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Free Printable Pack of Wizard of Oz Learning Fun

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Easily extend the learning fun with the story of The Wizard of Oz!

This free printable pack contains fun activities for your kids to enjoy.

Find out more and get started with Wizard of Oz fun with your kids today.

Extend the learning fun with this classic using this free printable Wizard of Oz pack.

Why We Plan to Enjoy The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum is a timeless treasure.

My first love of this tale came at an early age when I happened to catch the replay of the movie on T.V. Those ruby slippers were so glittery!

As I grew older, I read the book and continued to revisit this movie and the magical land of Oz. I knew that I'd enjoy sharing this gem with my children.

One day while browsing our local library's resale shop, I was lucky to discover a double book (The Wizard of Oz on one end and The Jungle Book on the flip side) for only ten cents! Two classics for a dime! That book (along with three other similar styles) was quickly deposited into my bag.

I placed this book on one of our bookshelves with the thought of using it for a read-aloud very soon. Well, like most things on my absent-minded professor-like desk and bookcases, it got buried under papers, "treasures", and other books.

A few months later, my boys and I were chatting one day about favorite books that were turned into movies. Naturally, I brought up The Wizard of Oz.

The boys reminded me that we still hadn't read the book nor watched the movie. Oh my stars! I couldn't let such a lapse in our learning transpire any longer!


Free printable Wizard of Oz Learning Fun pack on dark wood desk with gold pen & orange mechanical pencil and Wizard of Oz books & DVD case


Learning Fun With The Wizard of Oz

I added The Wizard of Oz to the top of our read-aloud list. I couldn't wait to go down the yellow brick road and discover the Emerald City with my boys!

As soon as we finished our prior read aloud, we cracked open our book (a bit musty but well-loved) and dug in.

The boys and I soon became lost in the story, following the main characters - Dorothy and her pals (the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion - and, of course, ToTo!) as they learn about each other and themselves.

I created this printable pack for Wizard of Oz Learning Fun to help us extend our time with this wonderful story and its characters.

In this free pack of Wizard of Oz printables, you'll find:

  • 1 page of characters & objects from the story.  We use these as part of our read-aloud time by cutting each out and gluing to popsicle sticks. So much fun for printable props! Other options include laminating and adding velcro or magnets to use for storytime boards. You'll You can use these free printable characters as delightful storytime props for Wizard of Oz Learning Fun.
  • 1 page of Wizard of Oz Word ScrambleThese free printable maze & word scramble activities are wonderful ways to have Wizard of Oz Learning Fun.
  • 4 Wizard of Oz coloring pages. There are four blocks per page that can be used to form a mini-book.
  • 1 page for a fun Wizard of Oz maze
Make an adorable mini-book with these free printable coloring pages for Wizard of Oz Learning Fun.
Use these free printable coloring pages to make a mini-book for Wizard of Oz Learning Fun.

These free printables are fabulous for:

  • Classroom Fun
  • Library Events
  • Homeschool Co-Op
  • Homeschool Fun
  • Family Fun
  • Wizard of Oz birthday party

You can print out as many copies as you need. If you have a friend or co-worker who you think would enjoy this free printable activity with kids of all ages, please share the link to this post with them 🙂

Free Wizard of Oz printable activities to feature how you can easily extend the learning fun with this classic book & movie

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Enjoy this free printable The Wizard of Oz Learning Fun pack with your kids.

What are other ways that you like to extend the learning fun with The Wizard of Oz with your kids?
Let me know in the comments area below 🙂

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