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Free Cells Worksheets for Super Fun Science Activities for Kids

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Cells worksheets are awesome ways to boost science fun for kids.

These free printable activities for both human and plant cells make it interesting and fun to learn about these science concepts.

Check these science printables of cell types out and get your free set today!

These 15 free cells worksheets (human and plant) are easy ways to boost science fun.

Worksheets Are Easy Ways to Boost Science Fun

My boys and I LOVE having science fun in our homeschool.

We often dive into experiments and kit to add some hands-on learning fun to our experiences.

As much as we enjoy all that interactive science, sometimes we need simple, open-and-go.

Over the years, I've embraced how printables can actually boost our homeschool adventures. Instead of thinking that worksheets are dry or boring, I've discovered that these printable activities can be quite cool and creative.

So, now we can take science fun on-the-go, fit it into a busy day, and even have proof for our homeschool portfolios.

This FREE pack of human and plant cells worksheets includes 15 pages (7 of human cells, 8 of plant cells). You can use these activities as interactive worksheets or for individual work.

Read on to find out more and get your FREE set!

Plant cells worksheets and human cells worksheets to feature how you can use these 15 free cells worksheets to boost science fun and more

Creative Ways to Learn with Human Cells Worksheets

Cells of the body are fascinating to learn about. My boys and I always marvel at what each cell does and how it works in our bodies.

We think it's so cool to learn with things like an animal cell diagram and seeing what a golgi apparatus looks like.

This free pack has 7 pages of human cells worksheets. I'll share what each is and give a few ideas on how you can creatively use for science fun:

Common Cells of the Human Body:

This page can be used as a poster (print on cardstock) or reference sheet.

After reviewing the page, you could place pieces of paper (or washi tape) over the names of the cells and have your kids identify. Also great challenges for spelling!

Parts of a Human Cell:

Colorful picture that labels the different parts of a human cell, like cell membrane, mitochondria, ribosomes, and cell nucleus.

Print on cardstock to use as a poster to learn about the parts of a cell.

And print an extra sheet for each student to use as reference.

Use that idea of placing a piece of paper, sticky note, or washi tape over the name to practice identification.

Blood Under The Microscope:

Black-and-white worksheet that gives your students a close-up look at blood cells (red and white) plus a blood vessel, plasma, and platelets.

Your students can color (great for younger kids). And older students can add a definition and description.

Bonus activity: Use a microscope to observe blood on a slide!

Color the Human Cells:

Two black-and-white cross sections of human cells to color.

Older students can label and add definitions.

Human Cell Word Search:

Enjoy a fun word puzzle with a human cell theme! This activity has a word bank on the bottom of the page that's also a great way to practice science spelling!

Use the back of the worksheet to practice spelling the cell names and add descriptions.

Human Bone Cells:

Another color page that can be used as a poster (print on cardstock) and reference sheet.

Challenge your students to put these "O" bone cells words in alphabetical order.

Types of Blood Cells:

This science worksheet goes well with the Blood Under The Microscope page.

Use as a reference sheet and poster. You can also cover the names of the cells and practice identification.

Plant cells activity set and Human cells activity set to feature how you can use these free cells worksheets for super science fun activities

Positively Perfect Ways to Learn with Plant Cells Worksheets

Plant cells are super cool to study. When you're learning about one type of cell, it's a fantastic time to compare and contrast.

This free set of science worksheets includes 8 pages of plant cells worksheets. Again, I'll share what each of the worksheets entail and creative ways to use with your students 😊

The Process of Photosynthesis:

Wonderful page that provides a visual of what happens during photosynthesis. Also a fantastic way to see the inside of a plant cell with close-up of chloroplast and the site of photosynthesis.

Use as a poster (print on cardboard) for your homeschool space and as a reference page.

After your students study the photosynthesis worksheet, encourage them to draw it in their science journal or notebook. Older students can write a paragraph or essay on the topic.

Plant Cohesion:

This page provides a visual of what's inside a stem and a root. It also takes a closer look at how xylem, pericycle, endodermis, cortex, and epidermis fit together.

You can pair this science worksheet with a microscope activity (observe pre-made plant cell slides).

Another cool science activity to go with this worksheet features celery or carrot, water, and food coloring.

Common Plant Cell Structure:

This worksheet takes a close look at a cross-section of a plant cell. You'll find more detailed and higher-level labels on this one, like cell wall, cytoplasm, lysosome, smooth endoplasmic reticulum and rough endoplasmic reticulum.

Your students can color and use as reference for diagrams of plant cells.

Parts of a Plant Cell:

Colorful page of a cross-section of different parts of the cell (plants).

For younger students, lightly write the names for each plant cell part for student to trace.

Older students can label the plant cell parts and add description.

Schematic Stomata:

Check out these colorful cross-sections of opened and closed stomata.

After your students have studies, challenge them to identify the parts when labels are covered with sticky note, paper, or washi tape.

Leaf Anatomy:

Another colorful science worksheet that can be used as a poster in your homeschool area and as reference page for your students.

Wonderful cross-section of a leaf plus visual for how xylem and phloem work. This free lesson from Home Science Tools is an excellent resource to pair with this worksheet.

Plant Cell Crossword:

Enjoy a fun word puzzle with a theme of plant cells!

Use the back of the worksheet to practice spelling, write sentences, or a paragraph about plant cells.

Animal and Plant Cell Venn Diagram:

Compare and contrast animal and plant cells.

Awesome activity to wrap up your cells learning fun by taking a closer look at common and unique characteristics!

Students can either draw or write (or maybe do a bit of both).

Human cells worksheets pack and plant cells activities pack to feature how you can use these free cells worksheets for serious science fun for kids

More Amazing Resources for Learning about All Types of Cells

I encourage you too look for books and videos about cells to boost your science experience. Check your local library and free online resources.

A few of the human and plant cells resources that my boys and I use include:

Usborne Science Encyclopedia Internet Linked with Over 180 Qr Links by Kristeen Robson et al (2015-01-01)Usborne Science Encyclopedia Internet Linked with Over 180 Qr Links by Kristeen Robson et al (2015-01-01)Looking Inside Cells: Life Science (Science Readers)Looking Inside Cells: Life Science (Science Readers)Story of the Cell: Children's biology book, fun poems and cute illustrations–Ages 8 and above.Story of the Cell: Children's biology book, fun poems and cute illustrations–Ages 8 and above.Ultimate Bodypedia: An Amazing Inside-Out Tour of the Human Body (National Geographic Kids)Ultimate Bodypedia: An Amazing Inside-Out Tour of the Human Body (National Geographic Kids)Shine-A-Light: The Human BodyShine-A-Light: The Human Body


YouTube video
YouTube video

Get Your FREE Cells Worksheets for Sensational Science Fun for Kids

WooHoo! Ready for some super science fun with these free cells worksheets?!?

This FREE set of cells worksheets contains 15 pages featuring both human and plant cells.

You can print as many copies of these cells worksheets that you'll need for science fun with your kids, class, co-op, or community event. If you have a friend or co-worker who may like to use these free printable activities with their kids, I ask that you please share the link to this post. Thanks so much for your cooperation & sharing!

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Enjoy serious science fun with these 15 free cells worksheets (human and plants).

How will you use these human and plant cell worksheets with your students?

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