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Ultimate Gift Guide for The Best of Dr. Seuss

Have Dr. Seuss fans in your life? Looking for adorable gifts for a baby shower or kid\'s birthday party? Find what you need with this Ultimate Gift Guide for The Best of Dr. Seuss!


I am a huge Dr. Seuss fan. His books have helped shape my life and approach to the world. Does that sound odd? How could a children’s author and his works have such an impact on an adult? I am happy to share my experiences with Dr. Seuss, as well as these goodies found in our Ultimate Gift Guide for The Best of Dr. Seuss.

I am not ashamed to admit that some of my favorite books are by the one and only Dr. Seuss. Over the years, I have read critiques of his works. In education circles, I have heard the opinions on the silliness and “fluff” of his stories.

In all politeness, I wholeheartedly disagree.

As a child, I remember running in the library to the shelves that held these literary treasures. I would eagerly look for any new titles that may have been added since my last visit. New title or not, I never left without a Dr. Seuss book or two added to the pile of books to enjoy at home.

I fondly recall the days when a bookmobile would biweekly park itself on our street (in front of my house!) and I would be first in line for those doors to open. At the time, our home was in a rural area of the county and we were blessed with this magical vehicle carrying books. The bookmobile lady was kind and would smile warmly as I added books to her request list for the next week. Inevitably, I would ask her to bring another Dr. Seuss title.

What was it about Dr. Seuss? Why did I enjoy his books so much?  To this day, I believe it is the mix of nonsensical invented words and characters. Turning each page, I would wonder what Dr. Seuss (pen name for Theodor Geisel) would have up his sleeve.

What new words would I fumble over, again and again, until I could master saying them quickly, like a tongue twister? How many new silly creatures would be drawn for me to study and guess their connection to their descriptions? What fun challenges laid ahead as I dove into the world of Dr. Seuss!

On the outside, Dr. Seuss stories appear simple and silly. When time is taken to go deeper and analyze, the brilliance of his works truly shines.

I had the absolute pleasure of having a high school English teacher who valued Dr. Seuss. In one of my honors English classes, this teacher assigned one of the greatest writing projects of all time (at least to this Dr. Seuss nerd!). Our class read and studied some of Dr. Seuss’s more political works. When we applied literary analysis to these works, my eyes were opened to how children’s books could be a means of teaching values, even propaganda.

The two Dr. Seuss books that we studied were The Butter Battle Book and The Sneetches. Our teacher encouraged us to look at the symbolism and deeper messages within the stories. After we wrote essays on each, our class had a fascinating discussion of the sociopolitical influences of these books.

Fluff? Silly? I think not.

I prefer to think of Dr. Seuss books as Imaginative. Creative. Inspirational. Powerful.

With my love of Dr. Seuss, I thought it was about time to compile this Ultimate Gift Guide of The Best of Dr. Seuss. My family has some of the items; others are on our wishlist. Please let me know of any Dr. Seuss gifts or resources that I am missing. I would like to keep this list updated (and top off our wishlist!)

You will find gifts for all ages & stages! Here are the categories for the best of Dr. Seuss gifts:

  • Babies
  • Nursery
  • Toys
  • Games
  • Puzzles
  • School Supplies
  • Movies
  • Fun with Dr. Seuss
  • Books
  • Activities & Printables

Ultimate Gift Guide of The Best of Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss for Babies

So many adorable options to get your little ones geared up in Dr. Seuss! Sleepers and two-piece outfits are super cute. Keep that pacifier close with this One Thing Two Pacifier clip. I loved using these easy wipe Dr. Seuss-themed bibs with my boys. Soft toys like this rattle and One Fish Two Fish game are great for keeping baby busy.

Dr. Seuss for Your Nursery

Bright colors and designs make Dr. Seuss decor perfect for a nursery! These bedding sets are adorable and give your little ones an early introduction to Dr. Seuss. Don’t forget the matching changing pad cover or swaddle blanket.


Dr. Seuss Toys

Have fun with these Dr. Seuss toys! This finger puppet set for The Cat in the Hat would be great for story props. Stuffed animals like this Cat in the Hat (Xman loves his Cat!), Lorax (one of Smiley’s favorite stuffed animals), and Horton.


Games for Dr. Seuss Fun

My boys love this Cat in the Hat I Can Do That! game. Wonderful for your active learners!

Matching games are so much fun! You can use this alone or as you read the books for story props or more.

This Charades game is on our wishlist. What a fun way to act out Dr. Seuss stories!

Dr. Seuss Thing One and Thing Two Whirly Fun! game will help build cooperative play.

Here is a great set with Dr Seuss 4 in 1 Games in a Box Ages 3 + for Little Hands.


Dr. Seuss Puzzles

Here are awesome floor puzzles with Dr. Seuss themes. We love the big floor puzzles and their jumbo pieces.


School Supplies with The Best of Dr. Seuss Themes


Dr. Seuss Movies

Have a movie night (or any time of day!) with these Dr. Seuss favorites on video.


Fun with Dr. Seuss


Dr. Seuss Books

And, of course, this list would be incomplete without these Dr. Seuss titles! Our family loved getting book sets like these Dr. Seuss Beginner Book Collections and The Little Blue Box of Board Books.


Dr. Seuss Learning Fun & Activities

Rock Your Homeschool loves to share fun ways to learn with Dr. Seuss! You will find lots of great activities plus free printables for RYHS subscribers.

I would love for you to add to this gift guide for the best of Dr. Seuss! Please leave your favorite Dr. Seuss resources and gift ideas in the comments below:)

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