving Coloring Pages?

This printable pack includes 8 more complex images for your tweens and teens (and interested adults) to color, such as:

  • Happy Thanksgiving Sheet with Leaves and Pumpkins
  • Happy Thanksgiving Sheet with Cornucopia
  • I Am Thankful For…
  • Turkey with Pumpkins
  • Give Thanks Sheet
  • Happy Thanksgiving with Pie and Hot Cocoa
  • Pumpkin, Pie, Coffee, and Leaves

Each coloring sheet has something new and interesting to offer. These Thanksgiving coloring pages have more of a mature look for older children who may already have some serious coloring skills and don’t need to do color by number pages.

All 8 of these Thanksgiving coloring pages are in black-and-white which makes them printer-friendly, too.

This Thanksgiving Fun Bundle is a fantastic way to easily enjoy holiday fun with your kids. It has so many ways to have a blast with print-and-go activities, games, and more.

Perks of Using These Thanksgiving Printables

When using these Thanksgiving coloring printables, your kids are enjoying something fun and interesting that doesn’t involve electronics. Wonderful ways to get your tweens and teens involved in the holiday excitement!

Coloring can be a natural stress reliever which can be super helpful if your tweens and teens get anxious around the holidays or at gatherings.

And you can use these Thanksgiving coloring activities as ice breakers or conversation starters! Having something to do with your hands and focus on can make it easier to relax and chat.

3 out of 8 free Thanksgiving coloring pages with holiday messages and themes to feature how you can use these activities with tweens, teens, and adults

Make These Thanksgiving Coloring Activities Extra Fun

Add to the fun of these printables by letting each person choose which colors they’ll use and how they’ll shade in the Thanksgiving coloring page of their choice.

Having a coloring contest! You can have different themes and "awards" based on coloring style, neatness, creativity, brightness, and more.

Make it even more enjoyable with the element of surprise. Instead of looking at one another’s colored images during the process, don’t take a peak until the end when it’s time to show everyone what they’ve colored.

For a fun challenge, invite different ages and stages to pick a Thanksgiving coloring page. When everyone is done, hang the completed work around your home or event area as special holiday decor.

Get Your Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Tweens & Teens

High five! Get ready for some amazing holiday fun for your tweens, teens, & adults with these free Thanksgiving coloring activities.

This free set includes 8 pages with a wonderful mix of Thanksgiving-themed phrases and pictures to color.

Go ahead and print as many of these pages as you need to enjoy with your kids, class, homeschool co-op, or library event. Want to share with a friend or co-worker? Cool! Please share the link to this post 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!

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Get your FREE Thanksgiving coloring pages for tweens and teens set by tapping HERE or on the image below.

Grab this free set of Thanksgiving coloring pages for tweens, teens, and adults for simple holiday fun.

Which of these Thanksgiving coloring pages for tweens, teens, and adults do you think will be the biggest hit at your gathering?

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