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7 Fun Homeschool Activities You Can Enjoy with These Super Cool Art Supplies

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Looking for fun homeschool activities to make learning at home rock?

You can easily make homeschool fun with the right supplies and creative inspiration.

These homeschool ideas with super cool art supplies help you take learning to the next level. Check out these simple yet amazing ways to make homeschool fun for all!

Enjoy super simple and fun homeschool activities with these creative ideas for using art supplies.

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Homeschooling Can Be Easy & Enjoyable for All

Want to add a bit of fun to your homeschool life but worried that it will just end up a big ball of mess and stress?

No worries! You can totally enjoy fun homeschool activities with your kids . It just takes the right mindset and prep.

As I was sorting through our new school art supplies, I thought back to our first year of homeschooling.

I cringe when I think about how uptight and rigid I was!

Like any new homeschooler, I wanted to provide my boys with the best homeschool education possible. My plans were crammed with lessons and activities because more is always better, right?

As I quickly discovered, NO!

After several meltdowns, I realized that I had over-planned and made things way too complicated. Long story short, deschooling (unlearning public school ways and ideas) helped all of us relax and enjoy our homeschooling adventures.

The biggest lesson that I learned then (and in our 9+ years of homeschooling) is that homeschool is so much better when it's fun for all.

Maybe that sounds good in theory but you're not sure how to pull it off?

I've got some tips, tricks, and terrific resources to share to help you make it happen.

Rainbow of dot markers with star and apple templates, letter board, and boy using chalk markers on small chalkboard to feature the fantastic fun homeschool activities you can enjoy with these cool art supplies

Tips & Tricks for Enjoying Fun Homeschool Activities

Fun activities are easy ways to take the pressure off and relax in your homeschool. And there are many benefits of homeschool fun, like:

  • Providing opportunities for different ages and stages to work together
  • Creating a relaxed homeschool atmosphere
  • Motivation to get work done
  • Encouraging outside the box thinking
  • Enjoying activities that boost creativity

These benefits sound fantastic, right? But, how do you include fun activities into your homeschool routine, especially if you're short on time, money, and patience?

Here are my top tips and tricks to help you enjoy homeschool fun AND keep your sanity:

1. Remember the 3 S's

Keep these 3 S's in mind while you're planning, preparing, and enjoying fun homeschool activities:




You do NOT need complicated activities. Or activities that are hours long.

The sweet part is to remind you of WHY you're doing the activities in the first play - to enjoy the experience together - not to be miserable!

2. Be Prepared

Sure, spontaneous activities can be super fun. And you may just be lucky enough to have all the supplies you need to make it successful.

But, I don't recommend relying on that type of fun homeschool activity ๐Ÿ˜‰

It can actually be more stressful to let things go until the last minute. There's nothing worse than getting all excited about doing a craft or other type of project, only to realize you don't have everything you need.

Take time to think about and plan what homeschool fun activities you'll be doing. Your special homeschool fun times will go much more smoothly when you do!

3. Get Organized

You don't have to keep your homeschooling supplies perfect. That's just not realistic!

But, keeping your supplies sorted and labeled can make a world of difference. These chalkboard markers and labels are perfect ways to make your homeschool organization look pretty and colorful.

Plus, this step makes it easier for your kids to help you put materials away. Which brings me to the 4th tip...

4. Get Your Kids Involved

Your homeschool fun will be SO much more enjoyable for all when your kids are on board.

You might feel like you need to do it all, especially if your kids are younger.

Or maybe you want it all to look a certain way (social media doesn't help with perfection or comparison!). I very much understand the pressure we put on ourselves as homeschoolers.

But, that pressure can lead to burn out and exhaustion. It doesn't do you any good. And it really doesn't teach your kids anything.

I'm here to encourage you to:

  • Let go of expectations - positive or negative.
  • Invite your kids to share their ideas for organization, prep, and clean-up.
  • Demonstrate how tasks are to be done. And ask if any clarification needs to be made.
  • Provide positive feedback when your kids are putting in best effort - even if it's not exactly how you'd do it.
  • After your activity is complete, chat with your kids about it. Find out what they enjoyed and what could be tweaked for next time.

Your homeschool fun activities can be amazing experiences that you share and remember for years to come.

And I'm so excited to share these new school art supplies that my boys and I are using to make these types of special memories! I think you'll love them, too ๐Ÿ˜Š

Back to homeschool science-themed coloring page with markers, boy using chalk markers on small chalkboard, and dot markers with star and apple templates to feature how you can enjoy fun homeschool activities with these cool art supplies

7 Fun Homeschool Activities Using Cool Art Supplies

Did you know that art supplies are some of the easiest ways to make homeschool fun? And you can use them in SO many ways!

For these homeschool fun ideas, I'm featuring out latest and greatest homeschool art supplies from Chalkola. And I hope to add new ones soon.

  • Dot Markers (includes activity book with 10 colors that are washable!)
  • Pack of Chalk Pens (15 color pens + 6 metallic markers)
  • Chalk Markers in 10 Vintage Colors
  • Watercolor Brush Pens (28 colors)
  • Double-Sided Letter Board (not exactly art supplies BUT just wait to see the creative ways to use!)
Enjoy fun homeschool activities with chalk markers for school art supplies

1. Back to (Home) School Fun

Although this special time only occurs once a year, you can enjoy it at other times.

Think about times when you start back to homeschool, like after a holiday break or vacation. Sometimes those times are the best to ease back into school work.

You can use the Washable Dot Markers for a variety of educational activities. And these supplies aren't just for young learners!

One activity that my boys and I enjoyed for back to homeschool fun this year is resist art. I used the back to (home)school templates found in our free 5 Days of Back to Homeschool Fun Activities pack.

For this Back to Homeschool Resist Art Activity, you'll need:

  • Cardstock (we used this white cardstock but you could try different colors) to print the templates on
  • Paper (printer or construction)
  • Scissors
  • Painter's tape or washi tape
  • Dot markers
  • Markers (if you'd like to add details)

Here are the simple steps to make this type of pretty art:

  1. Print the templates on cardstock.
  2. Use scissors to cut out the templates.
  3. Loop painter's tape (or washi tape) and apply to back of template.
  4. Arrange template(s) on paper.
  5. Use dot markers to mark paper and around template.
  6. When dot markers dry (shouldn't take long!), gently peel off template.
  7. Leave as-is OR add details with markers OR use as frame.

If using your Back to Homeschool Dot Marker art work as a frame, you can have your kids draw pictures inside the frame or add photographs of them!

2. Fun Art Activities

When homeschool life gets busy, art time is often forgotten. But, sometimes it's just what you need to relax and make it fun!

You can use the resist art activity any time of year. (If you have template ideas, let me know and I'll be happy to make!)

Another fun art activity to try with dot markers is DIY stamps.

This activity is a lot like fingerprint art but without getting your fingers messy.

Transform dots into flowers, caterpillars, animals, and anything else you can think of. Great activities to encourage outside the box thinking!

homeschool art supplies including watercolor brush pens and watercolor paper by Chalkola
These gorgeous watercolor brush pens are going to be SO much fun to use in our homeschool!

This year, my boys and I are trying watercolor brush pens. These supplies are new to us and we're excited to use them for fun homeschool art.

We brainstormed some ideas for using these watercolor brush pens to:

  • Take doodle prompts to the next level
  • Make birthday and holiday cards for family and friends
  • Relax and draw while listening to audiobooks
  • Practice colorful calligraphy

3. Learning Fun Activities

Dot markers are fantastic ways to boost educational activities for younger students.

When my boys were younger, dot marker activities (like the ones in Chalkola's activity book) were used for:

  • Color identification
  • Making shapes, letters and numbers
  • Creating patterns
  • Identifying numbers and letters
  • Highlighting sight words

You can use dot markers with older students, too. Highlight steps in a math problem. Differentiate between nouns and verbs. You can even use dot markers as DIY stamps to show your student did well on their work!

Dot markers by Chalkola
It's so much fun making your own smiley stamps with dot markers ๐Ÿ˜Š

4. Positive Communication

This idea might not exactly seem like a fun homeschool activity.

But, the right words can make such a difference in creating a relaxed homeschool atmosphere! And that can make it fun for all!

I have SO many ideas for ways to use this double-sided letter board in our homeschool that I'm about to burst.

I love that the board can either be hung up (using attachments included in the kit) OR on a stand. With these options, the boys and I can move the board to where ever we need it.

My youngest, Xman, enjoys using these types of boards for his spelling and sight words. So, one side of the board will be for him.

The other side of the board will have a mix of:

This letter board also has different size letters, as well as symbols and emojis, that will make it even more fun to use.

See #6 for more ideas on fun ways to surprise your kids with positive notes!

5. Celebrations

Pump up your homeschool celebrations with art fun!

Take out your art supplies when a holiday is coming up. You can make holiday-themed decorations, like posters and banners, to hang around your homeschool space.

Play some music in the background and make cards for holidays and birthdays - or just because.

Decorate using chalk markers. Yes, you can use these chalk markers on your chalkboard, whiteboard, and windows. Such colorful and bold ways to easily add a bit of fun to your homeschool celebrations!

Whiteboard with Happy Shark Week & shark fin drawn with chalk markers to feature these cool school art supplies
These chalk markers are amazing - bold & easy-to-wipe off!

6. Creative Work Surfaces

Add a clever twist to your learning fun.

Paper can be so boring! Think outside the box and use chalk markers to write on your windows, mirrors, whiteboard, and chalkboard.

You can use these creative work surfaces to make homeschool fun by practicing:

  • Handwriting (print or cursive)
  • Letters, numbers, and shapes
  • Math facts
  • Number lines
  • History dates
  • Diagramming sentences
  • Science vocabulary
  • Sight words
  • Spelling words
  • Really anything your kids need to practice and you want to make fun!
Mom writing the word SMILE on mirror with chalk marker from Chalkola
I used a chalk marker on our hallway mirror to leave this positive reminder.
The boys LOVED it!

7. Reading Logs, Charts, and Checklists

Although we are big on having a relaxed homeschool routine around here, charts and checklists are still in use.

My boys and I find charts and checklists to be fantastic motivators to get work done. And then get on with having fun!

When you know that you've completed all your required work, it's so much easier to chill.

We use dot markers on our 180 Days to Rock Our Homeschool Chart and to mark off 100 Days of Homeschooling (we love to celebrate that day!).

In addition to needing to document 180 days of homeschool in our state, we also have to maintain a reading log. My younger boys use dot markers on our free reading log printable charts and record the book that they've read on the back.

Bonus Idea for Fun Homeschool Activities:

If you use chalkboard paint (or paper) on your walls, use could use these chalk markers that are easy to wipe off and enjoy again and again.

Fun homeschool activities really can be simple and enjoyable for all. I hope these ideas give you the inspiration you need to relax and let some fun into your learning adventures.

Please let me know if you have any questions about these activities. Oh, and it would be such an honor if you'd tag me @rockyourhomeschool if you give these activities a try!

Thanks so much for checking out our ideas and wishing you the best with your homeschool fun activities!

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