Fun & Easy Ways You will Love Life of Fred Butterflies Ch. 4

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Chapter 4 in Life of Fred Butterflies starts with Putting Kingie to Bed. (Just who is Kingie? Find out here!)  In this chapter, we get a closer look at math concepts like subtraction, telling time, addition, musical symbols, and skip counting. (And I added a lesson on symmetry-couldn't resist!) Lots of math learning all in a one fun chapter!

This chapter has been my favorite to read and learn with thus far! My boys and I love talking about the butterfly life cycle. Our snack activities for this chapter were a huge hit!

life of fred

Okay, on to the show! (which it often feels like around here with the Brigade! I have quite a few performers;)

1.  Butterfly Life Cycle Counter Folder:  I wanted the boys to have an abacus-like thing to work with when talking about counting, addition, and subtraction. After a few messy attempts, we came up with this (I will give full credit to Smiley who came up with this!)

2. Musical Symbol Memory Game:  There is a short bit in this chapter about how Fred uses a poem in a song. Musical notation is shown. I didn't want to get too in depth with musical scale but thought it would be good to explain to the boys about what the different musical symbols mean. We played this Musical Symbol Memory Game several times-huge hit! (I recommend gluing onto dark construction paper so you can't see through plus to reinforce!)

3.  Butterfly Crackers & Cheese (& fruit snacks!) Snack:  This fun snack was simple to put together. Bear had the idea of adding fruit snacks to his "butterfly baby" (he LOVES insects and calls each one he sees his baby). He wanted his "butterfly baby" to "have a bit of color-you know like in the wild with camouflage!" Sometimes, this child just awes me with his four-year old brain!

Another idea would be to add halved cherry tomatoes-yum! Dabs of peanut butter? Halved grapes? Any other ideas? Leave a comment below and I'll add to the list!

crackers and cheese in shapes of butteflies for Life of Fred Butterflies activities
Butterfly Cheese & Crackers Snack

4.  Butterfly TP Roll:(tp=toilet paper roll for all you more sophisticated types!)  Another way to use up my endless supply of empty TP rolls! (I have said it before-I have this weird thing about hoarding saving these for crafts!)  And I love incorporating handprints and the like into crafts-a way of preserving their little cuteness!

butterfly craft for Life of Fred Butterflies
Butterfly TP Rolls


5.  Color a Lily Worksheet:  Fred talks about his favorite poet, Rosetti, in this chapter. He highlights one of her poems about lilies.

boys coloring lily flowers for Life of Fred Butterflies activity
Smiley & Bear working hard on their lilies coloring page


6.  Butterfly Button Craft:  Fun and simple craft! Boys especially using straw as antennae.

I made our own butterfly template (folded paper in half and drew approximate shape-find printable versions on my Pinterest board)-and talked about symmetry. Smiley and Bear were fascinated with this concept. I showed Bear how to make a symmetrical butterfly with his hands (see below!)

Butterflies and Snack for Life of Fred Butterflies
Butterfly Button craft-with Bear

Whew! Another busy but fun math learning adventure with Fred! We are having a great time taking a closer look at the math concepts covered in each chapter of Life of Fred Butterflies. The bit of extra work is really paying off too! Smiley and Bear are having a blast-and learning more math along the way!

life of fred

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