6 Fun & Easy Ways to Use Life of Fred Math: Butterflies Ch. 3

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Chapter 3 in Life of Fred Butterflies is entitled "A Bug Up Close". This chapter is such fun because it takes a closer look at the butterfly life cycle, as well as basic math concepts.


For this chapter, we continued to practice skip counting and months of the year. I would have to say (and I'm quite sure the boys would agree!) that the most fun part was our Butterfly Life Cycle snack!

Once again, Fred leads us on a terrifically fun math adventure! This five-year old's experiences with his friends help us take a closer look at the butterfly life cycle. Also, we learn how skip counting can make it easier and faster to count larger groups.

Without further delay, here's how we used these lesson extensions to further study Life of Fred Butterflies Chapter 3. I pray that it helps your family delve deeper into your math adventures with Fred!


1. Butterfly Life Cycle Snack Time-2 Versions (plus a bonus lunch idea!):  Oh boy! was this fun! I opted to use 2 different versions of the Butterfly Life Cycle snack. I didn't want the boys all sugared up for various reasons (I'd like to keep my house intact, we needed to run errands after). Also, I'm sure you all would appreciate a healthier take on this idea.

2.  Skip Counting Butterfly Eggs:  This simple activity was fun and helped the boys practice their skip counting.

3. Months of the Year Match-Up: Included in printable pack!

4. Count by 2s Caterpillars:  We had so much fun creating these caterpillars! Smiley and Bear loved coloring and designing their caterpillars. Best part:  they practiced their 2s skip counting!

5.  Math Sets Practice:  I created a Math Sets printable worksheet for the boys. I wanted to give them a bit more practice with math sets and using brackets.

6. 5 Little Caterpillars song:  You will find this fun song in the FREE PLANNER & PRINTABLES pack. The boys enjoyed singing this song to practice counting-and had fun figuring out the challenge question!

To access your very own copy of LOF Butterflies-Ch 3. Planner & Printables (plus all suscriber freebies),CLICK HERE!

Thanks so much for stopping by and joining us on our math learning adventure with Fred!

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I'd love to hear about your experiences with Life of Fred Math! What activity did your kids like the best?
Tell me about your Butterfly Life Cycle Snack!



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