Spectacular Ways to Make Homeschool Science Fun

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There are so many spectacular ways to make homeschool science fun!

Don't let fears or overwhelm take away the fun of science at home. Find fantastic ideas and resources on how homeschooling science can be awesome, from homeschoolers like you.


Get terrific ideas & inspiration for ways to make homeschool science fun.


Wondering How to Make Science at Home Fun?

Homeschool science was one of my most feared subjects to teach.

Of all the questions and doubts that I received when we first started homeschooling, the #1 topic was how would I be able to homeschool science? Especially homeschool high school science?

Sure, homeschooling science in the early years and elementary grades isn't that big of a deal. But, you can't replicate a science lab in your home, right? And do you have a science degree? (Nope! I'm a Psychology/Counseling gal!)

Instead of letting all those fears overwhelm me, I started to do some research. And talked with experienced homeschoolers.

Quickly, I found that there are many ways to make homeschool science fun. Like, you can enjoy it, not just survive it!


Child with cardboard box robot costume & cardboard box rocket & robot to feature the many ways to make homeschool science fun


Special Ways to Make Homeschool Science Fun

Since I know that there are so many ways to rock homeschool science, I went to some amazing homeschool moms that I know. I asked if I could share their tips and resources for making science at home fun.

Oh, and you must check out Home Science Tools! This site is well-known for its homeschool science supplies. It also has fantastic free lessons, project ideas, and more to help you rock your homeschool science. (Click HERE to go to Home Science Tool's Learning Center.)

You'll find ideas and inspiration for creative ways to make homeschool science fun for:

  • Homeschool Science Experiments to Make It Fun
  • Nature Study for Ways to Make Homeschool Science Fun
  • Great Games for Homeschool Science Fun
  • Creative Fun for Science at Home


Boy with chemistry equipment for doing fun science activities at home to feature one of the ways to make homeschool science fun.


Homeschool Science Experiments to Make It Fun

My First Science Experiment (Humility and Doxology): A fun, simple, hands-on project you can do at home to fascinate preschoolers and kindergartners with the scientific method. Try this “Does it Float or Sink?” experiment for hands-on science experiment fun!


5 Fun Science Experiments To Do At Home (Homeschool Mastery Academy):  Are you and your children sitting around the house watching TV? Are you trying to come up with something fun, exciting, and educational to do together? Check out the top five most fun science experiments for kids to do at home.


Fun Homeschool School Science Project: What's the Best Electrolyte Drink? (Rock Your Homeschool): This experience was eye-opening! My two high school boys learned so much from this experiment.


Raining in the Kitchen (Line Upon Line Learning):  Make it "rain" in the kitchen as you create evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and accumulation while boiling water on the stove.


Mix Chemistry & Nutrition for Awesome Homeschool Science Fun (Rock Your Homeschool):  Another fabulous experiment that demonstrated the importance of proper nutrition. This project is recommended for high school students.


How To Make A Rock Candy Science Experiment (Hess Un-Academy):  Do your kids love science? What about yummy treats? Turn this yummy treat into a full-on science experiment! Download the free scientific method worksheets while you're at it.


Layers of the Atmosphere Interactive Lab (Line Upon Line Learning):  Make a colorful liquid model of the atmosphere (troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, and exosphere) by layering liquids of different densities over a layer of earth in a see-through glass.



Find out how to add nature study to learning at home for ways to make homeschool science fun.


Nature Study for Ways to Make Homeschool Science Fun

Everything You Need to Know to Easily Begin Nature Study (Homeschooling in Progress):  Learn how to easily begin nature study with your children to help them appreciate and learn about the natural world around them.


Enjoy Learning about Birds in a Spring Bird Nature Study (Homeschooling in Progress):  Your kids will enjoy learning about spring birds in this nature study. Find great books and activities to help your child learn all about spring birds and their nests.


How to Create an Owl Nature Study for Your Homeschool (Homeschooling in Progress):  Your kids will love learning about owls through fun books and activities for preschoolers through elementary age in an owl nature study.



Discover how to use these wonderful ways to make homeschool science fun with games.


Great Games for Homeschool Science Fun

Learning about Biomes (Line Upon Line Learning):  Play a matching game with a set of biome game cards to review the various locations, definitions, and specifics of biomes around the world.


Coral Reef Game for the Swimming Pool (Line Upon Line Learning):  Learn about Nemo and his friends while playing "coral reef" in the pool this summer!


Find out how to add these creative fun activities for ways to make homeschool science fun.


Creative Fun for Science at Home

Archimedes Water Displacement Lesson (Line Upon Line Learning):  Learn how to measure the volume of abnormally shaped items by doing a test in water displacement, as inspired by Archimedes.


Textbook-Free Science: all the resources you’ll need to learn about WEATHER in your homeschool! (Humility and Doxology):  Want to explore the topic of weather in your homeschool science? Here’s a complete textbook-free resource guide for your homeschool learners! All ages are sure to enjoy this homeschool science weather study!


Core Sampling with Play-Doh (Line Upon Line Learning):  Students will pretend they are geologists that must determine where to build. As they take core samples of playdoh, they will find out where there is water (blue play-doh) or hard clay and rock (red play-doh). Suddenly, the abstract geological concept makes sense to students through a really fun activity.


The Best Ways to Explore Health Careers in Your Homeschool Science (Rock Your Homeschool):  Pair career exploration with your homeschool lessons for amazing science fun at home.


Slime Science Fair Project | Your One-Stop Resource (Hess Un-Academy):  There is so much to be learned from homemade slime - so much in fact that slime makes a great science fair project idea. Experiment with viscosity, Non-Newtonian fluids, polymers, and more.


5 Cool Ways to Learn About Diffraction Grating for Science Fun (Rock Your Homeschool):  Super exciting ways to learn about prisms and light diffraction.


Animal Tracks Measuring (Line Upon Line Learning):  Practice measuring with a ruler while learning about woodland animals. Then, go on an animal tracks hunt outside.


Genius Guide to FREE Science Museum Visits (Captivating Compass):  Whether you homeschool, road school, unschool, or brick & mortar school, everyone LOVES Science museums. Knowing you can buy one family membership & use it at 370 different locations will make you love science even more!


Gameschooling: Science (The Waldock Way):  Add games to your homeschool science fun and amazing learning will happen. Jessica shares these science games that your kids will love.


May the Force Be With You (Kristin Moon Science):  Great ideas for some REALLY fun hands-on activities to get kids investigating the forces around them.


Top Picks for Virtual Labs and Simulations (Kristin Moon Science):  For the high school years, find recommendations for virtual labs and simulations that bring high school science to life. These resources are perfect for the families who don't want to do the hands on stuff.



What Are Your Wonderful Ways to Make Homeschool Science Fun?

Have you enjoyed any special science activities or experiments with your kids? How do you make learning science at home fun?

Please share your ideas and suggestions in the comments area below! And email Amy at rockyourhomeschool@gmail.com with any links you'd like to see added to this list 🙂


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