Thiel College for Homeschoolers: A Terrific Option for Your High School Student

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Discover why Thiel College for homeschoolers is a fantastic choice for your high school students.

This private college is super homeschool-friendly. AND has so many terrific options for your student seeking higher education.

Find out why Thiel College is on my list for my high school student and why it could be a wonderful fit for your homeschool teen, too.

Discover why Thiel College is a fantastic choice for homeschoolers.  This private college has terrific options, especially the new 5-year Bachelor\'s + Master\'s degree pathway programs.

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How I Discovered Thiel College

Let's take a step back in time. Hit that rewind button for about 20+ years.

When you get close to 1992, stop.

Yes, I just totally aged myself!

Fall 1992 is when I started college life (and playing women's soccer) about 7 hours away from where I grew up. It felt like such an adventure!

One of the best parts of playing soccer as a college Freshman was getting to visit other schools and seeing what life was like there. I hadn't even heard of some of these schools before!

I'll never forget going through our schedule with an older teammate. She burst out laughing when I stumbled over our next opponent, "T-H-E-E-L?"

"No, silly! It's Thiel College- rhymes with the color teal!", Ann chuckled.

When our team bus pulled into the school, I expected lots of teal colors. (I was such a dork!)

Boy, was I in for a delightful surprise!

Not only was the campus gorgeous, but our team received the warmest welcome of the season. If I hadn't already committed to my current college, I would have seriously considered a transfer.

After such a positive reception, I kept Thiel College on my radar. Because I knew the day would come that my kids would be making some big decisions...

College students walking at Thiel College, students relaxing and talking, and Thiel College gate to feature why Thiel College is a terrific option for homeschoolers

Why Thiel College Is On My Radar for My Kids

Now that my Junior(Orrin) is actively looking at colleges, I've been researching quality, homeschool-friendly options that fit his needs and goals.

Located in rural Western Pennsylvania, Thiel College is a private college that understands the unique background of homeschoolers.

A few reasons why Thiel College has crept to the top of our list include:

  • Size: Orrin wants to go to a small school. After working on self-awareness exercises, Orrin feels that his personality and approach to learning will work best with smaller class sizes and such.
  • Location: Thiel College is located in the small community of Greenville in Mercer County, Pennsylvania. We live just about an hour from the campus which is a nice perk for our family. Thiel's unique location allows students to enjoy both the wonders of nature abundant in the western Pennsylvania countryside, including a myriad of outdoor activities, and take advantage of the dynamic cultural experiences offered in nearby cities, like Pittsburgh and Cleveland.
  • Student support: A student-faculty ratio of 11:1 with 70% of classes having less than 20 students sounds just right for our homeschool high schooler.
  • Variety of college majors: Thiel College has 60+ areas of studies. Orrin isn't quite sure what he wants to study at this moment. We're hoping to narrow it down by the time he starts applying to schools but I'd like him to choose a college that provides a variety of opportunities.
  • Internship or practicum: 100% of students complete this step prior to graduation. I feel like this type of experience is essential prior to going out to work in the real world.
  • 100+ clubs, teams, and organizations: So many cool ways to get active in college life! Orrin, a competitive soccer player, would love to play in college. Thiel College is Division III Athletics which is the level that he's pursuing. We also have a family friend who's a Thiel Tomcat soccer player and has only positive things to say about his overall experience.
  • NEW 5-year Bachelor's/Master's Degree pathway programs: This new program helps your student reach their goals faster. With this exciting option, your college student can earn their Bachelor's and Master's Degree in 5 years! These programs are available for:
    • Communication Sciences and Disorders (Bachelor's) --> Speech-Language Pathology (Master's)
    • Business and Accounting (Bachelor's) --> MBA
    • All other majors (Bachelor's) --> Communication and Leadership (Master's)
    • Physician Assistant (Bachelor's) --> Physician Assistant (Master's)
    • Psychology (Bachelor's) --> Clinical Mental Health Counseling (Master's) **I wish I would have had this option when I was in college! I would have saved so much time and money!

Some reasons that are important to me (and Orrin would come to appreciate) include:

  • Thiel College awarded more than $14.2 million in undergraduate grants and scholarships last year
  • Graduates often go on to study at top institutions like Duke, Harvard, Oxford, University of Chicago, Vanderbilt, Yale
  • Students benefit from a robust enrichment program that encourages cultural and educational excursions to major metropolitan areas, as well as domestic and study abroad opportunities
  • Thiel College was ranked as the top school in western Pennsylvania overall and recognized for the social mobility of its graduates among the Regional Colleges in the North in the 37th edition of U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges rankings.
  • Thiel consistently appears on the Forbes list of Grateful Grad Colleges: The Top 200 Show-Me-The-Money Schools.
Studens gathered by Thiel College entry, students walking at Thiel College, and smiling graduates of Thiel college to feature why this higher education option is terrific for homeschoolers

Thiel College for Homeschoolers: A Truly Terrific Option

The college pathway for homeschoolers doesn't have to be scary or overwhelming.

Your high school student can find the perfect match for their needs, goals, and personality. By researching schools like Thiel College, you'll be able to narrow down your choices and find what works best for your homeschooler and family.

As you do your research, take note of the numerous opportunities and perks of Thiel College for homeschoolers. Check out the website and discuss with your homeschool high schooler. You may find just what you're looking for!

Are you in the research process for higher education options for your high schooler? Please let me know if you have any questions about Thiel College for homeschoolers!

Students gathered at Thiel College entry, students walking at Thiel College, professor teaching class outside, and Thiel College gate to feature why Thield College is a terrific option for homeschoolers

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