Homeschool Math Curriculum You Can Feel Good About (& Your Kids Will Love)

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Picking a homeschool math curriculum that's right for your family can feel overwhelming. But, it doesn't have to be that way!

You don't have to stress out when making this decision. And you don't have to shell out a ton of money.

Find out what our family uses for affordable and effective homeschool math. And why you can feel good about it, too 😊

Find out why CTCMath is a homeschool math curriculum that you can feel good about and your kids will love.

Disclaimer:  I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. As always, I’m sharing my honest opinions and was not required to provide a positive review.

You CAN Feel Good About Your Homeschool Math Curriculum!

Do you feel like you're throwing spaghetti at the wall when picking a homeschool math curriculum? And hoping it will stick?

Oh my stars! I totally understand how that feels!

And the frustration when you think you have the perfect math program. One that's affordable and will work for all your kids at different levels.

Only to have it pop off the wall and fall in a crusty heap of dog hair and crumbs. (I'm going with that whole spaghetti-throwing thing here. Plus, the never-ending battle with sweeping the floor in our house!)

One of our biggest challenges has been finding a math curriculum that we can afford and is the best fit for our family.

We've tried a variety of math programs and resources.

Some of the program were instant flops. Like, wailing and moaning on the floor type of flops.

Other math programs seemed okay. Until it came time to test for mastery of math concepts. Especially with standardized tests as part of homeschool requirements in our state.

I felt like I was pulling my hair out trying to find a homeschool math curriculum that would fit our needs.

I didn't want to keep flip-flopping between math curricula for each of my boys.
And I don't have that much time to do a lot of lesson plans, prep, and teaching for different math levels. Our entire homeschool day would be taken up by my trying to teach math (and keeping the other ones out of trouble!).

Fortunately, we found a homeschool math curriculum solution that fit all our needs.
And I LOVE to share about this huge win for our family. And how it can help you feel good about your homeschool math curriculum, too.

Tween boy smiling as he works on a math lesson on a laptop to feature why this homeschool math curriculum is one you can feel good about and your kids will love

Why This Homeschool Mama Loves CTCMath

After MUCH research, CTCMath emerged as the winner for our family.

The Family Membership makes this homeschool math curriculum a no-brainer for us. ALL 5 boys could access the curriculum for just one price.

AND each boy could take a placement test to figure out where they are and how CTCMath could meet their needs.

Meaning: Because your child is technically in one grade level that they have to start there. Your kids can work at whatever grade level - below or above - that works for them now.

A few of the other reasons I that that CTCMath is the best homeschool math curriculum are:

  • Affordable (Family Membership at $148.50/year is an incredible value for our large family homeschool!)
  • Full curriculum with no need for answer keys or teacher's guides - work is automatically graded and feedback provided
  • Available for multiple family members in different grades
  • Ease of use and accessibility of the math lessons
  • Video lessons (great for auditory and visual learners!)
  • Continuity (options for grades K-12)
  • Ability to print worksheets and assessments for proof in our homeschool portfolios
  • Customization (adjust number of problems a student needs to complete and get correct to move to next lesson)
  • Option to repeat lessons, if necessary, to help with mastery of a new concept
  • Take most of the work off this homeschool mom's shoulders (and not teaching math all day) so she can still help all 5 boys!

I've shared about why my boys love CTCMath here >>> 5 Amazing Ways CTCMath Is Like Magic In Your Homeschool.

You can feel good about this homeschool math curriculum. And the homeschool family membership from CTCMath makes it affordable!
Oliver (a.k.a. Bear) getting started with CTCMath 5th grade.

A CTCMath Review to Help You Make a Smart Decision

When I'm looking at homeschool curriculum to buy for our family, I like to know the nitty-gritty.
Our homeschool budget is tight. So, I want to make sure I'm wisely spending our money on quality educational materials.

From our experiences, we've found this online math curriculum rocks because of:

  • Efficient lessons (short and to the point) - HUGE bonus points in our family! My boys do NOT like lessons that go on and on OR include busy work.
  • Opportunity to revisit lessons to make sure a concept is sticking and to review for tests
  • Students being able to work at their own pace
  • Variety of practice problems per lesson
  • Weekly progress reports emailed to mama (and available in dashboard)
  • Unlimited access to all grade levels - Fantastic for when we find "gaps" in the boys' math knowledge or a refresher
child holding iPad featuring CTCMath

I thought it also might be helpful to answer some of the CTCMath F.A.Q.s I've got from the homeschool community:

Who is CTCMath for?

This online homeschool math curriculum is for grades K-12. It's an affordable and effective math instruction for families of all sizes, from younger kids through high school students.

Your family will need internet access. CTCMath is accessible on all modern HTML5 platforms, including iOS devices (like iPads and iPhones) and Android devices.

CTCMath is a wonderful option for families who need help teaching kids math (especially difficult concepts for middle school and high school math).

Perhaps you have limited time? Or you're homeschooling multiple ages, working from home, or other special situation. This curriculum does all the heavy lifting for you - all you need to do is track progress!

Why does CTCMath work so well?

CTCMath is an effective program for many reasons. The curriculum is easy-to-access and super simple to get started.

You can choose to have your child take a placement test OR have your child start in their grade level. It's about your family needs.

You can access CTCMath 24/7. If you have an erratic schedule or homeschool year-round, this curriculum is perfect!

Your kids learn to independently complete work which builds confidence.

CTCMath is also self-paced. Your child can take her time, if necessary, for a particular concept. And then speed up if another concept easily comes to her.

Lessons are short, about 4-9 minutes in duration. Awesome for attention span and retention.

Interactive questions provide your students with opportunities to show what they've learned. Also, optional printable worksheets build test-taking skills.

Weekly Revision Tasks (a new feature) gives students questions to review and practice.

A young boy using a laptop computer to learn with CTCMath

What do you get with a CTCMath Family Membership?

I love this question!

With your CTCMath Family Membership, you get access to ALL grade levels (K-12, up through Calculus). For all of your students!

You'll create a different login and password for each student. You'll also create a login and password for yourself to access all of your students information and progress.

Weekly email progress reports are sent to you for each child, making it easy to keep tabs on everyone.

You get the option to print out worksheets and solutions for lessons. I do this step for my boys if they need a bit of extra practice (and for our homeschool portfolio).

Oh, and there are 3 bonuses that we love! (Well, we call them bonuses because the boys think of them as fun math games. I think of them as smart ways to get additional practice of math facts and more 😉).

  • Speed Skills: Fun games to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and order of operations at different levels.
  • Times Tables: An outer space-themed game where players get to practice by shooting multiplication facts 1x - 12x.
  • Swap Pieces: A logic game that's challenging yet fun!
Young boy smiling as he working on math lesson on laptop to feature how this homeschool math curriculum from CTCMath is one you can feel good about and your kids will love

Relax & Let This Homeschool Math Curriculum Boost Learning At Home

Take the stress out of your homeschool math curriculum decision. Instead of being overwhelmed with all the options out there, go with a program that works and you can afford.

You can give CTCMath a test tun with this FREE TRIAL. It's a fantastic way to really see if this homeschool math curriculum will work for your family!

AND you can get 50% off the Family Membership when you CLICK HERE! No expiration date - just grab that half-price discount whenever you're ready to boost your homeschool math!

Best wishes with your homeschool math curriculum decision!

If you have ANY questions about CTCMath and if it would be a great fit for your family, please email Amy at rockyourhomeschool@gmail.com and I'll be happy to help 😊

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