4 Free Multiplication Coloring Worksheets for Excellent Math Fun


Make math super fun with these 4 free multiplication coloring worksheets!

If your kids could use some extra practice with their multiplication facts, these coloring activities are perfect. With 4 cute themes, these Color by Product pages are awesome for creative ways to make multiplication fun.

Check out these free multiplication worksheets with coloring fun activities plus get your FREE set today!


Easily make math fun with these 4 free multiplication coloring worksheets.


Add Some Color to Learning and Practicing Multiplication

Practicing math facts isn’t usually one of the most exciting things in the world.

Or maybe you or your kids are like me, who as a child thought it was absolutely awesome! #mathnerd

Most kids would rather clean toilets or eat broccoli than practice multiplication facts. (Or is that just my boys?)

If your kids are like mine, you’ve got to come up with cool and creative ways to learn and practice math facts.

Unless you really enjoy those battles over math time with kids 😉

I would much rather make math time (or any learning experience, for that matter) positive and enjoyable, if at all possible.

So, I look for and create activities for math fun. Just like these multiplication coloring worksheets (Color by Product) with 4 awesome themes!

My boys prefer hands-on activities. I need easy-to-use, stress-free options.

The combination of math + art has been a huge hit with my boys (like this set of Mandala Multiplication pages).

These 4 multiplication coloring worksheets (Color by Product) build on that success 🙂


Multiplication color by product unicorn & rainy day pages to feature the excellent math fun your kids will have with these 4 free multiplication coloring activities


Cool Ways to Boost the Learning Fun with These Multiplication Coloring Worksheets

I share why coloring activities can help boost math fun over on that Mandala Multiplication post.

A few fun ways to make these math worksheets (Color by Product) rock are:

  • Have your kids arrange these themed multiplication coloring worksheets in order from most interesting to least interesting (or vice versa). Your kids can work on these pages in that order.
  • Provide your kids with a variety of coloring tools to complete these multiplication facts worksheets, like:
  • After your kids have completed these coloring pages, they can jot down the multiplication problems and products on the back.
  • Your kids can create their own color key, if they prefer their final work to look a bit different.


Dinosaur & candy color by product pages to feature the excellent math fun your kids will have with these 4 free multiplication coloring worksheets


Get Your FREE Set of Multiplication Coloring Worksheets

Math fun rocks! You’re on your way to awesome math fun for your kids 🙂

This free printable (PDF) set includes 4 pages of Color by Product pages (+ 4 answer keys) with themes:

  • Unicorn reading a book
  • Cute dinosaur
  • Rainy day fun
  • Candy friends

**I tried to include themes that would work for boys, girls, and kids with all sorts of interests. Please let me know if there’s a theme your kids would love and I’ll work on getting it out A.S.A.P.


4 free multiplication color by product pages with unicorn, candy, rainy day, & dinosaur themes to make practicing math facts fun


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Get your 4 FREE Multiplication Coloring Worksheets (Color by Product) by clicking HERE or on the image below.

Get these 4 free multiplication coloring worksheets to make practicing basic math facts fun.


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