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The Shape of Me and Other Stuff: Activities & Crafts For Dr. Seuss Book

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Dr. Seuss The Shape Of Me and Other StuffDisclaimer:  This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

The Shape of Me and Other Stuff, a Dr. Seuss book, was among the many books gifted to us by my mom. I was happy to find a Dr. Seuss book that I had not read. It was just as much fun for me as it was my boys to sit back and read another Dr. Seuss classic.

Are you familiar with this 1973 book written by Dr. Seuss? If not, I highly encourage to find it at your local library. It is also available at Amazon if you just have to add it to your Dr. Seuss collection.


The book is simple enough-a quick read with rhyme and a few made-up words (true Dr. Seuss fashion!). The illustrations are interesting-shadows of characters and objects. It allows the reader (and listeners!) to add their own details to these people and things.

My boys love discussing the various silhouettes and what they are. The younger boys, in particular, enjoy pointing out objects. ("Ooh! I found a snake!")

I do not want to give away the ending of the book but it does refer to being grateful for "the shapes we're in!" What a fantastic message to all! We are all unique beings with a variety of shapes and appearances.

The reading of The Shape of Me and Other Stuff lead to discussion on God's creation of all things-and how each is beautiful. We talked about how at times we may look at others and compare ourselves-and how that can be damaging to how we view self. The boys and I chatted about the importance of self-acceptance, being appreciative of our blessings, and respect for others and self.


Our discussion also involved not judging others by their appearance. We talked about how we may have a first impression based upon our initial experience with a person or object. I emphasized taking time to look deeper at another human being or thing to remove the shadow and see the true essence beneath. (Sounds pretty heavy but the boys got what I was saying!)

To extend this lesson on shapes, as well as discovering the true nature of others, we did this paper craft. This activity is rather simple yet powerful for helping children learn more about the world around them. Kids (and adults) of all ages can benefit from looking at self, others, and nearby objects a bit deeper.

Dr. Seuss and Craft
Can you tell what are objects are? Fun lift-the-flap craft for the family!


The Shape of Me and Other Stuff Craft


  • black construction paper
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • white or any other color paper
  • glue
  • markers or crayons
  • watercolor paint and brush (optional)

Talk with your child about who or what they would like to focus on for this craft. Discuss the size and shape of the object. If object or person is large, how can it be reproduced to fit on the paper?

Decide if child would rather trace object with pencil or draw free hand. Trace or draw onto black paper. Cut out.

Select background paper. If desired, use watercolor paints to create a more specific background.

Glue only one side of the object to background paper. Allow plenty of room for black paper to act as a flap.

Instruct child to draw details of person or object below the flap.

Upon completion, allow your child to tell you about his creation to find out more about the object or person.

Hang up for all to enjoy!

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The Shape Of Me and Other Stuff
Captain being silly-he made a hambone!

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What types of objects do you think would be interesting to use for this craft project using The Shape of Me and Other Stuff?

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