FREE Fun Challenge with Doodle Prompts for March

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Get your doodle on!  Have a blast in your homeschool with this FREE instant download of daily doodle prompts.  Encourage creativity and imagination with this simple yet powerful activity!


Hey little doodle bugs! Ready for another homeschool fun challenge with doodling for March?

My boys and I had a blast with our February homeschool fun challenge. We loved having easy doodle prompts for every day. So simple yet powerful!

During our morning gathering time, we do our usual routine: pledge, prayer, group learning rotation (loop scheduling), and read-aloud. During our read-aloud time, the boys now have a great way to keep their hands busy (and off each other!).

My boys are active. And fidgety. And touchy-feely. They tend to get in each others' spaces and irritate the you-know-what out of each other. Especially during read-aloud time!

My younger boys are often content playing with playdough or quiet toys. My older boys help me manage the younger boys as I read aloud.

I wanted an activity that all of my boys (ages 2, 5, 8, 11, 14) could do at their own level. I thought it would be fun to relate that activity to our homeschool fun calendar for the month. When I caught my oldest doodling on a scrap piece of paper, my mommy idea light bulb went off!

Doodling is a fantastic activity. Only two supplies are needed: pencil and paper. Younger kids can use crayons.

Doodles are wonderful for self-expression and allowing one's imagination to soar. Free doodling-just drawing or sketching whatever comes to mind-can be terrific for kids of all ages.

One problem with free doodling is when you get the deer in headlights stare. The blank look with open mouth just waiting to catch flies. The "I don't know what to doodle! I can't think of anything!".

Hence, the development of Doodle Prompts for Homeschool Fun!

Get your doodle on! Use this free instant download of Daily Doodle Prompts for March for homeschool fun.

FREE Homeschool Fun Challenge with Doodle Prompts for March

Join other homeschool families and my own as we get our doodle on! All you need is some paper, writing utensils, and about 5-10 minutes. Get some helpful tips and recommendations to rock your homeschool doodles in our first post in this series.

How do you get started with your instant download of FREE Homeschool Fun Challenge with Doodle Prompts for March?  Simple click on the image below, download, and print!

thumbnail of March Daily Doodle Prompts

Oh, my boys and I made these Doodle Notebooks out of cardstock and printer paper. Super easy and great way to store your doodles:)  Check out our DIY Doodle Notebooks! Great way to store your doodle prompts.

Hope these free printable doodle prompts for March help you add sparkle to your learning fun! I would love to read about your experiences and see pictures. Tag Amy @rockyourhomeschool and use #RYHSdoodlefun!

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